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Everything about Closed Rhinoplasty

2021-09-28 13:30:14

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

What you will read in this article:

What is rhinoplasty exactly?

Close rhinoplasty recovery

Does closed nose job leave any scar?

At what age can open or closed nose surgery be performed?

How much does it cost?

What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages?



People decide to have Rhinoplasty for a range of reasons. Some people want to correct their respiratory problem by correcting the deviation of their nasal septum, some simply don't like the little hump of the bridge of the nose, they require to own a smaller nose, et al. might want to essentially modification their look and improve it.

If you have got studied all aspects and determined to go underneath the knife and have a nose job for any reason, you have in all probability detected the terms "open nose surgery" and "closed nose" once collecting info about the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure

Open nose surgery and closed nose surgery (also called endonasal nose surgery or non-wound nose surgery) are the 2 main approaches to rhinoplasty. Open and closed rhinoplasty confer with two separate strategies of rhinoplasty.

Closed nose surgery was the primary invented technique for rhinoplasty that's still widely used by several surgeons. during this procedure, little incisions are created inside the nostrils, and therefore the surgeon makes the required changes in the nose through the nostrils while not cutting the skin and pushing it back.

In the following the most important issues about rhinoplasty will be explained:

What is rhinoplasty exactly?

In closed nasal surgery or endonasal rhinoplasty, The structure of the nose is not exposed, which means less visualization for the surgeon, but the scar will be hidden after the operation.

 the doctor makes surgical incisions within the nostrils. It needs an extremely masterful surgeon with a good understanding of the anatomical structure and may even use an endoscope for larger accuracy.

 First, anesthesia is performed, then separate surgery is performed on the left and right nostrils, and therefore the bone and cartilage surgeon deforms each of the nostrils. After the repair is complete, the sutures close the incisions and a splint or external cast is placed on the nose.

There are few variations between open nose surgery and closed nose surgery. As mentioned above, one of the largest differences is that no external incisions are created to perform this procedure. If less cartilage transplantation is needed, closed surgery is commonly performed.

The goal of closed nose surgery is to achieve facial coordination with the reshaping, size, or angle of the nose. Closed nose surgery can also be used to correct respiratory problems caused by irregularities inside the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty recovery

The full results of closed nose surgery are visible about one to two years after treatment, as it takes time for all the swelling to go away completely. However, the breakdown time after closed or open nose surgery generally takes about two weeks. The nasal splint is usually removed within five to six days after closed nasal surgery. At this stage, bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty is usually minimal.

Closed nose surgery is performed as an alternative to the open method. Instead of exposing the structure of the nose, incisions are made in the nasal membrane at different points to access different parts of the nasal frame. By not opening the nose, patients can reduce healing time and invisible wounds. Whatever your goals may be, whether, for rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty, the closed technique can be used.

Advantages and disadvantages of closed nose surgery

Does closed nose job leave any scar?

With closed nose surgery, all incisions are made inside the nose and include incisions inside the nostrils and only the height of part of the skin of the nose, meaning that there is no risk. Through these internal cuts. The nose is then sculpted for subtle changes. In fact, it does not change the face but softens and improves the overall balance, so it is not a heavy surgery to leave a scar.

The scar created in open nose surgery is caused by an intercostal incision. This small incision is made between the nostrils. If the incision is closed well, most patients will find that the wound is virtually invisible after healing.

Clinically, this area between the nostrils seems to be one of the best areas on the face to treat, so as long as the incision is well closed, people are unlikely to see it.

At what age can open or closed nose surgery be performed?

A person's nasal anatomy must be fully developed before it can be suitable for open or closed nose surgery. Meanwhile, the ideal age for open or closed nose surgery varies depending on the patient. for girls aged 15 or 16 and for boys aged 16 or 17it is an appropriate surgery.

How much does this rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty is performed for various reasons. You may be unhappy with the shape or size of your nose given to you genetically. Or maybe you have had an injury in the past that has caused your nose to collapse. For whatever reason you are interested in rhinoplasty, you need to understand all aspects of the operation, including the cost, before making your final decision.

The cost of rhinoplasty varies depending on the surgeon and where you live. Depending on the complexity of the operation and the location of your surgeon, the cost of closed rhinoplasty may cost between $ 5,000 and $ 25,000.

Keep in mind that this fee is for information only. You can have other costs related to anesthesia and the operating room.

open and closed rhinoplasty

What are the advantages?

    • Concealed incisions - The advantage of closed nose surgery is that all incisions are made inside the nose without external incisions or wounds, so there is no risk of permanent scarring, which is often the case with open nose surgery and other procedures that involve There will be external cuts.
    • No scars - Patients who are concerned about ulcers or possible colloids should consider closed nose surgery over open nose surgery because the incisions are internal and no external incisions are made during the operation.
    • Shorter surgery time - With open nose surgery, half of the operation time is spent making external incisions, making the nose, and closing those incisions, which is why the operation takes longer. In comparison, closed nose surgery has a shorter operation time because the nose does not regenerate from the beginning.
    • Better blood circulation to the skin of the tip of the nose - In general, patients experience less swelling after closed nose surgery because the skin's natural drainage channels remain largely undisturbed during surgery. This is because the blood vessels in the spine remain intact during the operation, while these blood vessels are cut open during rhinoplasty, which reduces blood flow to the tip of the nose and causes more swelling.
    • Faster recovery time - In general, patients have a faster healing time due to internal incisions without incisions or external wounds. Most patients can return to socializing 7 days after surgery when the cast is removed and the surgical symptoms are mild and there are no symptoms.

What are the disadvantages?

As with any surgical procedure, patient selection is important. A thorough and honest consultation with a closed nasal surgeon will help you determine if this procedure is ideal for you. In our practice, 98% of patients say they are satisfied with the results, while the remaining 2 feel uncomfortable as the worst-case scenario.

Closed nose surgery is associated with calculated risks that a trained surgeon can manage. This means that there is a much lower chance of having rhinoplasty with closed rhinoplasty, especially when performed by a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who performs the procedure on a regular basis. Open nose surgery, on the other hand, poses a much greater risk and gives the nose a "damaged" appearance when it operates "too, too soon" in the worst-case scenario for patients and surgeons.

But for some patients, open nose surgery may be a better option depending on their natural anatomy, but this is only debatable during specialist counseling. While the actual surgical maneuvers performed during open or closed nasal surgery are the same, open nasal surgery is different in that it allows for the complete reconstruction of the nose. Think of it as renovation versus home renovation. If the house is generally of excellent bone and structure, the new owner may decide to simply rebuild the house, which is similar to closed nose surgery. But if the house has a complex anatomy, its destruction and reconstruction from the beginning may be preferred, much like open nose surgery.

In any case, it is important for patients to confirm that their surgeon is skilled and that they have had rhinoplasty several times. In addition, it is important for them to decide whether they agree with the surgeon's aesthetic style and preferences. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for open or closed nose surgery is to consult honestly with a licensed board surgeon who will discuss the best way for your natural anatomy and the desired result.

It is important for volunteers to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon when considering closed nose surgery. Dr. Deepak Dugar is the only licensed rhinoplasty surgeon in the United States who specializes in non-scar rhinoplasty.

If you want to read about the comparison between Open and Closed Rhinoplasty you can read this article.


If you are a candidate for having open rhinoplasty, it is important for you to know that which type of rhinoplasty is effective, so this content tried to answer your questions about the close rhinoplasty, as one of the common types of the nose job.

Ermateb helps you to have your desired cosmetic surgery performed by the best cosmetic doctors and in the best medical centers and achieve your desired result. If you have any questions about rhinoplasty surgery, our experts will answer you.

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