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Types Of Brow Lifting Methods

2021-08-31 10:52:31

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

You can find your answers about Browlift here:

  1. What is BrowLift?
  2. What are the methods BrowLifting ?
  3. What is the Botox method?
  4. What is the Ultherapy HIFU method?
  5. What is endoscopic Brow Lift surgery?
  6. What is Gold Needle Fractional Radio Frequency method?
  7. What is the Temple lift surgery method?
  8. What is the frenchhanger method?
  9. What is the recovery time of eyebrow lift?
  10. What should the ideal Eyebrow be like?


What is Brow Lift?

Eyes and eyebrows are the most distinctive features of a person's face. Eyebrows add depth and meaning to the gaze. The eyebrow structure that falls over time can give the appearance of a tired, sad, and angry expression. The aging process, changes in weight, exposure to sun rays cause the lines in the middle of the eyebrows to become prominent and the eyebrows to fall. It is possible to have a younger appearance and a more meaningful look by intervening wrinkles in the middle of the eyebrows, lines in the forehead, and eyebrow droop with eyebrow lifting.

This surgery can be a subset of Face Lift surgeries and actions.

Eyebrow Lifting methods
Eyebrow Lifting methods

The effects of aging on the body are inevitable. With age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Wrinkles and sagging are seen in different parts of the body, especially the face. The first signs of aging are usually seen in the eyebrow and forehead areas. The sagging of the eyebrows and upper eyelids can accumulate over the eyes as time passes and reach a level that makes vision difficult. The drooping of the eyebrows, which affects the facial expression very much, can also cause a tired, nervous, or tense appearance.


What are the Eyebrow Lifting methods?

A brow lift can be performed with surgery or with methods that do not require surgical procedures, depending on the need. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages. Surgical methods include eyebrow suspension, classical eyebrow lifting, and endoscopic eyebrow lifting; Botox and ultherapy; Eyebrow Lift with Fractional Radio Frequency (Golden Needle) can be given as examples of non-surgical methods.


botox area for brow lift
botox area for brow lift

How to raise Eyebrows with Botox?

The eyebrow lift application with Botox starts by designing an eyebrow shape suitable for the person's face. The eyebrow is pulled to the position it should be on the face, making it more compatible with the face; It is aimed that the person has a softer, more vigorous, and healthy appearance. Brow lift operation with Botox is planned and applied by expert plastic surgeons with golden ratio calculations.


The operation is applied in small doses so as not to prevent the natural movement of the eyebrow and to minimize the deterioration in the muscles. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, the operation can be completed in a very short time, between 2-10 minutes. During the procedure, botulinum toxin is injected with fine-tipped needles to the predetermined points in a way that raises the eyebrow. The effect of eyebrow lifting with Botox becomes more evident a few days after the procedure. The most important advantage of the operation is that there is no scar on the face after the procedure. Although it differs from person to person, it is recommended to repeat the Botox injection process in an average of 4-6 months, 2 times a year on average, to preserve the position of the eyebrow.

 raise Eyebrows with Ultherapy

How to raise Eyebrows with Ultherapy?

Ultherapy HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the general name of a system that provides tightening and renewing the skin as much as possible with high-intensity focused ultrasound energy. Ulthera, ultra skin, doublo are some of these treatment devices. Most lasers or radiofrequency systems only work on the skin, they do not affect the deep tissues under the skin or the facial structures. Because its effects are on the skin and can only reach a depth of 1-2 mm. Therefore, as it can be understood, the effects of such applications are limited to the skin only. With Ultherapy treatment, it is possible to reach up to 4.5 mm of the skin without creating any scars on the skin. The duration of the eyebrow lift procedure with Ultherapy is 10 minutes on average.

 endoscopic Brow Lift surgery

What is endoscopic Brow Lift surgery? How is it done?

Many different methods can be applied in brow lift surgeries, but the most frequently applied and most popular method is the procedures performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without making any incisions and without leaving a trace. It can be easily applied in the operating room conditions in the hospital under general or local anesthesia supplemented with sedation. In endoscopic brow lift surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery without causing any bleeding and leaving a scar, by opening small holes from several different points in the inner parts of the scalp. It is entered under the skin through very small incisions made just below the hair. After the slight relaxation of the tissue is achieved, it is descended to the sub-brow tissue with special surgical methods and tools and is suspended by pulling upwards in the desired amount. It is normal to have swelling in the forehead area for 4-5 days after the surgery. This will return to normal in the following days. Since very small incisions are made at the entrance under the skin, there is no visible scar after the operation. The patient is discharged on the same day and returns to his daily life. Massage and rubbing that will cause pressure on the forehead area should be avoided for the first three weeks. Hard eyebrow movements should be avoided.


