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Bruising after rhinoplasty; reasons and how to reduce the bruises

2023-07-30 15:15:52

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

It is really common to have bruising after rhinoplasty. However, we should know why the bruising occurs, how long it takes to fade away, and treatment recommendations.
After the nose surgery, people are willing to see the changes in their noses, including their shape and size. But here, there is an important fact. We can not see the actual nose until our bruising currents are away, and this can take really long! Sometimes it can last up to several months.
We talked about the Nose job in Iran in our previous article. we said you can benefit from having a rhinoplasty in Iran with the best surgeons in the world and the good services you will get. Ermateb will help you to know all about cosmetic nose operations in Iran.
Bruising, however, can appear in a variety of spots. For example, around the nose and under the eyes, on the bridge and tip of the nose, areas near the blood vessels, and near the nostrils. At first, the bruises were swollen and red. They can be caused by swelling from surgery or direct trauma to the skin.
In the next paragraphs, we provide you with the most important information and all you need to know about bruises after cosmetic nose operation, postoperative and preoperative surgery, common questions that may pop into your head, and a conclusion at the end of the article.

Bruising reasons after rhinoplasty

Bruising reasons after rhinoplasty
Let’s start with the reasons. Why does bruising after nose surgery occur? Is it normal to have such bruises?
It is kind of unusual for patients not to experience bruising in the days after a cosmetic operation. We can say the most important reason for bruising after rhinoplasty is the procedure. This is because of the surgical spot that is so close to the blood vessels. During cosmetic surgery, blood vessels that are in and around the cheeks, nose, and eyes get damaged. A purple or blue color appears when blood gets trapped under the skin. Rhinoplasty patients who have considerable bruises should see their surgeon for treatment.
Several factors may cause the vastness of bruising post-nose job. Some of them are:
1. your genetics and age
2. The experience of a surgeon
3. The techniques that the surgeon performed for you
4. The vastness of your surgery
5. The blood thinners
6. Smoking
7. bleeding during the operation or too much pressure.
8. operation procedure (open, closed)

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For some individuals, it is not easy to endure the side effects of rhinoplasty. Some people experience slight effects. So, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to handle.  On the other hand, these effects can be so much more for some other people. They find it so difficult to deal with the pain they have. Therefore, the pain that individuals must endure may be different from each other.

The common side effects after rhinoplasty

The common side effects after rhinoplasty
Side effects of nose surgery that patients experience may be very different from person to person. You can experience some of the effects and not the rest of it.  Bruising around the eyes or nose is one of the side effects of plastic nose operation. Almost everyone will experience bruises around the eyes and around their nose.
Moderate pain and discomfort, mild swelling, low nasal bleeding, and numbness around the upper lip or nose are the other side effects of the operation. It depends on your body whether you experience high effects or low effects.
To get more information, you can read our other article on Nose job side effects and be aware of what you should expect after the nose operation.

Treatment recommendations for bruising after rhinoplasty

Operative bruising should begin to fade away in 7 to 10 days. There are some tips you can do to make it better. Ice packs for the eye site or to the cheek are suitable for 2 – 3 days after nose surgery. You can use cold compresses to reduce swelling and heal the bruising more quickly. Be careful! You shouldn’t put the compresses or ice packs directly on the nose.
For the postoperative period, using liquids, such as pineapple, is recommended because it contains bromelain and anti-inflammatory properties.
Don’t put any pressure on your nose as much as you can. It includes heavy lifting. Do not use facial muscles for too long.
Anaheal is the most popular pill for reducing bruising after rhinoplasty.  Most doctors and surgeons recommend using this pill.
Do not lower your head.
The more you rest after the Nose job, the more you speed up the process of healing.
During rhinoplasty recovery, patients should reduce their sodium intake, because it causes the body to retain fluid.
Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for 4 to 6 weeks, due to keeping bruising and swelling to a minimum.

How long does bruising last after a nose job?

How long does bruising last after a nose job?
Three days after the nose surgery, the body tries to repair itself, and the healing bruises will appear after several days.
As you may know, the healing process of bruising takes time. We cannot set an exact timeline for the healing of bruising, but here are some exceptions after the operation:
In the first days of recovery, your face begins to get bruised and red. This bruising will be completed the next day. After that, one or two days later, the discoloration will be dark, purple, blue, or black. Bruises usually remain dark for some days.
After five days, you can see that the bruising is fading away and getting lightened in color.
After one week of the surgery, the bruises will begin to fade from a green color to a yellowish-brown. As the body heals, bruising continues to fade.
When two to three weeks have passed from the nose operation, you find out that the bruising is completely gone. Of course, we should mention that mild bruising fades sooner than the big ones.
To summarize this section, we can generally say that a timeline for nose surgery bruising can take around two weeks. However, this timeline depends on many elements, including the intensity of the bruising and your body.

Follow Post-Operative Instructions after rhinoplasty

Follow Post-Operative Instructions after rhinoplasty
The post-operative instructions that your doctor presents to you may be different from the advice that we are going to offer you. Make sure you adhere to your doctor’s post-operative instructions. However, here are our instructions:
Altitude: keep your head up to reduce blood flow. Sleep on your back while your head is elevated using pillows. Do this for at least the first 4 nights.

Avoid laughing and talking too much

Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking: if you are a smoker, try to reduce your smoking because it decreases blood flow to the area that stretches out the healing process. Alcohol relaxes and opens blood vessels. Therefore, too much can lead to raised bruising.

Avoid wearing sunglasses

you may want to cover your black eyes by wearing sunglasses when you go out. But wearing glasses puts more pressure on your nose and even on the cheeks. They can cause movement of the bones or indentations. So, we recommend not using any glasses at all.

Using bruise-reducing creams

creams that contain vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin K, are effective in decreasing the appearance of small and extended bruises.

Using Hirudoid and Lasonil creams.

It is better to relax for at least one week after the cosmetic surgery.
After you use the cold compresses, then it is time to use hot compresses to increase Circulatory.
When you cough or sneeze, open your mouth: closing your mouth when you cough or sneeze can cause high pressure in the nose. This can lead to bleeding.
Avoid high amounts of Vitamin E, Ginko, fish oil, and ginseng by avoiding direct sunlight. they can all cause bleeding. You should also stop using any multivitamins, herbs, or teas that contain these ingredients.

preoperative care to reduce the amount of bruising caused by cosmetic operation:

1.    choose a professional surgeon; the more a surgeon is professional, the less bruising after a nose job will occur. They perform the correct techniques and minimize the damage to your nose, which reduces the bruises.
2.    avoid medications that thin the blood, like ibuprofen or aspirin
3.    avoid alcohol and smoking
4.    don’t wear makeup before the surgery.

When should I see my surgeon after rhinoplasty?

We mentioned that it will take at least two weeks for the bruising to get healed. However, sometimes bruising is an indication of something wrong!
If you have experienced the following, call your doctor to get advice:
1.    if bruising continues to get worse after the first week of surgery
2.    if swelling gets lumpy
3.    if you see blood in your stool or urine
4.    if you have dizziness or nausea
5.    High pain around the eyes

Most of the time, you shouldn’t get worried about bruising after rhinoplasty. It is something normal and a healthy sign that your body is trying to do the process of healing.

In this article, we explained the reasons for bruising after rhinoplasty, side effects, treatment recommendations, bruising timeline, and instructions including preoperative and postoperative. You should not get worried by seeing the picture of your face after cosmetic surgery. If you have any questions or want to know more about Nose surgery, use Ermateb’s services and information.

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