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How to Sleep Safely After Rhinoplasty With Best Position

2023-04-09 16:04:03

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Rhinoplasty is fairly a complicated and delicate surgery which highly requires of properly-taken care, recovery, and rest. An appropriate nose job recovery needs adequate sleep and rest. To get the desired outcome, you surely need sleep after rhinoplasty on the condition that you get a fairly amount of good sleep and more importantly at the right position. These could elevate your immune system and provide more blood flow towards the nose.

Sleeping is all the patient needs after rhinoplasty however, it is not as simple as it seems since the nose is pretty tender and sensitive after the surgery. Also, it is very important to take good care of the nose and protect it from accidental damages. Meticulous care is really needed since you have no control over your body movement while sleeping and things such as smooshing your face inadvertently or get smacked by an arm from somebody sleeping next you such as your partner may happen.

In order to get to know more about sleeping after a nose surgery and how to sleep after rhinoplasty and its tips, please keep on reading.


What is best position after a nose surgery? 

It is advised by doctors that patients should sleep on the back after a nose job. Sleeping on the back will reduce the risks of damaging your nose. Please note that sleeping on the side is not appropriate in the early days of recovery time after rhinoplasty.  It is recommended that the patient put a pillow or two under the head keeping it to a 45-degree angle as sleep upright can assist to reduce the swelling in a shorter period. 

Moreover, put some pillows around you when you are asleep in case of preventing your body form rolling. And you can put some extra pillows under the legs to lessen back pain.

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How long should I sleep on the back after Rhinoplasty?

Many are not used to sleeping on the back, but in the case of a nose job, you are required to sleep on the back at least a week because your recovery period would take less time. However, if you can not or do not like to sleep on the back, you must consult with your doctor who can give you the necessary information in this respect.How long should I sleep on the back after Rhinoplasty?

How long after rhinoplasty can i sleep on my side?

Generally, the patient is not permitted to sleep on the side after rhinoplasty in Iran because it may cause injury to the nose. Sleeping sideways can exceed pressure on the nose and cause nasal congestion. In fact, the patient is required to avoid side sleeping for the fist or two 

weeks, but you can enquire your doctor if you want to make sure when is the proper time to sleep on the side.

How long after rhinoplasty can i sleep on my side?

Am I allowed to sleep on the stomach after Rhinoplasty?

Sleeping on the stomach after a nose job is the worst position and patients are highly prohibited from doing so. Sleeping on the stomach can hugely affect the results of your rhinoplasty. Due to the fact that the nose is very liable to damage after the rhinoplasty, it must be scrupulously taken care of.

How long until I am able to sleep normally after Rhinoplasty?

The body is able to heal after the cosmetic surgery very rapidly. The first week is commonly is the most critical period for a nose job healing. Typically, after 10-14 day, patients can begin to sleep on the other sideways but with the doctor’s permission. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your nose, and sleeping on your back while elevated is the position significantly contributing to recovery after rhinoplasty.

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Crucial tips about sleeping after Rhinoplasty

It is essential to get enough sleep after a nose surgery helping to enhance the immune system and quick recovery. So here are some important tips about sleeping after a nose job:

Sleep alone:

You’d better go solo for a while if you normally sleep next to your spouse, partner, or pet. As the nose is very malleable in the first days after the surgery, something like an accidental fist or paw to the face could be detrimental to your recovery and rhinoplasty result. It may be a good idea to sleep alone until you gain full recovery and be able to sleep next to your pet or loved one with the doctor’s consent. Consequently, it is better to avoid such potential damages and risks because you have certainly spent a noticeable amount of money and tolerated the hassles of a nose job surgery. Be careful to take good care of your nose and also it is in your best interest to do everything you can to protect this investment.

Cut out Caffeine intake:

People usually have cups of coffee or tea during the day. But the condition is different for those having a recent rhinoplasty. As you may know, caffeine can interfere with quality sleep which should be avoided by patients after a nose job entering the recovery period. So, doctors suggest cutting down or even it would be better cut out having caffeinated drinks as they affect the body’s biological clock. Therefore, you should reduce the caffeine intake during the day after the surgery, particularly before bedtime.

Cut out Caffeine intake after rhinoplasty

Sleeping pills:

Although sleeping is a vital part of recovery after rhinoplasty, the patient should try to sleep normally without taking any sleeping pills. In some cases, sleeping pills can interfere with your other medications. However, if you find it difficult to sleep after the surgery, call your doctor and ask if it is permissible to take any sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills after nose job

Stay hydrated:

The nasal passages will possibly become very dry following rhinoplasty and this can lead to having troubling with sleeping at night or feeling congested all day long. Therefore, you will be given the relevantly required medications to keep your nose hydrated during the day and night. Hydration is key for a successful recovery from a nose job.

Stay hydrated after rhinoplasty

Put your phone aside:

The patient is recommended to keep their phone away and not looking at its screen when they are in bed ready to sleep. Not looking at the mobile phone screen before sleeping can help you a lot to fall asleep very fast and easily.


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