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What is a close rhinoplasty?

What is open rhinoplasty?

What are the cons and pros of each one?

When is closed rhinoplasty preferred?

When is open rhinoplasty preferred?


After all, which one is the best for me?

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure technique to reshape and reconstruct the nose, Rhinoplasty is performed for 2 general purposes include, reconstructing the nostril, which means restoring the form and function of the defected nostril, and doing cosmetic surgery, which means changing the appearance of the nostril. Rhinoplasty, whether reconstructive or cosmetic, is a complicated and difficult kind of plastic surgical procedure.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty could slim the bulge, narrow the dimension of the nose, modification the angle between the nose and also the mouth, or repair injuries, birth defects, or other respiratory problems that affect breathing, such as a deviated septum or a sinus problem.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is used to alleviate the results of nasal accidents because of various injuries, which include unexpected and extreme blows and injuries because of explosions, and to treat congenital defects, respiration problems, and primary nasal failure or to fill withinside the gaps or cavities created through skin cancer treatment.

The nose is a multifaceted structure that is made from muscle, cartilage, mucus, tissue, and skin, and due to its location(being at the center of the face), For this reason, the discussion of rhinoplasty, including its types, is important.

It is always good for patients to be well aware of the surgery options and Types Of Surgery they can have so that they can make the right decision about their cosmetic surgery. There are two different methods for reshaping the tip of the nose: Open Nose Surgery and closed nose surgery. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some surgeons support "open nose surgery" because it gives them more control, while other surgeons prefer "closed nose surgery" because it reduces scarring.

open & closed rhinoplasty incisions

So, which one is best for you??

If you are a candidate for the nose job, Probably There is a common question for you that ” Which one of the open rhinoplasty or close rhinoplasty is better for me?”

Follow the article to answer your question and have a better decision.

First of all let’s know that what open rhinoplasty and close rhinoplasty are:

What is a close rhinoplasty?

In the closed nasal procedure, also referred to as endonasal rhinoplasty, all the necessary incisions are fully hidden within the nostrils. though the parallel incisions cover almost half the nasal covering, no part of the incision is made. it's not seen outside and also the visible scar is avoided. This system is a smaller amount invasive and doesn't cause any visible wounds. . However, as a result of the incisions of the proper and left nostrils are still cut, it is difficult to reposition the skin of the nose, and the entire operation should be performed through slim surgical openings with restricted vision. Because access to the nasal frame needs intense stretching of the nasal skin, distortion of the nasal animal tissue is additionally inevitable. while preventing visible scarring, important technical challenges and limitations are related to relative lack of access to surgery. Therefore, the nose job is proscribed. for several of the changes created throughout rhinoplasty, the lack of a spinal incision results in slightly less swelling during the recovery period.

This surgical procedure involves accessing the areas to be deformed from inside the nostrils. Closed nose surgery may be suitable for minor corrections and deformities. This method is less invasive due to its invasive nature, short recovery time, and low swelling. Because incisions are made in the nostrils, this means that there will be no visible scars. This method is often used for patients who only need to reshape the tip of the nose.

 Closed nose surgery involves corrections that are made inside the nostrils. Thus, closed rhinoplasty is generally recommended for rhinoplasty patients who need to repair their bridge of the nose.

What is open rhinoplasty?

Unlike closed rhinoplasty, open or external rhinoplasty uses a small bridge-making incision called an inter-column incision that connects the right and left nostril incisions. In exchange for this 4-5 mm visible part, the skin of the nose can be folded upwards (similar to opening the car hood) and the lower nasal skeleton can be obtained without obstruction. In addition to a direct view of almost the entire nasal frame, nasal cartilage distortion is minimized and individual components can be evaluated in a natural, non-disturbing manner. Therefore, the salient feature of open rhinoplasty is the highly improved surgical access that is possible by intercostal incision.

difference between open and closed rhinoplasty

What are the cons and pros of each one?

Advantages of open rhinoplasty:

1. The internal structure of the nose is fully revealed, which gives the surgeon more access to change the nose. In addition, open nose surgery, compared to closed nose surgery, makes it easier for the surgeon to stabilize the nose after surgery and another positive point for it is that Open nose surgery is more common, which means that it is easier to find a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Advantages of close rhinoplasty:

Although scars become almost invisible with open nose surgery in many patients, closed nose surgery has the advantage of not being scared. It is also less invasive, takes less time, takes less time to heal, and is somewhat swollen. Has less during the healing time.

disadvantages of open rhinoplasty:

The procedure itself is longer and more aggressive, has a longer recovery time, leads to more swelling and bruising, and you will most likely have a permanent, visible scar, although a skilled surgeon will hide the wound well.

disadvantages of close rhinoplasty:

Because the surgeon has less vision, it will be more limited in the changes it can make and the subtlety it can provide. Incisions made in closed nose surgery may weaken the structure of the nose and keep it fixed. The future will be harder.

Closed rhinoplasty may be a good choice for some patients who need minimal work, not those who have high expectations of their rhinoplasty, and the results and changes of this surgery may not be very large.

When is closed rhinoplasty preferred?

Some procedures, such as septoplasty or protrusion of bone from the nasal passages, are best done with a closed approach, as no additional incision is needed. The doctor can perform the surgery safely and effectively with less tissue incision. And fewer incisions mean less chance of infection or swelling and faster healing time.

This type of rhinoplasty is more suitable if you are not looking for very large results and changes.

When is open rhinoplasty preferred?

Rhinoplasty, like car repair, requires a rhinosurgeon's open hood if serious work is needed on the engine. External rhinoplasty is a better choice if it requires extensive and noticeable changes. To reduce cartilage and keep the nose symmetrical, the doctor must See you.

 Patients who seek to correct mistakes caused by previous surgery are also better candidates for open nose surgery. Because there is often an unknown amount of scar tissue and structural changes, an open approach allows your surgeon to make precise adjustments to achieve the patient's desired results.

After all, which one is the best for me?

The practical difference between the two techniques is small, but the results are important. Without a spinal incision, the closed technique allows for faster operation and less swelling during the recovery period. On the other hand, an open nose surgery makes it more accurate for hard noses and when changing the structure of the nose for complex cases.

If a highly experienced rhino surgeon believes that your goals can be achieved through a closed rhinoplasty, these results should be no less than open rhinoplasty. However, keep in mind that rhinoplasty allows for a wider range of work and precision. For most patients, if they say they only want a closed nose surgery, they limit their potential outcomes.

If you want to know more about Rhinoplasty in Iran, you can read this article.


This article fully describes all aspects of these two types of nose jobs and tried to give you a clearer view before rhinoplasty, but note that the skill and experience of the surgeon of your choice has a greater impact on the outcome of the rhinoplasty compared to whether the operation is open or closed and the choice of whether the surgery is open or closed is up to the surgeon rather than you.

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