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Most Important Tips For Cleaning Nose After Nose Nob Surgery

2023-06-29 19:30:25

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Many people who undergo rhinoplasty are concerned about post-operative and recovery after rhinoplasty and it is normal. They want to know simple things that they do before, and how is it done now. One of the most important questions is, how to clean the nose after rhinoplasty? In this article, we provided information and facts that you should know before doing a nose job.

Between surgeries rhinoplasty or nose job has high risk and complications. But these complications with following guidelines change to simple issues that should be done with caution.

Why is it important to clean the nose after rhinoplasty?

Why is it important to clean the nose after rhinoplasty?

Clean nose after nose job is one of the most essential cares. doing that  is important for the following  points

        discharge and clotting in nasal cavities

        reduce pain and swelling

        remain nose moisty

        increase airflow

        remove the bad smell in the nose and mouth

        preventing inflammation and blood clots

 because of all the mentioned points that help you feel better after rhinoplasty, try cleaning your nose twice a day.

Clean nose after nose surgery in a different way

Clean nose after nose surgery in a different way

Mostly your surgeon tells you general points you should know. Sometimes there is a weekly schedule which is as done.

First week

During the first week after a nose job needs the most care. You may feel pain and nasal blockage, also the nose is swollen. In this situation, a clean nose after rhinoplasty seems too hard. Forasmuch as tampons are in the nose and stitches are not totally treated it’ s better clean the outer part and not touch your nose unnecessarily because doing that reduces the chance of dealing with infection.

In some cases needs to clean nostril, you can use a saline solution. This solution has the ability to soften mucus and dry blood.

the Second and Third Weeks

during the second and third weeks cleaning nose after nose job is becoming more comfortable. At this time bandage and tampons are removed. Stitches are relatively healed. All of these will help you do washing your nose easier. You can use warm water and mild cleaners.

In the two weeks use saline rinse twice a day. Surgeons recommend this solution as it s prevents infections and keeps a moisty nose.

Fourth week

In the fourth week, the nose is treated and recovery time is over. Patients can blow their noses which they could not do in the initial days and weeks.

Also Using a saline solution is helpful, especially in some cases who are facing with dryness nasal.

For more and complete healing, surgeons may suggest using some ointment.

before you start clean nose, after a nose job it should be necessary to know and apply some tips.

        Do not use your finger to clean your nose.

        Do gently cleaning process and Avoid putting pressure on the nose.

        cough and sneeze with your mouth. 

        Feeling congestion  is normal to remove it do not  blow the nose

        During cleaning the nose don’t enter objects in your nose.

        On the initial day after surgery use cool water to clean

Use Bacitracin Antibiotic Ointment

Having suitable care after rhinoplasty it s a big deal. Suitable care will help you keep avoid risks and complications. During the recovery time using ointments is one of the instruction cares that helps to clean the nose after rhinoplasty. bacitracin antibiotic ointment is one of the common treatments which acts very effectively. This ointment reduces infections and keeps nostril moist.

Before using ointment wash thoroughly your hands, then clean and sterile nostril it is done with serum saline.  You Must remove crust and dried blood in the inner part of the nose. do all of these gently and avoid applying any pressure. Rub a  bit of Bacitracin Antibiotic Ointment on the wound. Do not use too much ointment. Remember you should not rub the ointment on your nostrils.

For better care and to prevent irritation, nostril coating with Vaseline or other petroleum ointments is necessary. Except bacitracin antibiotic, there are other ointments that can lead to faster healing so, Take seriously this part of recovery, be sensitive which is more useful for you. Consult with your surgeons and do research.

Do or don’t some activities affect on healing process indirectly These activities can easier or harder clean the nose after rhinoplasty. For example, avoiding blowing, strenuous activities, and keeping nose hygiene would be helpful.

One of the common ointments that is worth mentioning is polypropylene ointment. This ointment will soften dry blood.  In addition, Polypropylene ointment prevents bleeding.

Applying this ointment after cleaning nostrils with hydrogen peroxide.  Put a small amount on the cotton swab and insert it into the nose.

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Hydrogen peroxide to clean nose after nose surgery

Hydrogen peroxide to clean nose after nose surgery

Hydrogen peroxide is the only solution that can be used the day after the nose job. Nostrils are cleaned with this solution.

To apply hydrogen peroxide, first float a cotton swab in the solution then insert a cotton swab into the nose and rotate gently. In this method, dry blood and crust are removed.

Note, hydrogen peroxide solution can’t prevent germs and infections so it's necessary to use the other method to disinfect. When you can use this method tampons and bandages are removed.

