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Herniated Disc Surgery in Iran

A herniated disc occurs when the cushion which sits in between the spinal vertebra is stressed beyond its ordinary position. It can occur in other parts of the spine.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
1_2 Hours
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
4_5 Days
2_12 Weeks
Back to Work
Back to Work
2_6 Weeks
Herniated Disc Surgery in Iran is an orthopedic procedure that is performed in this country. Because of top surgeons, low cost of medical operations, and offering qualified services, it has been the first destination for patients all around the world who want to get their treatment in the best way and at a reasonably low cost. Individuals who are suffering from leg pain, back pain, weakness of the lower extremity muscles, or numbness in a leg or an arm, are recognized with a herniated disc. But some people don’t have any symptoms of a herniated disc. A herniated disc occurs when the cushion which sits in between the spinal vertebra is stressed beyond its ordinary position. It can occur in other parts of the spine. A herniated disc is more common in the lumbar spine (lower back), but also can occur in the cervical spine (neck). If you’re with a herniated disc and your doctor advises you to undergo an operation, Iran can be a dependable place to travel to get your treatment with no wasting time. Ermateb is a facilitator in the medical tourism industry located at the University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. We will help you to have the best choice of surgeon, hospital, and all the services you need to travel to this country.



How Herniated disc is treated?Generally, most of the time the patient doesn’t need surgery and they can be treated non-surgically.  In these conditions, depending on your issue the doctor may prescribe certain physiotherapy or specific medicines. When the disc herniation did not get healed after weeks of non-surgical treatment (physiotherapy or medicines), the operation is recommended.  We should note that surgery might be different from person to person. You may be required to take some tests like a CT scan or X-ray. These tests will help to understand the damaged disc with its surrounding nerve and tissue. 


An injury or extreme tension may be the cause of disc herniation. However, disc material degenerates normally by age, and the sinews that hold it in place start to get weak. Therefore, a little twisting movement or pressure can rupture the disc. 

Studies have shown that a predisposition for disc herniation may exist in some families so certain people may be more vulnerable to these issues. 

There are also some symptoms and signs of disc herniation such as numbness or tingling, arm or leg pain, and weakness. The following factors may increase the risk of disc herniation:

1.Weight: Extra body weight can cause excess pressure on the discs in the lower back.

2.Repetitive lifting, pushing, pulling, and bending sideways.


4.Unsafe lifting: individuals should apply force not from the back, but to the legs. 

5.Sedentary lifestyle


The price of disc herniation surgery in Iran like other orthopedic prociture depends on some factors like the patient’s condition and the surgical procedure. Generally, these surgery prices are between $1,400 to $2,200 in this country. You can see and compare the average cost of herniated disc surgery in various countries and this country in the below chart. 



The United States
17000$ England
12000$ Thiland
10000$ Turkey
5700$ India
3500$ Iran

You can also compare the cost of different procedures in the USA, Europe, and Iran.

11000$_8000 66000$ 77000$ Spinal Fusion
10000$_7000 76000$_46000  60000$_56000 Disc Replacement

To get more information and the exact cost contact us now.

As we said in the introduction section, the unbelievable and low cost of surgery in Iran, the best surgeons, and the advanced hospitals are the reasons that patients all around the world choose this country to get their disc herniation treatment.

Ermateb, which is located in Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran (the capital) is a facilitator in the medical tourism industry. One of the most important goals of this industry is to provide the best medical services with the highest quality

If you are looking for an effective and affordable herniated disc surgery in Iran, contact Ermateb for more information, including choosing the best doctor and surgeon, the best hospital, the hotel, obtaining the visa, booking the flight and accommodation, transportation, aftercare, and all the services you are going to give during your travel to this country. 

to arrange your herniated disc surgery in Iran with Ermateb you can contact us via an online form on the website or via WhatsApp. After that, a personal coordinator guides you through the next process of your medical operation. Our consultant may ask for your medical information and records may be required, and now you can plan your trip to this country. Alongside your treatment, you can enjoy your travel by visiting the cultural and historical attractions of this country. 


THE BEST ORTHOPEDISTS ARE SETTLED IN IRANThere are currently almost more than 1,000 active orthopedic surgeons in this country. These surgeons published scientific articles in 10 of the most credible and prestigious orthopedic journals in the world. Iranian surgeons completed their education at top universities in the world like Harvard, Oxford, and Tehran, the best university in this country, and they performed many successful surgeries in the field of disc herniation in recent years. 


One of the important reasons for a successful herniated surgery is the precise and accurate diagnosis. In Iranian hospitals and clinics, the diagnosis is about 98% accurate, so the risks of postoperative side effects are almost zero.

Hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest medical facilities, and they compete in attracting patients, especially international health tourists that come from the Middle East or Iran’s neighboring countries. This is the reason why the clinics and hospitals of this country utilize the best material with high quality to satisfy the patients. 



Traveling to Iran, especially for individuals who are coming from neighboring countries to get their herniated disc treatment, has been popular in recent years. The high efficiency of these operations by using the latest modern medical procedures, and advanced surgical instruments are the reason for this popularity. 

In the field of medical operations, this country is one of the top countries in the world whose surgeons are professional and have done these operations perfectly. Many people like about 20 million individuals traveled to other countries like Iran to get their treatment more affordable and less expensive in the past years.  

In the following, we present the reasons why you should choose this country for your treatment briefly: 

1.Best surgeons 

2.Enjoying the best medical and tourism services

3.Many successful surgeries in this field

4.High-quality healthcare

5.Patients’ satisfaction: The achieved expectations and imaginations of the patients are the reason this country is proud of.   

