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A deeper view at nursing services at home

2021-09-05 14:31:52

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah


What are the services?

Our professional staff can help you with custodial care at the comfort of your house. Custodial care is a non-medical care that supports people with daily living, including different types of nursing services like bathing, getting dressed, and eating as well as skilled care. Aged care services also include medical monitoring and treatments. Some other home nursing care services include:

      • Wound care and ostomy care
      • childcare
      • injections
      • frequently checking your vital signs  
      • Chronic disease management
      • Mental health
      • Diet care

The difference between clinical services and nursing services: Clinical Services means services such as screening, assessment, placement, treatment planning, counseling, and case management whereas nursing services are performing physical exams, acquiring medical/health histories, providing patients with health promotion, counseling, and education, wound care, and other health interventions.

Why should the elderly consider nursing homes? 

Whether an elderly member of your family needs special care having to deal with a worsening chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or you need a private nurse to take care of your children, considering nursing services at home is not an easy decision. Emotions such as doubt, fear, and distrust are normal. But by working through your financial, and medical options, you and your family can make an informed and logical decision.

Checking vital signs regularly and wound care at home:

Looking for Wound care like bandaging or injection from trained nursing assistance? If you have diabetes checking your Glucose and blood pressure and other vital signs is a necessity! Ermateb nursing services by the best quality staff provide the best of medical care to you and your family members in your home.

 How to distinguish a nanny from a babysitter?

A nanny is usually hired to stay or live with a family for a long-term period of time to take care of babies or small children. Occasionally, a nanny will also help with household duties. Nannies work daytime and overnight shifts and stay with a family for usually more than 6 months up to a few years. Parents that have to go back to work full-time, or they may have to leave their house for a while often use the services of a nanny.  A babysitter is hired for a temporary or short amount of time to take care of babies or children while parents are unavailable.

What do babysitters do and how much should they be paid?

The average hourly pay for a babysitter is 16$ for one kid and 20$ for two kids. Babysitters usually pick the kids up from school, they arrange meals that have been already cooked in the fridge. They keep the children entertained. They often play games inside and take children outdoors to keep them active while parents are away. It may seem easy to entertain a kid by setting them in front of the TV or computer screen. A good babysitter, though, will engage the child in other activities. A good babysitter will learn the parent’s house rules about playtime. Ask if their kid can go to a playground, what their favorite toys are, and which games and electronics are off-limits, and then plan out which activities are best to keep their child active and having fun.

Good communication between the family and the babysitter is the most important key to a long-term employment relationship.

It is important to set the rules before you hire a babysitter. First, you need to let your expectations be known at the beginning and in writing. An employment agreement is vital in setting up expectations for both parties. With agreed-upon guidelines for job duties, hours, pay, holidays, sick days, and more, in this way the possibility of miscommunications is minimized. It is important to lay a good foundation to get on the same page with your nanny from the start, but don’t be afraid to restart things if communication needs improvement. Your nanny will be playing an important role in your family so a good working relationship and communication skills lead to a true partnership in raising the children.

Nursing services at homes in Iran and coping with the covid-19 pandemic:

COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people around the world and has posed serious challenges to the world's health systems. The fatality of disease is directly related to old age and chronic diseases, so that the highest number of deaths has been reported over 65 years in people with chronic diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery, and Cerebrovascular diseases. According to the United Nations World Population Age 2019, Iran has 5,272,000 people over the age of 65, of which approximately 15,000 of them need a caretaker. But there’s a solution to this problem. Our nurses reduce the possibility of infection by following necessary health protocols, and other strict rules it is possible to diminish covid-19 infections and the death occurs.

If you need a private nurse home visit with the highest level of residential care for the elderly, children, or individuals with any sort of disability, we are here for you. Our staff will visit you at your home and perform a detailed care plan to meet your needs or your loved ones.

With the Medical tourism Ermateb home nursing care services you will be assured that your well-being is never jeopardized. We follow all guidelines in the medical profession to bring you the most sympathetic and cautious care at home. Nursing services at home also give an opportunity to patients to recover among their family members and to rehabilitate back to health at their comfortable house.

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