Some Services

Elbow surgery

Hallux valgus repair

Tendon repair

Carpal tunnel syndrom

Total Hip Replacement(2 side)

Total Knee Replacement ( 2 side)

Knee Arthroscopy

Disc Hernia Surgery

Discectomy is the most common surgery used for a herniated disc in the lumbar region. In this procedure, the portion of the disc that is causing the pressure...

Arthroscopic Knee Debridement

One of the great advantages of knee arthroscopy is that you may start walking on the operated knee right away. Pain is quite common, most often in the...

PCL Reconstruction Surgery

PCL reconstruction involves using autograft or allograft or ligament. Like ACL reconstruction, it is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon inserts...

Canal stenosis surgery

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy


Laminectomy is a type of surgery in which a surgeon removes part or all of the vertebral bone (lamina). This helps ease pressure on the spinal cord or...

Hip nailing

A hip pinning is a type of surgery to fix a broken (fractured) hip. Another name for hip pinning is fracture repair and internal fixation. Hip pinning...

Knee Osteotomy

Osteotomy literally means "cutting of the bone." In a knee osteotomy, either the tibia (shinbone) or femur (thighbone) is cut and then reshaped to relieve...

Bunion removal Surgery

In an osteotomy, your surgeon will cut your big toe joint and realign it to a normal position. In an exostectomy, your surgeon will remove your bunion...

Elbow Replacement

In an elbow replacement, the ends of the bones that come together in the elbow will be removed and replaced with an artificial joint made of metal and...

Spinal stenosis surgery

Spinal stenosis surgery helps to reopen your spinal canal, the channel in your backbone that houses your spinal cord and other nerves. A doctor does the...

ACL reconstruction

Ankle surgery

Ankle replacement – An ankle replacement involves taking out the worn-out ends of your tibia and talus bones and replacing them with a man-made (artificial)...
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