6.There is no waiting list: Usually, patients have to wait for an unknown period to get their treatment in th

eir own country. But in Iran, there would be no waiting list for the patients and they can enjoy the medical services and get their herniated disc treatment as soon as possible. Ermateb also will arrange immediate treatments for herniated disc patients in the advanced hospitals and clinics of this country.


Disk herniation treatment can be done by different types of operations which are listed below:


In this procedure, the surgeon eliminates the herniated part of the disc from the spine. Therefore, there is not going to be any pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord.

2.lumbar spine operation:

Surgeons perform this procedure if the injured disk is in the lumber or the lower spine. This procedure is also called lumbar discectomy. The surgeon makes an incision on the back of the spine to access the ruptured disc. After that, the bulging part will be taken out. 

3.Open discectomy:

The surgeon makes a large incision to see the slipped disc directly.


In this procedure, the surgeon uses a certain microscope to observe the inside of your body.

5.Percutaneous discectomy:

The surgeon enters a special tool inside the body and decreases the size of herniation by scraping and heating. He does this by cutting the ruptured disc or he may burn the disc by using a laser beam. Although, this operation is not very common and effective compared to the above procedures.


In this surgery, the surgeon manipulates the lamina to help relieve the nerve roots that have been pressed due to herniated discs. A special area of the lamina is eliminated which is the backbone. In some surgeries, the surgeon may eliminate the whole lamina of the disc, but this cannot be performed on all patients. 

7. Disc replacement:

One large disc can be eliminated and replaced with an implant or an artificial disc when it is diseased and degenerated. This artificial disc or implant can be metal or plastic, which acts as a natural disc. The procedure is done by general anesthesia and the cut is made on the abdomen. After that, the surgeon deletes the disc, and the artificial disc is inserted into the place. 

8.Spinal fusion:

In this operation, two bones combine in the spine and remove the diseased disc, filling in the space between the two vertebras. The surgeon uses a bone graft taken from a donor, or the patient and then puts it in the space of the disc. If the disc requires to be eliminated before spinal fusion, a discectomy will be performed. This procedure is used for treating a degenerated disc, and patients who are suffering from fractured or damaged vertebra, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and kyphosis. This operation can get rid of severe pain and make the quality of the patient’s life better. 


The disc herniation operation lasts around 1 - 2 hours. Local anesthesia will be used and therefore you will be unconscious during the surgery. Your total stay at the hospital would be 4 to 5 nights. After the operation, you may feel discomfort and pain which with taking the prescribed medications will be gone. 

Your recovery period begins after you are discharged from the hospital. This recovery period would be 2 to 6 weeks. After that, you can go back to work but if you want to have sports activities you should wait at least 12 weeks. 

Like any surgery, a disc herniation operation has some risks and complications like adverse reactions to anesthesia, damaging nerves, and bowel/bladder incontinence. We should mention that they do not occur very often and can be controlled.  

The results and Success Rate of herniated surgery in Iran

The success rate of herniated disc surgery in Iran depends on various factors including the type of operation, the location of the disc, and the person’s condition. The success rate for a herniated lumbar disc operation is 80% among 40,000 patients and 95% for herniated cervical disc operation. This rate is high for microdiscectomy spine operations.

The results are:

1. Relief of numbness, sciatica, pain, and weakness.

2. Improving function of the limbs and spine, and mobility.

3. Decreased risk of more nerve compression and disc damage.

4. Faster recovery period and return to daily activities.

5. Reasonable and Lower cost with high-quality aftercare 

However, these results can be different from person to person. There may be some complications and risks like bleeding, spinal instability, infection, nerve damage, etc.

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You can expect pain in your back after surgery. This improves in the weeks after the operation. Symptoms may get better soon, or they may take a few days or weeks. After the surgery, it would be hard for you to stand or sit.
You should be a non-smoker and have a healthy weight. People who have extra weight will not be able to do this operation because it may cause pressure on their spine and affect the results of the surgery. Individuals who have symptoms like leg or back pain usually get better results out of their operation.
For disc herniation, doctors recommend non-surgical procedures over operation whenever possible. Your doctor may prefer an operation if you have: Difficulty walking or standing.
It may take around 1 hour. You will receive a local anesthetic. Therefore, you will not feel discomfort or any pain during the surgery.
When you are discharged after the surgery, you will be able to move and walk. It will take almost 5 to 7 weeks for you to be able to walk without any help, it also depends on your condition.
After almost 6 weeks of trying non-surgical treatments like medications, physiotherapy, and corticosteroid injections, it is time to get a disc herniation surgery. To make sure, you need to consult with a doctor and take diagnostic tests before having an operation.
The recovery period can last around 2 - 7 weeks. It depends on the type of operation. Some individuals recover sooner and can do their daily activities such as getting back to work after 2 or 3 weeks. Some others may require rest and physical therapy for more than 4 weeks. This usually occurs for elderly people.
1.Dural tear 2. Blood clots 3. Infection 4. Facial sores and loss of vision 5. Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid 6. Nerve injury and paralysis
Discectomy is the best and the most common operation used for disc herniation. In this method, the segment of the disc that is causing the stress on your nerve root is eliminated. Sometimes, the entire disc is eliminated. The surgeon will access the disc through a cut in your neck or back.
The success rate for a herniated lumbar disc operation is 80% among 40,000 patients and 95% for herniated cervical disc operation. This rate is high for microdiscectomy spine operations.
To get a disc herniation operation, you require to spend almost 2 to 3 weeks in Iran.
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