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Cheek Sculpting or Cheek Filler | Non-surgical Treatment

2021-09-16 11:47:09

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

You can find the answer to your questionsabout Cheek Sculpting here:

  1. What is cheek sculpting?
  2. Is cheek sculpting the same as cheek filler?
  3. Who is a suitable candidate for having cheek sculpting?
  4. What can a patient expect on the day of treatment?
  5. What are the side effects of cheek sculpting?
  6. What are the benefits of cheek fillers?
  7. How much does a cheek sculpting procedure costs?
  8. What are the materials in cheek sculpting


 The procedure of cheek sculpting is a type of non-surgical treatment for patients who either lack in their cheeks or those who have lost the volume in their mid-face. It mostly happens after losing huge amounts of weight or aging. The lost volume of cheeks can make an asymmetrical appearance which is not acceptable for some patients.
The other name for cheek sculpting is cheek filler. This loss of volume happens around the age of 25 when collagen production starts to decrease near 1% annually. When we reach our forties, collagen production comes to a majorly disappointing standstill – stopping altogether and this causes dry, sagging, dull skin.
Our mid-face area or cheeks are is one of the most affected facial areas which can show our appearance tired and sunken. The cheek sculpting procedure is about the administration of Dermal Fillers into the mid-face area in order to mimic a face full of volume and rejuvenation.
If you will have a cheek sculpting procedure, it can dramatically improve the signs of volume loss and aging. Although cheek sculpting is not an anti_aging treatment, it can improve the aging signs. These days the number of patients with younger ages about 20 who ask for cheek sculpting has increased. This treatment can be done with other cosmetic procedures in order to get all of your desired goals.

before and after cheek surgery
before and after cheek surgery

Who is a good candidate?

There are no specific prohibitions for having cheek sculpting and if you are in good general health and you are not a smoker and you don't have a history of chronic diseases you may be completely suitable for having cheek filler. Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelinesTrusted Source, you should avoid getting cheek fillers if you:
• have bleeding disorders
• are allergic to the synthetic compounds used in dermal fillers
• are pregnant or breastfeeding

What can I expect on the day of treatment?

First of all, you should be careful about choosing your doctor because having experience in this field has a big role.
For having your appointment remove all the makeup and clean cheek areas. To ensure patients that all the procedure is pain-free topical anesthesia will be applied in the cheek area.
One method which can reduce the swelling and bruising is the administration of the filler product by using a cannula. You may feel a little discomfort but it is completely normal. Local anesthesia can reduce the pain and discomfort but it's not necessary most of the time. This procedure may last about 30 minutes and this allows time for cleansing of the skin, numbing, and the treatment itself.

How soon after treatment can I expect to see results?

You can see the effectiveness of the procedures and products immediately after having the procedure. Furthermore, results actually continue to develop over the course of the month, as your own natural collagen is stimulated. Although the results of the procedures are not permanent, they are long-lasting and due to this most patients return for repeating the procedure every six to twelve months.

What are the risks and side effects?

However there are a lot of side effects and reactions following the cheeks sculpting procedure, they are generally minimal and temporary, and serious complications are very rare. You should know that degrees of swelling and bruising are normal and very possible but they should subside within a week.
Some of the side effects are:

      • redness
      • swelling
      • pain
      • bruising
      • itching
      • rash
      • infection
      • leakage of the filler through the injection site
      • nodules around the injection site, which may need to be surgically removed
      • granulomas, a type of inflammatory reaction to the filler
      • movement of the filler from one area to another
      • injury to blood vessels
      • blindness, which occurs when the filler gets injected into an artery, blocking blood flow to the eyes
      • tissue death, again due to blocked blood flow

Aftercare process following the cheeks sculpting

After having the filler injections your doctor will advise you to follow some tips for at least two weeks. These suggestions include:

      • Avoid touching or rubbing the injected areas (to ensure placement of the product is not manipulated)
      • Avoid having any facial treatments, as well as saunas (or anything involving extreme temperatures)

Your doctor will ask you to attend a review appointment 3 weeks post-procedure. At this appointment, any adjustments will be made, if necessary.

What are the benefits of cheek fillers?

What are the benefits of cheek fillers?

In comparison with other Cheek Augmentation treatments like Cheek Implants or even surgical facelifts, cheek fillers have many obvious benefits including:

    • Cheek fillers can be performed in a plastic surgeon’s office and require little or no anesthesia. (local anesthesia is necessary just for some cases in order to reduce discomfort feeling)
    • Recovery for cheek fillers is quick, and many people can go right back to work or their regular activities afterward. (you can see the results of the infection shortly after the procedure)
    • Cheek fillers last for months or years, but the result isn’t permanent, so if you change your mind about them, you aren’t stuck with the result. (the material which is used as filler is absorbable)
    • Cheek fillers carry a very low risk of serious complications or infection. (serious complications are very rare and not common)
    • Cheek fillers can be modified after insertion, meaning that you can add more filler to the injection site until you achieve your desired result.
    • Cheek fillers are less expensive than more invasive plastic surgery for making your cheeks appear more defined. (But the results are not permanent)

the cost of cheek surgery

How much do cheek fillers cost in the USA?

The cost of the procedure depends on a variety of factors like your chosen doctor, anesthesia, kind of fillers, and ...
 The most important factor is about the kind of filler as an example:

    • Hyaluronic acid. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, one syringe of hyaluronic acid filler costs on average around $682.
    • Polylactic acid. Filler options that last longer, like polylactic acid, cost more. They come in around $915 a syringe.
    • Fat grafts. Grafting fillers, which are the most permanent form of dermal fillers, are the priciest. They cost an average of $2,100 per syringe. Fat graft results last for longer times than other materials.

If you want to know more about Cheekbone Surgery and Cheek Reduction can read these articles.

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