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Why Ermateb

2021-05-05 13:42:06

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

In these days that the Internet audience are faced with a large amount of information, they are always concerned about this issue that is the information or the need for which they went to Google really what they wanted and will they finally find their needs by studying or reviewing different sites or not!
The field of health is one of the most important needs of the Internet visitors because this field is different from other existing fields. The most important difference in health field activities is due to the high sensitivity of activities in this field because no mistakes should be made.


What questions you may ask?

 People who are looking for information about medical issues always have concerns, which the most important of them can be:

   •  How much quality can the services provide?
   •  How much cost they are going to pay?
   •  Will they achieve their full health!?
   •  Which services are the best?


Ermateb Group

Now, with an overview of the above conditions, Ermateb Group with an extensive capacity and a professional team intends to provide medical services in different countries worldwide:

   •  Iran
   •  Turkey
   •  Germany
   •  The United State (USA)
   •  United Arab Emirates
   •  Sweden
   •  poland

For people in other countries, as in most areas of treatment and medicine, including cosmetic surgery, Iran is among the developed and superior countries. And this can be an opportunity for the connection between medical and tourism services in the country. That means that patients who enter the country can not only meet their medical needs, but also experience tourism through Ermateb suppliers.
Patients who trust Ermateb Group with their health won’t regret it because our great medical team always provides an incomparable care. We help you meet your pre-procedure and post-procedure needs easily. It will be easy because we have years of experience and service, also the satisfaction of our past patients is a strong evidence of our ability in providing beauty and medical services.


Ermateb representations all over the world

We have medical representatives in:

     United Arab Emirates

We are proud to say that Ermateb Team is providing medical services for victims of Russia-Ukraine War who are badly injured or hurt. As humans this is our duty to help people in war and as doctors we must do no harm and or injustice to them, according to Hippocratic Oath.


Ermateb’s goals

Also in this section (About Ermateb) we have mentioned the main goals of Ermateb Medical Tourism Company. Ermateb has announced its presence in this market (medical tourism) by forming a thinking room and having step-by-step strategies, as well as explaining its mission statement. Therefore, for patients from different parts of the world who want to benefit from the medical services of Iran’s physicians, Ermateb as the main trustee of this service, will accompany them from the beginning to the end, and by introducing the best physicians in each field, tries to eliminate the main patients' concerns which is returning their health.
the goals include:

     Our aim is to create a specialized brand at the international level
     Focus on quality as a fundamental value
     Presence, cooperation and permanent support
     Sustainability and responsibility for services
     Simplicity and ease of reaching us


We help patients choose their medical center

One of the most important competitive advantages of Ermateb is the introduction of specialized medical centers to patients, which will be applied by experts in this field. As the patients who intend to be in Iran for medical treatments or cosmetic services do not have enough knowledge of skilled internal physicians, they try to eliminate this shortcoming and lack of sufficient information.
Ermateb, with a comprehensive database of physicians and surgeons of medical centers across the country and by evaluating the patient's current condition, introduces the best and most appropriate option to the patient.

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