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Body Contour | Procedure, Risks, and Recovery

2021-09-22 12:45:31

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

You can find the answers to your questions about Body contouring here:

  1. What is body contouring?
  2. Which parts of the body can have contouring surgery?
  3. When can you do body contour?
  4. Who is a good candidate for body sculpture?
  5. What should you do before the surgery?
  6. How is the process of body contouring?
  7. When is reconstructive surgery necessary?
  8. How much is the recovery time?
  9. What are the risks of body contouring?

What is Body contouring

Significant weight loss brings many benefits. But after each weight loss, whether due to surgery or lifestyle changes, the skin and tissues of the body lose their elasticity and its adaptation to body size disappears. Body contouring surgery covers a wide range of cosmetic procedures and improves the appearance of the body by changing its shape or size. This surgery is often performed to contour and adjust body lines in the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and arms.

Body contouring surgery is performed after weight loss and in addition to removing excess skin and body fat, it also strengthens the underlying layers. The result is a better appearance and regular skin lines.

before and after body contouring
before and after body contouring

The body contouring process may include the following:

Arm lift: Correction of sagging skin on the upper arms

Breast lift: Correction of sagging skin around the breasts

Facelift: Correction of sagging middle skin of the face, chin, and neck

Butt lift: Correction of sagging skin in the abdominal area, buttocks and inside and outside the thighs

Intra-thigh lift: Correction of sagging skin inside the thighs

Tummy Tuck: Corrects excess sagging skin around the abdominal area

When is the right time to do body contouring?

If you have been losing weight for two years or more, it may be the best time to have surgery to help remove your excess skin. Deciding to undergo a body contouring process is very personal and may not be suitable for everyone. With Ermateb you can consult with your plastic surgeon whether to have the surgery or not. The surgeon first assesses your general health condition and then selects the best treatment for you.

Who is a good candidate for body sculpting?

People with the following conditions are generally good candidates for body contouring:

• Adults with a stabilized weight

• Healthy people who aren’t in a special medical condition that affects the healing process and increases the risk of high-risk surgery.

• Non-smokers

• People with a positive and realistic attitude towards surgical goals

• People who have a healthy lifestyle, proper food intake, and are near to a healthy weight.

before and after thigh lift
before and after thigh lift

Tips to follow before the body contour surgery:

The following actions are considered very important:

Talk to your surgeon or primary care physician who has previously performed body contouring surgery, about some of the issues that are on your mind. Maintaining as much health and vitality as possible will go a long way in helping you recover. Before surgery, prepare a space in your home to rest. This space can include suitable pillows and beds, ice packs, thermometers, and telephones with easy access.

The process of body contouring surgery

Step 1: Anesthesia

General anesthesia is recommended for body lift surgery. For people who have smaller surgeries and fewer areas to be operated on, a combination of local anesthesia and sedatives is usually appropriate. Newer methods of anesthesia are safe and effective, but they also involve risks. For more information, you can talk to your plastic surgeon or anesthesiologist. Your surgeon will choose the best type of anesthesia for you. Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will talk to you about any medications you are taking or should take before surgery and any allergies you may have. 

Step 2: Cut

All body contouring procedures require extensive incisions to remove excess skin. In most cases, the width of these incisions may be very large. The length of the incision and its pattern depend on the amount and location of the skin to be removed. The decision on how to make the incision is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon. Advanced techniques allow the cuts to be placed in the right place. These cuts are usually covered by the clothes we wear. But this technique does not always work. It may take two years or more to get rid of all the excess body fat. Therefore, it may take time for the result of your body contouring to become apparent.

When is reconstructive surgery necessary?

Depending on the process, reconstructive surgery may be necessary to achieve the best results. Reoperation may be necessary to correct any abnormalities.

Body contouring recovery and recovery period:

During the recovery period after surgery, you may feel some pain, swelling, bruising, and numbness around the surgical area. These symptoms are perfectly normal. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe painkillers to reduce your pain and discomfort. If you have any problems or concerns, let them know.

The day after surgery, patients are encouraged to walk. During the recovery period after body contouring surgery, a special cover or bandage is placed on the site of your surgical incisions. You can also use stockings or you may be injected with heparin. Use comfortable clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

Risks of body contouring

Modern surgeries today are generally safe and secure, but the risks and dangers of this surgery must still be accepted as an integral part of it. The decision to do or not to do body contouring is entirely personal. If the benefits of contouring bring your body closer to your goals, you should also be aware of the risks and dangers of this surgery.

You should seek your surgeon before performing body contouring surgery to ensure an accurate understanding of the possible side effects. Customer care and safety are our priorities at Ermateb. Some of the side effects of body contouring surgery are:

• Severe bleeding from the surgical site to the extent that a blood transfusion may be needed.

• An infection that can be easily treated with antibiotics and in some cases surgery.

• Accumulation of fluids in body tissues

• The slow healing process of wounds, which largely depends on diabetes and smoking.

• Excessive skin loss

• Blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 

• Excessive and extensive wounds

• Side effects of anesthesia

• Unpleasant and visible scars such as colloid and hypertrophy. Scars can sometimes be itchy, annoying, and unpleasant, but they are not a threat to human health.

• Irregularities in the contour of the skin and some of the skin remain loose and sagging

• Allergic reactions to sutures, and clothing used during surgery.

• Pain, swelling, and bruising around the surgical site.

If you’re interested in having a body contouring, at Ermateb we provide one of the best and the most affordable surgery price in Iran.

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