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8 Best places for medical tourism

2021-07-27 10:00:39

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

The time that people travel for medical treatment goals shows that why medical tourism is important. In the past medical tourists just traveled from less_developed countries to major medical centers (mostly treatments were unavailable in their hometown). Nowadays patient's goals have changed and they prefer traveling to developed countries which provide lower prices. We can say the patient's goals vary depending on their opinion, sometimes the cost is important, and sometimes it's because of unavailable or non-licensed medical services in the home country, for example, patients with rare diseases prefer having treatments in countries where procedures are better understood.

why medical tourism
Medical travels are mostly done for surgeries (cosmetic or otherwise) or similar treatments.
Although it's beneficial to have major procedures in other developed countries almost all types of health care are available, including psychiatry, alternative medicine, convalescent care, and even burial services.
Medical tourists prefer high-quality offers and affordable healthcare perked up by a beautiful travel experience.
We tried to introduce some of the top countries that are mostly preferred by medical tourists.

In the 2020 edition of the medical tourism index, Canada got the first rank and this wasn't surprising because the second-largest country in the world provides healthcare services that absorb more than 14 million Americans each year.
The offers were perfect because patients didn't have a long wait for a visa and the costs of procedures were very affordable.
Canda also offers highly specialized medical treatments and top-of-the-line healthcare facilities.
In the medical tourism index, Singapore had second-ranked for the quality of healthcare facilities and services in the country. After 2019 about 500000 patients traveled to Singapore for medical offers which are affordable.
Singapore has a medical travel agency which is called IPSCs (International Patient Service Centers) and mediates between international patients and Singaporean healthcare providers.
The best hospital in Singapore for medical tourists is
Gleneagles provides excellent medical services with state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained specialists.

medical tourism places
Japan has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Japan's medical services are combinations of technology and medicine. The majority of medical tourists come from mainland China. Data shows that the number of visas for medical goals was 70 in 2011 but in recent years it has increased to 2000 annually.
During these years Japan got one of the best rankings in cancer treatment.
According to the country’s Foreign Ministry, the number of medical visas issued to international patients jumped from 70 in 2011 to 1,650 in 2018, with medical visitors attracted to the country’s top-line cancer treatment centers and expertise in cosmetic surgery. In comparison with the USA, treatments in Japan are very cheaper and patients can save 70% of their money.
4. Spain
Spain is one of the most visited tourist destinations, annually tens of millions of tourists. In MTI, Spain is ranked high as the choice of European patients because it provides excellent healthcare services for foreigners and makes a beautiful travel experience for them.
Patients come to Spain from the Middle East, North Africa, and the British isles, many of who visit the country for advanced orthopedic, cosmetic, and dental procedures.
Patients prefer Spain rather than the US and UK because of the available high-quality services which are affordable. As an example, a cosmetic procedure like a facelift costs about $15000 in the US but in Spain is cheaper (average of $5000).
Dubai is a perfect country for tourists because of its ultra-modern architecture like high buildings and luxury shopping centers. These features absorb more than 10 million tourists annually. The medical tourism index ranked Dubai the best country for providing medical services in Arab regions cause they provide world-class hospitals and international doctors across several specialties. The medical tourists are mainly from Asia and Gulf countries and sometimes from African nations. Dubai launched the Dubai Health Experience (DHX) in2018 after providing the best healthcare facilities.
India has the first rank in the medical tourism dimension of the MTI.
India is mostly visited for its healthcare services. It's very easy to get an India visa and then you can stay there for 60 days with your medical Visa policy. India's healthcare service gives access to its network of healthcare facilities and a list of medical services available in the country.
This makes it possible for patients to schedule their appointments with healthcare providers and even book for other procedures and services including accommodation and recreational activities before their arrival.
If you want to know more about medical tourism in Iran you can read this article.

 Medical tourism involves a series of risks and dangers that patients in their home country are usually less exposed to:

      • Countries like India, South Africa, or Taiwan have many people with epidemics such as hepatitis, malaria, typhoid, or influenza. Despite the observance of standards by physicians, being in such environments increases the possibility of contracting these diseases.
      • Determining the quality of a doctor's work is also a problem in itself. The doctor may not have enough knowledge and in case of any problem, legal prosecution in a foreign country will not be easy therefore tourists need to consider all aspects as well.
      • If for some reason, the patient's condition worsens during treatment and the doctor decides it takes longer, the costs may be several times higher than expected.

Having a family member or friend with you is also important. If for any reason something needs to be done, it will be less difficult for the patient if he has a companion. Of course, having a companion means double the cost of flights, hotel, and etc. The quality of medical tourism services varies from country to country, which may not be what people expect.

Also, if the patient intends to return to his country after surgery, there is a possibility of complications during long air trips. According to research conducted in Norway, the worst part of medical tourism is the patient's pain and problems when he returns home.

Another problem of medical tourism is the illegal sale and purchase of organs, which is very common in populous countries such as India and China and has its own problems.

7.South Korea

South Korea is one of the most advanced and technological countries in the world. In South Korea, patients receive high-tech health services from trained staff.

Wooridul Spine Hospital in Seoul ranks first in the country in the field of invasive spinal surgeries and performs more than 20,000 of these procedures annually. The hospital offers large rooms, personal computers, and two beds for each patient.

Another reason to be attracted to South Koreas’ medical tourism is the insurance coverage offered to medical tourists. Insurance covers injury, stress disorders, and the death of the patient as a result of the method or treatment received. South Korea is cutting treatment costs by 30 to 45 percent compared to spending in the United States.


The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that Brazil has the best health care in Latin America. Brazil has 43 prestigious JCI hospitals and has world-renowned surgeons.


Brazil is the medical center for cosmetic and plastic surgery, the third most visited country for the US and Chinese citizens, for patients in need of these procedures. Brazil offers affordable cosmetic and plastic surgery services that attract more and more health travelers to the country. Health travelers from the United States save at least 20 to 30 percent on their medical expenses by receiving medical services in Brazil.

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