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Flat Nose Rhinoplasty

2023-07-25 16:23:38

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Having a flat nose means that the nasal bridge is low, which makes the nose appear flat. This nose shape can create an unbalanced appearance between the nose and the rest of the face, especially when looking at the side profile. People with a flat nose may feel self-conscious or unsatisfied with their appearance. However, there are surgical procedures available that can correct the angle of the nasal bridge and allow the nose to protrude further from the face.

One such procedure is flat nose rhinoplasty, also known as flat nose augmentation or flat nose correction. This surgery aims to improve the appearance of a flat or underdeveloped nose, which is a common type of rhinoplasty procedure performed to enhance the overall balance and harmony of the facial features.

In individuals with a flat nose, the bridge of the nose may be less defined, lacking height or projection. This can lead to a less prominent nasal profile and affect the overall facial aesthetics. Flat nose rhinoplasty can address these concerns by adding height and definition to the nasal bridge.

During the procedure, the surgeon may use various techniques to augment the flat nose. One common approach involves using cartilage grafts to build up the bridge of the nose. The cartilage grafts can be harvested from the patient's own body, usually from the septum (the partition between the nostrils) or the ear. In some cases, synthetic implants may also be used to achieve the desired nasal projection.

The surgical technique used in flat nose rhinoplasty can vary depending on the individual's specific nasal anatomy and desired results. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The surgeon will make discreet incisions inside the nostrils or, in some cases, on the columella (the strip of tissue between the nostrils) to access the nasal structures.

After the surgery, patients can expect some swelling and bruising around the nose, which gradually subsides over time. It is important to follow the post-operative care instructions provided by the surgeon, which may include wearing a nasal splint or cast for a period of time to support the healing process.

In this article, we will outline the best surgical options for individuals with a flat nose, how it can transform their appearance, the associated costs, benefits, and more. First, it is important to understand what causes a flat nose.



A flat nose is a common facial feature caused by a variety of factors. Here are three common causes.

1. Genetics:

If you've had a flat nose since birth, it's because of your genetics. While this may just be a family trait, this nose shape can also appear as a result of genetic disorders and congenital disabilities. Common genetic disorders that cause a flat nose include Cleidocranial  dysostosis, Williams Syndrome, and Down syndrome. A common congenital disability that results in a flat nose is fetal alcohol syndrome.

2. Trauma:

If you have not always had a flat nose, it may be the result of trauma. Fractures, chemical irritations and other things can lead to flattening of the nose. Whether it's a bad fall, sports injury, car accident, or some other type of trauma, your nose may be deformed as a result.

3. Disease:

some of diseases can cause deformities of the skeleton, including the lower bridge of the nose. Syphilis is a common infectious disease that can flatten the nose during childbirth. When the disease infects infants, it can be life-threatening and cause serious health problems such as blindness, deafness, neurological problems and bone disease.



The best flat nose surgery to correct a low nasal bridge is a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that Involves manipulating the bone, cartilage, and tissue of the nose to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose shape. With rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon raises the bridge of your nose to balance it with the rest of your face.


There are numerous benefits to correcting a flat nose with rhinoplasty, including:
1. Corrected Nasal Ground
2. Bettered Facial Balance
3. Resolved Nasal Problems as a Result of a Flat Nose
4. Advanced tone- Confidence
5. Outpatient Procedure
6. Permanent Results



The cost of flat nose rhinoplasty ranges from 5,500$ to 9,500$ ( Flat nose rhinoplasty Iran with Ermateb cost about about 1490$). This cost depends on the complexity of correcting your nasal ground and other factors. During a discussion, your plastic surgeon more outlines the costs of your specific flat nose surgery.


There are two different flat nose surgery ways that your plastic surgeon can use open vs. closed rhinoplasty. The difference between these ways lies in their invasiveness. Below, we’ll figure each one so you can determine which one is suitable for you and use it further during a rhinoplasty discussion.


Open rhinoplasty involves an incision on the columella, the tissue that separates the nostrils. This gash makes it more Invasive than an unrestricted rhinoplasty, but this invasiveness allows for further access and visibility to your plastic surgeon. More expansive reconstruction is best with an open rhinoplasty. This rhinoplasty fashion is common for flat nose surgery.


During an unrestricted rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon makes all lacerations within the nostrils, icing any scarring won't be visible. Still, this limits the visibility of your surgeon and therefore restricts them to more minor nasal adaptations.

Read More: Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

What Does Flat Nose Surgery Entail?

There are a many styles a surgeon can employ during flat or depressed nasal ground nose surgery. Bone- suchlike padding substances may be used to elevate the nose ground for an aesthetically pleasing look. Cartilage grafts may be taken from the case’s cognizance, caricature or nose to give a firmer structure. In some cases, manufactured implants can be employed to ameliorate the overall shape.


During flat nose surgery, your plastic surgeon makes an gash on the columella( an open rhinoplasty) or inside the nostrils( a unrestricted rhinoplasty). This is followed by correcting the nasal ground, raising it to Acclimate the angle, or adding a small piece of cartilage onto the nasal ground. Overall, this procedure takes around 1 to 3 hours.



As an inpatient ornamental procedure, rhinoplasty surgery doesn't bear you to stay in the sanitarium. You can return home the same day. During the first week, you’ll experience some discomfort and lump, but this should begin to subside by the alternate week.
After the surgery, a plastic or metal splint is placed on the person's nose, which helps to maintain and improve its condition. The nose is vulnerable after surgery and the splint protects it. Also, tampons are placed inside the nose, which helps maintain the shape of the nostrils and prevents bleeding. Rhinoplasty does not require hospitalization, and if you do not have any special problems, you can be discharged from the hospital or clinic the same day. If your nose has been operated for the second time or more, you may have a more complicated condition and the reconstructive nose surgeon will probably take extra care of you.
It is better to keep the bandage and splint on your nose for up to a week. If the sutures are not absorbable, return to your rhinoplasty doctor's office one week after surgery to remove them and remove the dressing. Swelling and redness around the nose and eyes are normal after the procedure and will disappear over time. You can use an Ice pack to reduce redness and swelling. Also, take post-operative care seriously and do not fail to do them. According to doctors' advice, you should avoid doing the following for a few weeks after rhinoplasty:
1. Running and heavy physical activities blowing your nose
2. Chewing and eating hard food such as carrots and cucumbers
3. Laughing or crying violently in a way that moves the facial muscles.
4. Wearing glasses
5. Exposure to direct sunlight
When your plastic surgeon removes your stint in the alternate week, you can return to work, but it’s stylish to avoid any emphatic conditioning until one month after your rhinoplasty. At this point, the maturity of the lump should have gone down, but some residual lump on the tip of the nose can last around 12 months.
Still, there are numerous rhinoplasty recovery tips that can help, if you want to speed up your recovery. Some include using a cold wave compress, avoiding pain drug, getting out for a walk, and keeping your head elevated.


Flat nose rhinoplasty results are endless. This means that once you correct your nasal ground, It stays like that indefinitely. You can begin to see results as your swelling subsides , beginning in the alternate week of recovery. Still, as it can take up to a time to resolve all swelling, you may not see your final nose shape until also.

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