Thanks to this method, the formation of scars (scars) formed in the old methods are prevented, and the recovery period is much shorter with less swelling. After the operation, the use of pain reliever tablets is sufficient, and there is no disturbing pain. Stitches are removed after an average of 10 days. Since the scar of the operation will remain on the scalp, there is no problem with scarring. Compared to Botox, your eyebrows can stay in the desired position much longer, and the process does not need to be repeated at regular intervals, as is the case with Botox eyebrow lifting. In short, with the endoscopic eyebrow lift application, much more permanent results can be obtained compared to the non-surgical applications.


It is entered under the skin through very small incisions made just below the hair. After the slight relaxation of the tissue is achieved, it is descended to the sub-brow tissue with special surgical methods and tools and is suspended by pulling upwards in the desired amount. It is normal to have swelling in the forehead area for 4-5 days after the surgery. This will return to normal in the following days. Since very small incisions are made at the entrance under the skin, there is no visible scar after the operation. The patient is discharged on the same day and returns to his daily life. Massage and rubbing that will cause pressure on the forehead area should be avoided for the first three weeks. Hard eyebrow movements should be avoided.

 Lift with Fractional Radio Frequency (Golden Needle)

What is Eyebrow Lift with Fractional Radio Frequency (Golden Needle)? How is it done?

Another method used in eyebrow lifting is a fractional radio frequency gold needle. A non-surgical eyebrow lift is performed using the gold-needle head of radiofrequency technology. It increases collagen and elastin in the eyebrow area. Microneedles enter the required areas in the eyebrow area at a sufficient depth. In this application, which is performed under the skin, no damage is done to the skin. Session intervals of the transaction may vary. While a single session may be sufficient, it may be required in the 2nd and 3rd sessions.

 classical Brow Lift surgery or temple lift surgery

What is a classical Brow Lift surgery? How is it done?

Another name for classical brow lift surgery is Temple lift surgery. The operation is performed by removing the scalp from the temple of the individual and stretching this area. The biggest disadvantage of this operation is that the long suture lines made into the scalp expand over time, creating bald islands. Considering the possibility that the scalp will lose its elasticity over time, the permanence of the classical eyebrow lift operation may not last as long as desired.

 frenchhanger method

What is the frenchhanger method? How is it done?

Eyebrow Lift with French Strap is a skin stretching technique. As the name suggests, this technique, which was developed in France, is applied as an alternative to surgical skin stretching operations. For this reason, it is also called non-surgical face or skin lift treatment.

In the French Strap process, flexible yarns with polyester inside and silicone feature are used. These threads lift the sagging and loosening skin tissue by making a lifting effect in the areas where they are placed. In addition, since they have a biologically compatible structure with the human body, they have the ability to stay under the skin for years without causing any complications.


What is the recovery period after Brow Lift surgery?

After brow lift or forehead lift surgery, tape and dressing are applied around your eyebrows and on your forehead. During this period, you can help the edema go down faster than normal by applying a cold compress to your forehead. In the postoperative period, swelling may occur on your forehead, and these swellings are quite normal. However, bruising is not very common. In case of bruising, it is recommended to contact your doctor. On the third day after the operation, it is possible to wash the hair carefully, without damaging it too much. Stitches are removed on the seventh day after surgery. Patients usually feel better at the end of the first week after surgery, with the disappearance of mild swelling on their foreheads. You may experience difficulty in moving your eyebrows and forehead, and numbness on your forehead for a temporary period after the surgery. All these are expected in the normal healing process of the surgery. If you experience an unexpected situation during the recovery period after brow lift surgery, you should contact your specialist doctor immediately. If you want to know more about What to do and what not to do before and after Eyebrow Lifting you can read this article.


What should the ideal Eyebrow be like?

Of course, everyone has an eyebrow shape suitable for their face shape and appearance, but it is also possible to talk about the concept of "ideal eyebrow" based on general tastes. There are ideal eyebrows according to face types. Suitable for most faces, the first two-thirds of the brow is up, the outer one-third is slightly downward, and the inner starting point is lower than the outer endpoint. It is recommended that people with round faces have sharp-angled eyebrows, those with oval faces should have slightly angled eyebrows, people with long faces should have straight eyebrows, and people with square or angular faces should have arc-shaped eyebrows. The length of the eyebrow is as important as the type of eyebrow. One of the well-known misconceptions is that the higher the eyebrow, the better it will look. It is recommended that you choose the most suitable method for eyebrow lifting together with your specialist doctor and follow your doctor's recommendations during the application process.


If the outer part of our eyebrows is too low, this gives the whole face a tired, even sad expression. This lowness leads to the appearance of gathering and accumulation in the corners of the eye, and therefore the appearance of excess skin on the upper eyelids.

This eyebrow drooping problem can also occur in young people, due to the different ages of everyone, the difference in male or female gender, and the differences in our genetic makeup. A forehead lift can eliminate this problem. It allows us to bring a younger and desired eyebrow shape and position

Our team at Ermateb is in associating with experienced surgeons that will rejuvenate you and bring back your youthful, fresh appearance to the upper face. Ermateb surgeons by using the best materials in high technological hospitals will generate the most natural beauty for you.

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