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Recovery after Rhinoplasty and tips for it

2021-07-12 18:30:48

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

How long does it take to recover from a Rhinoplasty? Recovery after rhinoplasty takes time about one year but it varies from patient to patient.
It may be like this :
1. During the first week the splint is removed from the nose and patients can start going out in public without any noticeable signs and it's safe to do daily routines. There is just bruising around the eyes that will be resolved after 2 weeks.
2. During the second week after surgery most of the bruising will be resolved and the appearance may be normal.
3. Four weeks after operation patients are allowed to do cardiovascular activities like any kind of sports.
4. After passing six weeks bones get stable and patients can continue resistance workouts like weight lifting, wearing glasses, and blowing their nose.
5. Three to six months later the numbness and any abnormal sensation in the nasal area should be normal
6. One year after surgery the Rhinoplasty surgery is completed and the nose shape is refined completely. During this period swelling must be subsided entirely.

To know about What can you not do or what you should do after a nose job be with us.

to know about how many types of Rhinoplasty do we have, read this article Different Types Of Rhinoplasty

What will happen after it?

Tips to speed up recovery time:

Although you can read a lot about different tips on websites, you must know that they are nothing in comparison with your doctor's instructions. These instructions include medications and the time of consumption, special care to avoid infection, follow-up times, and...

Plastic surgeons see the recovery process from the outside but only the patient knows how it feels inside. If you think something is not right after surgery discuss it with your plastic surgeon right away.

Sleeping in any form except an elevated head can affect recovery time and is very uncomfortable. It will prolong the resolving time of bruising and swelling. During sleep you are not aware and different things can happen and displace the nose. Patients should try to sleep with an elevated head at least six weeks after the surgery.it may be easier by using two or three pillows.
If you tend to toss and turn, you can keep your head in place with a pillow or by surrounding your head with rolled-up towels.

For three days after the operation it's perfect to use a cold compress it helps to decrease swelling but it's important not to put a compress directly on your nose. Apply it on the cheeks and you won't accidentally shift any bones or cartilage.

Eating a balanced diet with nutrients you need to speed up your recovery after a nose job is a very important factor. Protein is an ingredient that is necessary to rebuild skin, muscle, and blood. A high protein diet like consuming nuts, meat, eggs, fish, and ... will help ameliorate damaged tissues in and around your nose. You have to take enough vitamins especially vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A is one of the best immune boosters that reduces the chance of infection. Vitamin C is also necessary for the regeneration of substances like collagen.
You can search to know different sources of these vitamins.

The important tip is to avoid smoking before and after your nose surgery. Even it's important to avoid second hand smoke too.
Nicotine reduces the blood flow and makes the healing process harder. In this way, recovery takes along after surgery.

You should believe that you will heal and have your expected results it just takes time.

Sunglasses, reading glasses, prescription glasses – anything that puts pressure on your nose as it’s healing can cause additional bruising, swelling, or even indentations that will require revision Rhinoplasty down the road.



After surgery, you may be going to experience degrees of congestion for a few weeks or even a few months. This feeling is caused by swollen nasal tissues. Resist the urge to blow your nose and talk with your doctor about using a saline nasal spray to gently moisturize your nasal passages until the swelling goes down. You can resume blowing your nose after 6 weeks following your nose surgery.

These were the tips that you must know before your Rhinoplasty. If you have any problems or questions our experts in the ERMATEB group will help you to find out the answers. You can acquire much more information on ERMATEB'S site. If you didn't understand the answer to your questions you can contact ERMATEB'S professional experts.
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