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Who is the best candidate for Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

2021-07-18 13:22:52

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

This is major surgery for patients who have too much flap and excess skin in their abdomen, which doesn't get better with diet or exercise. This procedure is also called abdominoplasty in medical terminology. Your abdomen will be flattened by removing extra fat and skin. During the procedure, abdominal muscles will be tightened in your abdominal wall. Although it's not the same as liposuction, you can have liposuction along with an abdominoplasty.
As said before, it is a significant operation, and before making the decision, you should be aware of all risks.

Comparison of liposuction and Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty or also tummy Tuck is entirely different in comparison with liposuction. But both of them are done for changing abdominal appearance. The stomach will be appeared flatter, more petite, and tighter after having each of them. Regarding the actual procedure, recovery time, and risks, there are some critical differences between the two. Liposuction removes small fat deposits in the body found on the hips, thighs, bottom, or stomach. A tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin, which cannot be fixed with diet and exercise.

Best Candidates For a Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty is suitable for women and men who are completely healthy because it's major surgery.
One big group of candidates are women who had several pregnancies. The operation may help them removing extra skin and tightening their muscles.
Generally, it is suitable for individuals who have excess fat deposits or loose skin around their belly. You are not a good candidate if you have these conditions:

·          You have a BMI over 30

·          You are hoping to fall pregnant in the future

·          You are actively trying to lose weight

·          You have a chronic heart condition


Who Should Not Consider a Tummy Tuck?
Women who plan to get pregnant should not have a tummy tuck because pregnancy will separate tightened muscles.
For individuals who want to lose a lot of weight, this surgery is not suggested. You have to know that abdominoplasty is your last chance after you have tried other methods. It should not use as an alternative to weight loss.
You should be aware of scars after the operation. You can talk about the length and placement of scars with your surgeon. If you want to know about its procedure, you can read Tummy Tuck procedure.

Types of abdominoplasty
Depending on your goals, you may have two options:

Complete abdominoplasty
The surgeon will make incisions from hipbone to hipbone and then contour the skin, tissues, and muscles. After surgery, you will have drainage tubes under your skin for a few days.

Partial or mini abdominoplasty
This procedure is mainly suggested for candidates whose fat deposits are placed below their navel. Your belly button will not move. This procedure takes less time than complete abdominoplasty (about two hours, but it depends on the case).

Tummy tuck risks include:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Asymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis)
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • Infection
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Persistent pain
  • Poor wound healing
  • Possibility of revisional surgery
  • Recurrent looseness of skin
  • Skin discoloration and prolonged swelling
  • Skin loss
  • Suboptimal aesthetic result
  • Unfavorable scarring

Will you sense any pain during surgery?
Due to having major surgery, you should get general anesthesia. You will be completely asleep during surgery.
You have to stay overnight in hospital. Depending on the case, the time of hospitalization varies.

What will you need after surgery?
Ice packs
• Loose, comfortable clothing that can be put on and off very easily
• Petroleum jelly
• Hand-held shower head and bathroom chair

Does Insurance Cover a Tummy Tuck?
Abdominoplasty is a type of cosmetic procedure, and insurance companies generally don't cover cosmetic surgeries. Before having a Tummy Tuck, contact your insurance company and ask them about their services coverage. If you have the surgery for a medical reason, your doctor will write the letter to the insurance company and ask them to cover the costs if it's possible.

Cost of abdominoplasty :
It averagely ranges from $8500 to $11,000. The fee generally includes surgeon's fees, anesthesia, surgical facility, staff, pre- and post-operative appointments as well as an abdominoplasty compression garment. The facility may be at a hospital or private surgical facility.

If you think you have the suitable conditions and you're a good candidate, ask for an appointment with a surgeon and plan for the operation.
One of the perfect choices is having your operation in Iran, the country in which you can utilize latest technologies and methods.
Iran is a powerful country in the field of aesthetic procedures. A lot of professional surgeons are working on novel aesthetic methods and procedures. Our medical tourism team, ERMATEB, provides you unbelievable options. You have the chance to travel to a perfect ancient country and get medical cares. You can compare ERMATEB'S offers with other European countries or American ones and be surprised. ERMATEB'S experts will answer all of your questions and explain possible options.
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