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facelift surgery procedure and costs

2021-07-03 10:38:07

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

What is a facelift?

Aging causes damaging skin elasticity and this causes sagging and wrinkles. Facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery that lifts and tightens the aged facial tissues.
You can choose to lift your eyebrows or your eyes at the same time. A facelift removes excess skin and smooths the folds and wrinkles. Most surgeons focus on the bottom of the face and neck.
Although patients have different goals for having facelift surgeries, the most common reason is to help disguise signs of aging.

Who are the best candidates for having facelift surgeries?
• healthy patients who don’t have medical conditions that can interfere with wound healing or recovery from surgery
• Individuals who don’t smoke or misuse substances
• Volunteers who have realistic expectations of what the surgery entails

With three methods a plastic surgeon may help you :
• smoothing out creases
• removing excess skin ( causing “jowls”)
• lifting and tightening the facial skin tissue

The procedure of a facelift:

Facelifts methods vary depending on patients' desired results. The routine procedure includes making an incision in the hairline near the temples. This incision goes in front of the ears, down in front of and hugging the earlobe, then back to the lower scalp behind the ears.
Excess parts like fat and extra skin will be removed or redistributed from the face. Muscles and connective tissue may be tightened or redistributed. Patients may have minimal sagging and in this case, the surgeon decides to do a mini facelift with a very small incision.
The neck lift is done exactly in this way. The excess skin of the neck will be pulled up and back with a short incision under the chin.
For closing incision areas plastic surgeons will need to use skin glue or dissolvable sutures, but in some cases, patients should return to their doctor to have stitches removed. The incisions are not clear they will be blend with your hairline or facial structures. You’ll often have a surgical drainage tube after surgery as well as bandages wrapping your face.

risks and side effects of a facelift :
• anesthesia risks
• bleeding
• infection
• cardiac events
• blood clots
• pain or scarring
• hair loss at the incision sites
• prolonged swelling
• problems with wound healing

Preparing for a facelift 

Preparing for a facelift is similar to preparing for surgery of any other kind. Before the surgery, your doctor will ask for blood work or a presurgical evaluation. They may ask you to stop taking certain medications or adjust the dosage before the procedure.

the doctor might suggest you :
• Stop smoking.
• Discontinue the use of aspirin, anti-inflammatory pain relievers, and any herbal supplements to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising.
• Apply specific products to your face before the procedure.

What to expect after a facelift :
The surgeon will prescribe pain medication after the surgery and, normally, the patient may have some pain and discomfort especially during swelling and bruising.
Depending on the decision of the surgeon patients should have follow-up appointments. Health care provider gives you instructions on when to remove any dressings or drains.
Feeling normal and seeing the success of the procedure takes several months after the operation.

The results of a facelift aren’t guaranteed. You might not get your desired results from one surgery. Sometimes a subsequent surgery is necessary. It’s exactly like other types of surgeries and it has a good chance to not be successful.

How much does a facelift cost?
The average cost of a facelift surgery was $7,448 in 2017, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This price doesn’t include hospital or surgical center costs, anesthesia, or related expenses, so the final cost may be much higher. The cost of facelift surgeries in European countries is somehow the same as in America.

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