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The Main Services Of Ermatab Medical Tourism

2021-05-22 09:46:30

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

The tourism industry has a wide range and one of the most important parts of this industry refers to health tourism. 

This new segment of invisible experts is in fact the intersection of two very profitable industries of the present century, health and tourism. Any trip aimed at promoting health is in this category. It includes a wide range of Medical services but mostly including dental treatments, plastic surgeries, elective surgeries and Infertility treatments.


There are three main types of Medical Tourism :

1. Domestic medical tourism is the time that tourist travels to another city of his own country.

2. Inbound medical tourism refers to tourists who travel to a host country to get medical help.

3. Outbound medical tourism is about person that leaves the country of their origin to another country. 


Now days there are several countries in the field of health tourism, including the following countries which made Asia a superpower pole in this industry:

India : mainly for patients in need of cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai provide a wide selection of quality private hospitals specializing in an array of surgeries that cost tens of thousands dollars less than other countries.


Singapore: this country healthcare system ranks sixth in the world according to world health organization. Singapore boasts a laundry list of specialties including cardiology, hematology, oncology, neurology, stem cell therapy, and orthopedics. And the top point is the legal stem cell therapies which is very rare in all over the world.


South Korea: patients travelling mostly for cosmetic and transplant surgeries and in fact many South Korean hospitals consider electronic health records and fully digitized equipment standard.

Iran: annually thousands of people travel to Iran for any kinds of medical services.  However, they can utilize treatments with the highest quality , there’s no need to pay expensive bills. In Iran treatments are done by eminent physicians who have the best prestigious degrees in the world.


Medical tourism has an ancient historical background dating back to 400 years BC, the Sumerian period. They utilized hot springs as health tourism complexes. 

The other pole of medical tourism was Ancient Greece and large number of people had been travelling for centuries in the name of health.

Iran has always been one of the irreplaceable powers of medical science. The Health tourism in Iran began during the time of the great Iranian scientist Avicenna. He used to treat various diseases by utilizing hot springs, nature and spiritual sanatoriums.

These days treatment in spiritual sanatoriums are called Nature therapy. Iran is named as four seasons country, and it makes this country very suitable for nature therapy tourism. 

In Iran, we mostly have two types of medical tourists : some are from neighbour countries like Turkey, Oman, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Iraq who are usually seeking life-saving treatments and cosmetic surgeries such as open-heart surgeries, infertility treatments, spinal cord surgeries, ophthalmology, organ transplants and so on.

The other group refers to travellers from more developed countries who are mainly looking for cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, gastric sleeves, ....

The key point of choosing Iran among others countries is existence of skilled surgeons who have high experience in different fields. 

The other point is about low costs of these treatments. Years of sanctions resulting the low value of Iran's currency compared to the dollar and euro. As an example, a Rhinoplasty in Iran is more than ninety percent cheaper than this surgery in U.S.A.

You can have rhinoplasty package with a high quality in Tehran with $2000 to $3000.

Some ask about international health insurances, and they don’t know if they cover medical tourism costs. Insurances mostly provide domestic health plans and won’t cover prescriptions abroad.


 One of the main concerns of travellers is lack of awareness and familiarity with equipped medical centres, skilled specialists, good accommodations and ....

Unfortunately these informations are not available in online travel booking websites. But good news is   existence of professional centres that offer the best choices to travellers according to their needs and amount of money they prefer to spend. 

One of the most experienced centres is Ermateb which provides everything a medical tourist needs in any field.

Tourists can trust Ermateb with no concerns and enjoy their high qualified treatment experience.

Ermateb group have gained valuable experiences in providing medical services to patients from foreign regions in both treatments and cosmetic categories.

There's a list of highly demanded treatments in various fields.

Orthopaedics :

·       Hip replacement

·       Fusion spine surgery

·       Knee surgery

·       Shoulder surgery

·       Lumbar disc surgery

·       Plantar fasciitis surgery


Infertility services:

·       Extraction of sperm from the epididymis

·       subcutaneously

·       Intrauterine fertilization

·       Uterus surrogacy

·       In vitro fertilization (IVF) + Egg donation +

·       Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)



·       Breast Cancer

·       Skin Cancer

·       Prostate Cancer

·       Oral cancer

·       Cervical Cancer

·       Blood Cancer



·       Dental implant

·       Dental laminate

·       Dental composite



·       Kidney

·       Liver

·       Heart

·       Lung

·       Bone marrow

·       Children's bone marrow

·       Autologous lymphoma stem

·       cell transplantation


General surgeries :

·       Bladder and kidney stone breakdown through the urethra

·       Hernia repair surgery

·       Thyroid removal (Thyroidectomy)

·       Appendectomy

·       Hemorrhoid or anal fissure surgery


Cosmetic Services:

·       Gastric sleeve surgery

·       Gastric bypass surgery

·       Abdominoplasty

·       Liposuction

·       Body sculpture surgery

·       Face lift

·       Thigh lift

·       Hip lift surgery (buttock lift)

·       Labiaplasty

·       Vaginoplasty

·       Ear repair surgery

·       Nose plastic surgery

·       Hair transplantation

·       Eyebrow transplantation

·       Eyelash extensions

·       and ...


And many other services in fields of cardiovascular, Psychiatric diseases, Skin diseases, blood diseases, Ear nose and throat diseases and ...


In Ermateb group we just think about providing best services according to whatever our patients need.

If you want to use health tourism one of the best options is Ermateb which makes a journey with peace of mind for you.

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