two to three hours
An average recovery takes about six months, but it can take longer.
The Risks of ACL Reconstruction bleeding and blood clots, continued knee pain, disease transmission if the graft comes from a cadaver, infection, knee stiffness or weakness, loss of range of motion, improper healing if the graft is rejected by your immune system.
Prop your leg on cushions or pillows so your knee is at least 12 inches above your heart for the first three to five days after surgery. Keep your leg elevated if your knee swells or throbs when you are up and about on crutches. Don't put pillows behind your knee because this limits the motion of the knee.
There are a number of factors that increase your risk of an ACL injury, including Being female - possibly due to differences in anatomy, muscle strength, and hormonal influences. Participating in certain sports, such as soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics and downhill skiing.
Synthetic grafts made of different materials such as carbon fibers, polypropylene, Dacron, and polyester have been utilized either as a prosthesis or as an augmentation for a biological ACL graft substitute.


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