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Breast Reduction

2021-12-23 09:06:02

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Breast reduction surgery is performed to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts.


This surgery may be performed on people who have large breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of the body and cause neck pain, back pain, or other symptoms.


Breast augmentation Most women who undergo breast augmentation are very happy with the results. Men with conditions such as gynecomastia (a condition in which men's breasts grow abnormally) may also use the surgery.


Since this is major surgery, you need to know the benefits, possible complications, and what is involved in recovery.


For women who have very large breasts, shrinking their breasts can mean lifting weights off their breasts, so this surgery is beneficial for such women and can relieve them from years of back, shoulder, and neck pain.


Let's answer your most common questions about breast reduction surgery:

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How to prepare for the surgery?



Your plastic surgeon will likely assess your medical history and general health.


Discuss your expectations about breast size and appearance after surgery.


Be aware of the procedure and its risks and benefits, including possible woundsand possible loss of sensation.


Breasts are examined and measured.


Take pictures of your breasts for your medical record.


The type of anesthesia used during surgery is described.


Before the operation, you may be asked:


Get a basic mammogram


Complete various laboratory tests.


Quit smoking for a while before and after surgery.


  Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements to control bleeding during surgery.


Ask your surgeon if you can go home on the day of surgery or if you should spend the night in the hospital. Arrange for someone to take you home after surgery or when you leave the hospital.



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Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?



Excessively large breasts can cause you health and emotional problems. In addition to issues with how you feel and feel about your appearance, you may also experience physical pain and discomfort, and even this extra breast tissue weight can disrupt your activities and your ability to lead an active life. The emotional distress that often accompanies having large sagging breasts can be just as annoying as physical pain.


 Candidate for breast reduction surgery:


1. They are physically healthy


2. They have realistic expectations


3. They are not smokers


4. They are bothered by the feeling that their breasts are too big


5. They have breasts that interfere with physical activity


6. They experience back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of their breasts


7. They are irritated under the breast folds




What to expect during the procedure?



Different techniques are used to reduce the size of the breasts, which can bedifferent. This method may include the following:


1. Surgery through an incision


2. Liposuction to remove excess breast fat




The surgeon usually makes an incision around the areola and at the bottom of each breast


Removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce the size of each breast


It deforms the breast and changes the nipple and areola


The nipple and areola usually remain attached to the breast, but if the breasts are too large, the surgeon may place the nipple and areola in a higher position as a skin graft.


The doctor will try to create asymmetry in the breasts, but there may be changes in the size and shape of the breasts. The size of the areola may also decrease. Cut scars never disappear completely but may disappear over time.



What to expect after surgery?



Immediately after surgery:


Your breasts are covered with a bandage or gauze bandage.


A tube may be placed under each arm to drain excess blood or fluid.


You will probably be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to reduce your risk of infection.


For the first days or weeks after surgery:


Your breasts will probably be sensitive.


Your breasts may be bruised and swollen.


Your doctor may recommend an elastic bra to protect your breasts


after surgery:


You should avoid strenuous physical activity for two to four weeks until your breasts heal.


Wounds usually disappear over time. Visit your doctor to remove the stitches and check your recovery.




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What are the risks of breast reduction?



When deciding to have breast reduction surgery, you need to consider the benefits and risks of breast reduction surgery and its possible side effects.


Your plastic surgeon and surgeon will fully explain the risks associated with surgery. You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure to be performed for the surgery and the possible risks or complications.


Possible risks of breast reduction surgery:


1. Allergies to tape, blood products, sutures, and adhesives, topical medications, or injectables


2. Bleeding (hematoma)


3. Risks of anesthesia


4. blood clotting


5. Chest asymmetry


6.  Irregular breast shape


7. Temporary or permanent changes in the nipple sensation


8. Temporary or permanent damage to deeper structures such as nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and lungs can occur.


9. Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications


10. Accumulation of fluids


11. Excessive chest stiffness


12. Adipose tissue deep in the skin may die (fat necrosis)


13. Infection


14. Pain, which may continue


15. Poor wound healing


16. Possible inability to breastfeed


17. Possibility of re-surgery


18. Potential loss of skin and breast tissue where the incisions meet


19. Potential loss of the nipple and areola


20. Skin discoloration (permanent pigment changes)


21.  Swelling and bruising


22. Bad scar


23. Differences in the shape, size, and symmetry of the left and right breasts operated on by surgery, which may lead to the need for further surgery to improve the appearance.






Breast reduction surgery can interfere with some diagnostic procedures


Piercing the breast and nipple can cause an infection


Your ability to breastfeed following this type of mammoplasty may be limited. Talk to your doctor if you plan to breastfeed your baby.


Breast reduction can be done at any age, but it is best when the breasts are fully grown.


Changes in the breasts during pregnancy can change the results of previous breast reduction surgery.


 Surgeries are usually not very accurate, and, although good results are expected, there is no guarantee that sometimes a method of breast reduction may not achieve the desired results and another surgery may be needed.



Will the scar remain after surgery?



You may have scars around your nipples, you may also have a vertical scar on your chest and a horizontal scar all over China, under your chest (anchor-shaped), or you may have just one vertical scar on your chest. (Depends on the type of surgery you have.)


  Most scars turn red in the first 6 weeks and fade over time and should be covered under regular clothing, a bra, and a bikini top.





Will having a baby affect the outcome of the operation?



If you plan to have breast reduction surgery before you have a baby, be aware that breasts may enlarge again during pregnancy and therefore may affect the outcome of the operation.

You may also not be able to breastfeed your baby after surgery.

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