Saline solution to clean nose after rhinoplasty

Saline solution is the easiest way to clean the nose. This solution prevents infection and clots. One of the good results of using saline solution remains the nose moist. It is better four times a day used

The saline solution it could be made at home. You should add one spoon of salt to one glass of water. Make sure the water is boiled and cooled. Using the special applicator that sells in Drugstore you can completely clean your nose. Saline solution is an available solution that plays an important role to prevent infection.

Common questions and issues about clean nose job after surgery

Common questions and issues about clean nose job after surgery

Rhinoplasty is a sensitive job and it should be taken seriously dos and don’ts after rhinoplasty. In this below we answer more detailed questions about cleaning the nose.

Is Nose blockage removed by cleaning the nose?

Obstruction occurs after surgery nose. Nasal blockage is due to swelling, dry blood, and cots. nasal blockage will be removed about one to three weeks. But until then all of the methods of clean nose job after rhinoplasty will help you especially spray saline solution. This solution can improve congestion sooner.

Nasal congestion is the most unpleasant complication after the nose job. In some cases experiencing nasal blockage just in one nostril it must be said it s normal. Many patients experience this problem strongly. To remove congestion use warm water and a soft napkin or cotton swab. Clean the nose where are formed dry blood and crust. Do the cleaning process gently if doing that roughly causes irritation and more swelling.

Can I wash my face and nose to clean?

 Some patients imagine washing the best way to clean their nose after the nose job. But on the initial day After surgery, it can not be done. your nose and part of your face wrapped with bandage, splint, and tampons. Until these are on your face you can't wash your face and nose. Washing the nose it could be done two to seven days after the nose job but It should be done with too much care and caution because the structure and shape of the nose are sensitive to touch.

For a clean inner part of the nose, saline serum is the best option.  Step by step When all of the bandages, and tampons are removed you can start using mild cleaners to clean the outer part and face.

Can I clean the outside of my nose after rhinoplasty?

The short answer is yes. After nose surgery, you face dried crust and blood around the nostrils so in terms of health and appearance It is necessary to clean them.

How to clean outside the nose after surgery?

As mentioned clean nose after rhinoplasty has great importance. None of it's parts should not be taken unseriously. Before cleaning, wash and disinfect your hands. During the recovery time, the nose has the ability to pollute infect, germs and bacteria therefore keep avoid any discretion.

To clean nose after nose job, use a moist napkin, cotton swab, and warm water. warm water will help to improve swelling. Clean this area gently and avoid any pressure. The use of harsh napkins and applying pressure can lead to more swelling and irritation and longer recovery time.

Note, to remove dry crust and mucus do not use your nail or hard object. Also, you can use alcohol to sterile the nose and around it s.

It is essential to clean and sterile hands and nose.  Avoid touching your nose unnecessarily. Furthermore, avoid being in a warm place or extreme activity that causes seawt the nose.

During the initial days after surgery nos it should be put away skin routine. Scrub, moisturize, and powerful skin cleaners should not be used. For resumption washing and skin routine consult your surgeons and make sure it does not create a problem.

How to clean my nose if I had to bleed?

Bleeding is one of the normal complications of rhinoplasty. Of course, if the bleeding is too much you must see the surgeon but low bleeding is removed by all of the methods as said above. Remember, tampons that are in your nose to reduce bleeding and infection so do not be nervous.

To clean nose after nose surgery, if you had low bleeding clean gently around the nose with warm water and cotton swab.

You need to know one of the things cause bleeding is getting rid of mucus and dry blood. Never pull out them when they are dry and hard. Use spray saline solution then let them will be softened. By following these  recommendation clean nose after rhinoplasty will be safe.

Why remove dried blood in the nose too important?

Clean mucus and dry blood are too important. you should know clots can create respiratory problems like blocking the airway. In this condition, the patient tries to breathe through the mouth. Mouth breathing has disadvantages like dry mouth. A dry mouth can lead to a cough and pressure in the nose. So to prevent huge problems use ointments, and saline solution.

But note, do each of the methods of clean nose after rhinoplasty at the right time otherwise the result of the surgery will change.

What is the reason for changing the color of the skin's nose?

If you want to know about changing the color of the skin's nose, you need to know this is one of the complications of a careless clean nose after nose job. When the skin does not reach oxygen discoloration, blackening, or necrosis is observed.

Discoloration due to remaining infection and germs on the nose, also the doctors emphasize a lot on the clean nose after rhinoplasty.

 How long does a clean nose after surgery last?

You should do this several times a day and keep continue for two months. The clean inner and outer side of the nose has huge importance. It remains nose hygiene and prevents infections. So the next main problem is controllable by the cleaning process. Even if you are so busy take time throughout the day to clean nose after nose surgery.


As we talked, cleaning nose is one of the important cares after rhinoplasty that every one should do it by surgeion orders. Ermateb always uses the opinions of professional and experienced surgeons to provide the best information to patients.

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