Which rhinoplasty technique is best?

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There are two basic approaches to rhinoplasty: open technique and closed technique.


In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon generally uses an incision in the columella (the tissue that connects the tip of the nose to the base of the nose and separates the nostrils. This is the lower margin of the nasal septum) to reshape the inside of the nose. Closed nose surgery uses incisions inside the nostrils to make changes to the nose.


Many patients prefer closed rhinoplasty because there will be no visible scars after closed rhinoplasty surgery. However, many physicians prefer open rhinoplasty because they have more access to the structure and can therefore guarantee the best possible results. To choose the best technique for rhinoplasty, pay attention to the contents of this article and consult your doctor.





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Open rhinoplasty



In open rhinoplasty, an incision is made in the columella that separates the soft tissue of the nostrils. The doctor then lifts the skin from the nose to observe the internal structures of the nose directly.





Benefits of open rhinoplasty




1. In open rhinoplasty, the doctor has more access to the internal structure of the nose.


2. More accuracy in this technique.


3. Many surgeons believe that this small scar, which will disappear over time, is worth the results of the high accuracy of the data.


4. Minimizes possible distortion of nasal cartilage.


5. Because the surgeon has better access to the underlying structure of the nose, he has more freedom to reshape the nose to the patient's liking.


6. Stabilization of the nose after surgery in an open rhinoplasty is easier than in closed rhinoplasty.


7. Most surgeons preferably perform open nose surgery. So your chances of finding a good surgeon for open nose surgery are higher.



Good candidates for open rhinoplasty




1. Most patients who are good candidates for rhinoplasty are still good candidates for rhinoplasty.


2. Most patients who have broken their noses are candidates for open nose surgery.


3. Patients who need more drastic corrections and changes will be the best possible candidate for open nose surgery.


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Cons of Open Rhinoplasty



1. Open nose surgery is longer and more aggressive than closed nose surgery.

2. The recovery time will be a little longer and it will take longer for the swelling and bruising to go away.

3. A very small scar may remain on the nostrils of your nose but is only visible when you tilt your head back.



Closed nose surgery



In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made on the inside of the nose so that the scar is not visible. The doctor will have access to the underlying structure of the nose through these internal incisions. This causes the doctor to see less of the structure of the nose. However, facial plastic surgeons can also perform very successful rhinoplasty using this closed technique.




Benefits of closed rhinoplasty



In addition to the absence of visible scars, closed nasal surgery has other advantages:


1. In most cases, closed nose surgery is shorter than open nose surgery.


2. It causes less swelling and requires less recovery time.


3. Closed rhinoplasty is less invasive.


4. It will have less recovery time and rest time.


5. Closed nose surgery takes less time to complete than open nose surgery.




cons of closed rhinoplasty




1. The doctor has a limited view of tissues and cartilage and can make limited changes with less finesse.


2. Surgeons who specialize in closed rhinoplasty are less likely to have open rhinoplasty.


3. Incisions made in the nose weaken the structure of the nose and weaken the stability of the shape of the nose in the future.


4. The cartilage of the nose is more likely to deviate during the operation because access to the nasal frame requires intense stretching of the skin.



When is closed nose surgery preferred?



Some rhinoplasty procedures, such as septoplasty or removal of bony protrusions from the nasal passages, are best done with a closed procedure because no additional incision is needed and the surgeon can safely cut the tissue with less incision. Performing effectively and with fewer incisions means less aggressive and less chance of infection or swelling and faster recovery time.


For those who are looking for better nasal breathing, septoplasty is probably the solution.


If your needs include reducing or reshaping your nose, you may need more extensive rhinoplasty.


Although fewer incisions and shorter incisions are attractive, they place limitations on the surgeon. Open rhinoplasty allows the surgeon wider access to the internal structures of the nose.




When is open rhinoplasty preferred?




If we compare the nose to a car, open nose surgery is like opening the hood for repairs. If you want to do serious work on the engine, you have to be able to see all the components.


To reduce cartilage and keep your nose symmetrical, your doctor should look at the entire structure of your nose. Seeing everything allows him to make accurate measurements and accurate cuts.


And when it comes to extensive rhinoplasty, accuracy is paramount.


Patients who need to correct previous surgical errors are also better candidates for open nose surgery.




Which technique has more advantages?




The benefits of rhinoplasty are twofold. Their most important advantage is the increase in beauty. Your nose is the main feature of your face by creating a better balance through the natural beauty of the face, nose surgery can improve your overall appearance. There are also functional benefits to this procedure, for example, if you have a deviated septum or other nasal problems, rhinoplasty helps you breathe easier and better.





Non-Surgical Nose Job using Dermal Fillers




Dermal fillers correct many problems. It is also noteworthy that depending on the type of filler used, the treatment should be repeated every 9 to 18 months.

Doctors say that "often, patients try skin fillers before surgery" and recommend this procedure as a way to be more comfortable with cosmetic surgery and prepare for it. And in fact, the new method is to "test the new nose" without permanent surgery.


Of course, for some nasal problems, surgery is the only answer to deform the nose or correct the defect. For example, if the tip of the nose is too long or sagging, surgical treatment is often a better answer. Rhinoplasty is also a permanent solution that has lifelong results.


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