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Dos and Don'ts after Tummy Tuck surgery

2021-07-18 14:57:54

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

The recovery process after abdominoplasty
All patients have to know what the recovery process of tummy Tuck will involve before their operations. The recovery depends on different factors, and it's not the same for all patients. Your age, health level, and body weight are the factors that affect recovery duration. Although everyone prefers to bounce back to everyday life after the surgery, it's imperative to give enough time to heal. Depending on your condition, you have to stay overnight or a few hours after your surgery. If you want to know who can do abdominoplasty, you can read best candidate for abdominoplasty

Timeline for recovery
You have to be prepared for your recovery period. During your recovery time, you can take a break from certain parts of your life.
After surgery, drains will be left for few days. Health care providers will teach you how to take care of and empty drains. While the drains are left in place, you have to consume an antibiotic and an anticoagulant. For six months, you have to use an abdominal binder that avoids fluid buildup and supports abdominal muscles. The recovery time depends on operation types too. The timeline for a mini tummy Tuck is shorter than a complete tummy tuck. For both types, you have to avoid vigorous exercise or heavy lifting.

What to expect after your surgery
The health care provider or surgeon will define all the things you have to do to recover properly.

You will be advised to :

• how to care for incisions and drain tubes
• what to be aware of in terms of infection or overall health
• what to avoid in terms of physical activity that affects your incision line for six weeks
• when you need to see your plastic surgeon again
• how long to wear the abdominal pressure garment
• how much to rest
• what you can eat

After surgery, you need someone to drive you home and take care of you for at least a few days. Forty-eight hours after removing your drains, you can take a shower. Before that time, you can clean your body with a moist sponge. For at least one month, try to take a shower while sitting on a chair.
Medications are prescribed by your surgeon and include antibiotics, anticoagulants, and painkillers. You shouldn't take any medicine containing aspirin unless directed by your doctor. Be careful about consuming alcohol and painkillers at the same time.
Your doctor will ask you not to smoke before and after your surgery because it affects the healing process and may cause complications.

Guidelines for at-home recovery
Try to sleep with a raised upper body with bent knees. It really helps to prevent and to reduce swelling. Your surgeon may also advise you to put pillows underneath your knees in order to reduce pressure on your abdomen. You have to keep walking even for few steps. Walking and being active decreases the chance of blood clots in the legs.
You're not able to drive for few weeks.
The surgeon will limit strenuous exercise and demanding physical activities for four to six weeks. Your doctor can help you decide what activities you can perform and how long you'll need to take off work.

Tips for recovery
Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.
Your body needs special ingredients for healing as quickly as possible after your abdominoplasty. It's beneficial if you try to eat nutritious foods that include high protein levels, carbohydrates, and ...
For recovering properly, you must consume fat too in your diet.

Start walking
Try to take a walk outside or even on the treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes each day. This will increase blood circulation and improve the recovery process after surgery.
It also prevents blood clots in your legs.

Change your sleeping position
You have to sleep in a special position to reduce pressure on your abdominal area. The best position is the inclined position which you can make it easily by using pillows.

Stay hydrated
Drinking water will help the body flush out toxins, and this helps to reduce the risk of complications. Drink plenty of water each day to prevent dehydration and support your recovery process.

Wear recommended compression garments
Your surgeon may recommend you wear a girdle or binder to support the healing process — even while you sleep. This can help manage some of the swellings and also help with skin re-draping after surgery.

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