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Everything about Cheekbone Reduction Surgery and its Recovery

2021-09-04 11:30:13

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah


You can find the answer of your questions about Cheekbone Reduction surgery here:

  1. How to have Cheekbone reduction naturally?
  2. what will I be like after cheekbone surgery?
  3. Who can be a candidate for cheekbone surgery?
  4. Preoperative evaluation and preparation.
  5. What are the risks of cheekbone surgery?
  6. What are realistic expectations of cheekbone reduction?
  7. What are Tips for recovery of this surgery?


This cosmetic procedure is done for reshaping facial bones and narrowing the face. The cheekbone is located in the anterior and lateral parts of the face. This surgery is one of the subsets of Cosmetic Cheek Surgeries. If you want to know more about this, read this article.

FRONTAL CHEEKBONE refers to the protuberance of your cheekbone from the front view. In order to move this region inbound, either your upper jaw or your cheekbone is excised to reduce the thickness. But the cheekbone is not very thick and there’s an empty space below, so shaving off the bone cannot abate the protrusion  enough to make a dramatic change in the face. Zygoma is shifted inwards to narrow the face. This cheekbone shifting is mandatory to accomplish an impressive result. 

SIDE CHEEKBONE the zygomatic arch on the side is either sternly bent or protruding. The cheekbone must be moved to curtail the curve, so the cheekbone and the zygomatic arch must be hew in the beginning. After shifting it inward, the moved bone must be tightly fixed.

In order for the hard cheekbone to make a three-dimensional shift and be positioned inward, the front and posterior region of the cheekbone must be excised. This procedure has taken into consideration both the safety and effectiveness of the surgery. In most cases, patients’ cheekbone accompanies a wide range of conditions, which requires the surgeon to combine several surgical techniques to maximize the effects. The degree to which the cheekbone looks inward can adjust the amount shift to be made through excision.

The actual surgery uses one of two techniques, as discussed above.


      • Osteotomy – This is the most difficult type of cheekbone reduction. Only a certified surgeon with specific training and significant experience in craniofacial surgery should perform this operation. Cheekbone is cut at two places and re-positioned to narrow prominence. 


      • Shaving – This method is less complicated than osteotomy, and it only removes a very small amount of bone tissue. It requires excellent judgment on the part of the surgeon. 


How to have cheek reduction naturally?

Place your fingers over each cheekbone. Gently lift the skin until taut. Open your mouth to form an elongated “O”; you should feel resistance in your cheek muscles. Hold for 5 seconds. Complete 10-15 sets. These techniques may help you a little but the results are not enough and permanent. 


What will you achieve after your surgery?

      • Your face will appear more slender and narrower 
      • Facial structures become softer
      • You can feel more confident about your appearance and confidence 
      • Cheekbone reduction is an excellent complement to procedures such as jaw contouring 


Most suitable candidates for Cheekbone surgery:

If you are having a positive outlook, realistic expectations, and specific goals in your mind for the improvement of facial appearance and how you look like it's perfect to think of having cheekbone reduction. You must be physically healthy and you should not have past serious medical conditions. If your cheekbone has prominent or it's really wide this type of operation is suggested for you.

If you are a patient who desires for slender or oval facial profile try cheekbone reduction. 


Preoperative evaluation and preparation:

    • Patients will discuss expectations and desired goals and try for creating realistic expectations 
    • Blood investigations or a medical examination for fitness of anesthesia and surgery and evaluation of general health 
    • Evaluation of medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical or surgical treatment (patient's past medical history, drug history, and allergy history)
    • Avoid certain medications or adjust your current medications( if you consume any special medication talk about it with your surgeon during your first consultation session.
    • Patients have to avoid taking aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements that may increase the chance of over bleeding (do not consume any drug without your surgeon's permission)
    • Patients should stop smoking or alcohol well in advance (2-3 weeks before the surgery)
    • Examination of the face and its soft tissues
    • Radiological assessment (CT scan of the face)
    • Preoperative assessment for general anesthesia
    • Photography for preoperative and postoperative evaluations 


The possible risks and complications involved in zygoma reduction surgery

Patients in all surgeries even cosmetic types should know that the risks and complications are very common. For patients having cheek reduction surgery, the list of complications is longer and can be more serious than with other aesthetic procedures. It's a kind of major procedure. 

    • Bleeding
    • Blood clot
    • Infection
    • Bruises and swelling around the cheek and eyes
    • Injury to the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, muscles, or bones
    • Changes in the skin sensation over the cheek (temporary)
    • Bony contour irregularity
    • Asymmetry
    • Anaesthesia risks
    • Possibility of revision surgery 


Post-Operative realistic expectations:

As it's clear it's a hard type of cosmetic surgeries and patients feel degrees of pain and discomfort during the initial healing phase following their surgery. The other common happenings are numbness, bruising, swelling, and ...around the operation areas.

First days patients have problems in opening their mouth and they experience tightness. All patients should know these happenings are common and transient. These symptoms last for three to four weeks. 

If there are any sutures on the sideburn areas or in front of external ear canals, they are usually removed about 7-10 days following the operation. Oral antibiotics and analgesics and anti-inflammatories can be prescribed to decrease the risk of infection and postoperative pain respectively. 


Postoperative tips for better healing:

Cheekbone reduction will take around six weeks to heal completely after having an operation. Patients should be very careful to not apply any pressure or avoid injury to the side of the face during this recovery period. Try to avoid blowing your nose until the cheekbone has healed completely. The following tips may help you to be recovered faster:

    • follow the postoperative instructions given carefully
    • Head elevation especially when sleeping for 3-4 weeks (sleeping position)
    • Take the prescribed medications as your surgeon's instructions 
    • Compressive dressing around cheek for 3-5 days (be careful about bandages)
    • Wound care for any external wounds
    • Regular mouth wash or gargle after every meal if there are any oral wounds
    • Soft diet for 2-3 weeks (avoid eating harsh foods)
    • Avoid strenuous physical activities for 3-4 weeks( totally physical activities are forbidden for some days)


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