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Medical Tourism In Iran The land of Memories

2021-04-17 10:44:05

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Medical tourism at a glance

Medical tourism is a tourism mode which the purpose of the trip is to undergo treatment processes to improve people's health or aesthetics, either by preventive or corrective means;

 The main reasons for the trip are 

  • its low cost, 
  • the possibility of not depending on waiting lists [speed of response] as long as the health services are accredited and 
  • their quality is equal or higher than the patients’ origin countries

Patients from around the world consume it. 

As a result of this conceptualization, it can be concluded that its origin comes from the following two elements:


Tourism: Action of traveling, moving to a specific destination, preferably attractive.

Medicine: Reason for the trip, whose objective is related to your health or aesthetics, preferably with quality certifications and accreditations.


This interrelation between tourism and medicine has been a continuous process for several decades as a result of various socioeconomic changes that have allowed a considerable boom. For its part, Deloitte (2009) categorizes this travel and medicine equation into three modalities within which medical tourism can be developed:


Outbound: Patients from a specific country who travel to another for medical care.

Inbound: Foreign patients entering another specific country for medical care.

Internal: Patients who travel internally within their own country for medical care.

How Can You Trust the Hospital and the Doctor?

Foreign hospitals can receive medical care from the Joint Commission International, or JCI, which is a non-profit organization based in the United States. Their stated mission is "to continually improve the safety and quality of care by providing educational and advisory services, and internationally recognized accreditation and certification processes throughout the international community." JCI recognizes health organizations across the world.

Accreditation standards guarantee patients post-discharge follow up and the hospital’s responsibility about the patient in case of maltreating.

These hospitals and clinics, laboratories, long-term care facilities, primary care, fertility treatment, home care, and medical transport with high average points in JCI by Ermateb Institute are available to you.

Ermateb introduces hospitals to you by considering all the following items

  •  Patient-centered standards  
  •  International Patient Safety 
  • Anesthesia and Surgical Care
  • Assessment of Patients
  • Care of patients


There are many incentives for hospitals with high outcomes of accreditation efforts, similar financial rewards, reporting results in public to attract and general bonus to attract more patients.

Also, there is a significant difference between public and private hospitals in attracting medical tourists according to Joint Commission International. Here you can see some health care organization management standards


·        Prevention and Control of Infections

·        Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

·        Staff Qualifications and Education

·        Health Care Organization Management Standards



Many countries have launched their national accreditation system. Some middle and in-law countries have their national accreditation standards in accordance with:

·        The social and economic status of their country

·        Local circumstances

·        Local principles and culture

·        Information and technology

·        National laws and regulations

·        Infrastructures

Encouraging hospitals to modify themselves with special standards will change the medical tourism industry.

In IRAN Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) is responsible to define rules and definite standards for hospitals that are called “Accreditation Standards for Hospitals”. It was included from JCI’s standards and delivered to medical science universities. Independence inspectors with high levels of standards are responsible for the accreditation process in all of the world.

In Tehran, universities that contribute to hospitals would be accredited by inspectors of these universities. In India, Indonesia and Malaysia independent organizations have the duty of accrediting, Ghana, Nigeria, and the Philippines are part of the National Health Insurance program, Mali and Vietnam are similar to Iran. Documentation is very important in this system. Nurses are responsible for gathering information and documentation.

How encourage the hospitals to reach high JCI?

There are many incentives for hospitals with high outcomes of accreditation efforts, similar financial rewards, reporting results in public to attract and general bonus to attract more patients.

You can tell us in which field you would like your hospital to provide stronger services and Ermateb will introduce you to any hospital that has a better performance in that field

The public and private hospitals that were rated first degree in national hospitals’ assessment and were also active in the field of medical tourism chose as Ermateb choices.

Our experts at Ermateb will help you experience the best and most memorable journey of your life with high health and vitality in this memorable land.

Please step into the land of memories! The Iranian people are known for their hospitality

 Contact us with Info@ermateb.com  for unforgettable memories.

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Medical Tourism in Iran

With the discovery of foreign patients who were seeking treatment in Iran and whose responsibility was to enter Iran with the tourism class and their treatment in the field of health, the situation was a little different and the two realms of Tourism and Health gradually became more familiar with each other and more interaction.

Ermateb and Ermatour are at your disposal to provide you with the best amenities and facilities.

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