In Vitro Maturation (IVM)
In vitro maturation (IVM) is the technique of letting the contents of ovarian follicles and the oocytes inside mature in vitro. It can be offered to women with infertility problems, combined with IVF, offering woman's pregnancy without ovarian stimulation. Whereas IVF is used to treat a wide range of fertility disorders, IVM may be best suited for a more select group of individuals. Traditionally, patients at high risk for OHSS have been considered gaining the most benefit from IVM.
The whole treatment consists of two or three ultrasounds, the first performed during day 2 or 3 of the patient’s menstrual cycle and the second between days 6 and 9, in order to assess the endometrium and measure the size and number of growing follicles. The oocyte retrieval is usually performed between days 9 to 14 of the cycle. An injection of HCG (Human Chorionic synthetic follicle stimulating hormone) to mature the eggs is given approximately 36 hours prior to egg retrieval. Oocyte collection is performed under ultrasound guidance with a specially designed needle and the entire procedure takes up to 30 to 40 minutes. Then the immature oocytes are culture in maturation mediums for 24 to 48 hours. Embryo transfer is usually performed 2 to 5 days after the immature oocyte collection.
You may feel more tired than usual for several weeks. You may be able to do many of your usual activities after 4 to 6 weeks. But you will probably need 2 to 6 months to fully recover.
A limitation of the IVM procedure is for IVF patients, particularly ones with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Chances of multiple pregnancies are greater if over one embryo is inserted.
Improve your blood flow Because Oxygen-rich blood flow to the ovaries is essential for the health of the eggs, Eat a healthy diet, Incorporate fertility supplements, Stop smoking, Maintain a healthy weight, reduce your stress


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