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خدمت دریافت شده: Tummy Tuck In Iran
This patient from Germany After giving birth, she suffered from excess fat in the abdomen and sagging abdomen. The breasts are sagging and have an undesirable shape for the patient. Ermatab performed Tommy Tuck cosmetic surgery (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation with breast prosthesis, and breast lift after free online consultation for the patient. According to the picture, the fat in the abdomen was removed with tummy tuck cosmetic surgery and the abdomen became smooth and elongated. According to the doctor, a 407 cc silicone implant was placed for the patient, and with the breast lift surgery, the sagging of the breasts was removed and the breasts took on the desired shape and form. She’s 3 months post-op in the above photo and scars will continue to soften and heal until 1 year.
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