The client is a 28-year-old woman. With the problem of nasal hump, nose tip drop, enlarged nasal vestibule has presented to the Ermateb group for rhinoplasty surgery . In her rhinoplasty surgery, the hump and protrusion of the nose were smoothed, the calumela of the nose, which had wide cartilages, were reduced and contracted, and also the sagging of the nose tip was corrected. The nostrils were large, slightly reduced, and finally the nostrils were made rounded and symmetrical, and the patient's nose reached a natural beautiful shape. Ermateb's Rhinoplasty surgeon has tried to change the size of the nose in proportion to other parts of the face while correcting nasal problems. In this surgery, a closed method is used that does not leave any scars on the skin of the patient's face and nose Also, tampons have not been used for the patient to breathe better and not cause pain. The duration of rhinoplasty was one and a half hours and the recovery time was about half an hour.
Closed rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty, also called, a nose job is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon can change

Rhinoplasty, also called, a nose job is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon can change the appearance of your nose according to your expectations. it can be done either open or closed depending on the extent of your surgery. 

Rhinoplasty through a closed approach is far more beneficial for the patient, as it is less invasive and has a lower risk of noticeable scars. also, the patient recovers faster than the open rhinoplasty. in closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make the incisions within the nose and the modifications are done in a very tactful way.

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Sie können eine nicht-chirurgische Nasenkorrektur oder eine geschlossene Nasenkorrektur erhalten, bei der Einschnitte in der Nase vorgenommen werden.
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