The hugest food safety mistakes that makes food poisoned

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1: Not purifying sponges

Bacteria flourish in moist places so it is vital to clean them frequently

2: Not to check what you buy

Pay much attention to what you wanna buy from veggies or fruits. look for the ones that are no damaged

3: Reusing marinade

After you marinade your meat or whatever, when you are done, you most not reuse it or even taste it.and keep the marinating nutrition in the fridge

4: Not washing your hands properly

When ever you wanna make something ti eat,make sure you wash your hands carefully before and after that and it should take atleast 20 seconds

5: Not maintaining a clean refrigerator

Decayed food can get moldy or be spilled on the shelves so you need to keep it clean so you can store your nutrition in good condition


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