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Medical Tourism In Iran

2022-03-07 14:16:12

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Medical tourism is defined as traveling internationally to receive medical treatment. Many people seek medical tourism since the operations they require can be done in other places at a cheaper price and without the time and hassle of being enrolled on a waitlist in their home country. Furthermore, many patients travel to certain locations in order to receive treatments that are not accessible in their own country. Stem cell transplants and gender reassignment surgery are two examples of such procedures.


Why Are Patients Choosing Medical Tourism?

For a variety of reasons, people may go to another nation for medical treatment, including:

Treatment or a surgery that may be less expensive in another country.

To be treated by a healthcare professional who understands the traveler's culture and language.

To obtain a technique or treatment that is not accessible or licensed in their own country.

Dental care, cosmetic procedures, organ and tissue transplantation, fertility treatments and cancer treatment are among the most prevalent operations patients receive on medical tourism vacations.


medical tourism in iran


Since the provision of medical services in Iran, compared to other countries active in the field of health care, has high quality and reasonable price, we decided to use the quality, capacity, and conditions to create an ideal set of medical services.

To provide the best services to health tourists, the Iran University of Medical Science was the starting point of the Ermatab team.

The Ermatab team consists of young professionals who are ready to provide a variety of medical services. For your convenience, we provide a variety of accommodation facilities, tourism facilities, visa requirements, translators, etc.

Ermatab Services in the field of medicine include Specialized and sub-specialized operations such as heart surgery, cancer, bone marrow transplantation, liver and kidney transplantation, eye, infertility, and in the field of cosmetic surgery services such as liposuction, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgeries), abdominoplasty (Removal of excess belly fat) as well as therapeutic measures such as speech therapy, behavioral therapy and so on.

Due to its connections and activities in the international arena, Ermatab Group is also able to provide medical services in other countries such as Germany, Turkey, Sweden, and the United States.

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Medical Tourism Advantages

The following are some of the reasons why someone might opt to have a medical procedure performed abroad: 


Depending on the operation and the country to which they visit, medical tourists might save somewhere between 25% to 90% on medical expenditures.

There are several factors that can lead to this:

The price of diagnostic testing and drugs is extremely high in some countries including the United States.

Pre/post-procedure costs are frequently significantly lower in other countries.

In the United States, malpractice insurance—insurance that protects healthcare practitioners from lawsuits—is very expensive.

In many other countries, hospital stays are much less expensive than in the United States. To put it another way, for many people, quality of care, hospital food, and rehabilitation are significantly cheaper elsewhere.

The difference can indeed be considered for those who do not have insurance or who are undergoing a procedure that is not covered by health insurance.


Privacy and Luxury

Medical tourism is a profitable business for many nations, and much of the money spent by medical tourists are re-invested in the regional economy and healthcare infrastructure.

The result is visible in luxurious facilities offered by certain international institutions, allowing medical tourists to be treated throughout their visit for a fraction of the money they might pay at home.

Some hospitals provide hospital rooms that resemble hotel suites rather than standard hospital rooms. Other hospitals provide one-on-one private nurse care, which is significantly more luxurious and attentive than most hospitals' staffing ratios allow.

Medical tourists looking for extra privacy may find it in other countries. Many people can come back home from their "holiday" and no one will know they had a treatment.


Cultures and Language

Many immigrants choose to have treatments and operations performed in their home country, which is a wise decision given how much language difficulties can affect the quality of care they receive. This option will also allow them to remain close to caregivers who can help them recover.



Medical tourism is now being promoted by some insurance companies.

Several insurance companies have programs committed to spreading safe medical tourism. Some insurance companies even provide financial incentives to patients who travel for medical treatment, such as reductions in medical costs.

However, unless there is an emergency, most insurance companies would not pay for surgery conducted outside of the nation.



Medical tourists frequently use their time in a foreign nation for pleasure travel by planning a holiday before or after the surgery.

This is a notably cost-effective way to visit a foreign country, particularly if their insurance company covers the flight and the price of staying is low.

While it may seem sensible to recuperate on a beach, keep in mind that you must not compromise your recovery.

Swimming should be avoided until your incisions have healed completely. In the days after your treatment, you might not feel like doing anything more than resting.

Allowing your vacation to interfere with your rehabilitation is not a good idea. When having treatment done, especially surgery, it's critical to pay attention to your body, use your medications as prescribed, and attentively follow your doctor's instructions.


medical tourism


Getting Around Rules and Regulations

Some people seek surgery in another country to get around rules imposed by the government. Getting around these laws might not be the best choice because they're usually in place to safeguard the patient from damage.

A patient may be told, for example, that their body weight is too low to be considered for weight loss surgery. A surgeon in another nation may have a different threshold as to who qualifies for weight reduction surgery, therefore the patient may be eligible for the procedure they desire in another country.


Better surgeons

Surgeons in some nations are noted for their expertise in a particular surgical field. 

When it comes to a person's daily life, cosmetic surgery has a significant impact. Many candidates decide to have these procedures on a yearly basis in order to acquire their ideal appearance and live their own lives in the way they want.

Iran has been able to play a key role in satisfying the customers both at home and abroad. Despite the fact that plastic procedures in Iran are only 50 years old, it performs a considerable share of the world's cosmetic surgeries each year. This is why Iranian surgeons are very skilled when it comes to cosmetic surgeries.


Medical Tourism Disadvantages

Your risk of problems is determined by the location of the procedure, the facility where it is performed, and whether or not you are in an excellent physical and mental state for the treatment. Other factors that can raise your chance of problems are:


Antibiotic resistance

Communication challenges

Continuity of Care

At Ermateb we will do our best to minimize all your possible risks and complications.

These are some solutions for the possible problems we mentioned earlier:

Getting a consultation before your trip

If you plan to travel to another country for medical treatment, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to go over general travel tips and gain knowledge about specific risks you may face due to your health, process, and your trip.

Find out which activities are not allowed after the surgery before arranging vacation activities such as swimming or doing tours.


Keep track of your health and medical information

Bring copies of the medical records, including lab test results or any other tests performed in connection with your state and care. Any sensitivities you may have should be disclosed to the health workers at your destination.

Pack both prescription and OTC medications in a travel health kit. Bring enough medication to last the duration of your journey, plus a little more in case of delays. Also, bring a list of drugs you use.

Before you return home, obtain copies of all of your medical records from the destination. It's possible that you'll need to have them translated into English.

Make arrangements for follow-up treatment.

Determine where you will stay immediately following the operation.

Make sure you can get any necessary follow-up care in your own country before traveling abroad for medical tourism.

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