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2023-08-11 10:04:43

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Most people do a nose job as a cosmetic operation. But Can rhinoplasty help with nasal allergies?
You may wonder if doing nose surgery is possible while having nasal allergies, what effects would there be after the surgery, and what are the risks of undergoing a nose job for allergies. We are going to explain all the questions that may pop into your head step-by-step to understand how nasal allergies are related to nose jobs.
A nose job is a type of nasal surgery that reshapes the nose to create an attractive appearance. There are two considerable types of nose jobs: cosmetic nose surgery and medical or functional nose surgery.

A cosmetic nose job is done to improve the form of the nose. Medical or Functional nose surgery is done to re-establish the inherent function of the nose. The latter is also called septoplasty. Depending on your desires and goals, your plastic surgeon will choose one of the Septoplasty or Rhinoplasty. When talking to your surgeon, he will ask you some questions about your allergy history, medical history, and medications.

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is not a surgery that treats nasal allergies. but, having nose surgery can help change deformities resulting from congenital disabilities. In addition, it can root out snoring and help with breathing difficulties like nasal polyps, deviated septum, and turbinate hypertrophy.
The paragraphs below help you to know more about nasal allergies, what are the symptoms of allergies, and how they can be related to rhinoplasty.


Did you know that having nose surgery can help improve allergies you always have to deal with? Nasal allergies can be divided into three categories based on various factors: 1. Seasonal Allergic 2. Perennial Allergic Rhinitis 3. Occupational Allergic Rhinitis. Seasonal allergies which are also known as ‘’hay fever’’, are caused by tree pollen that occurs in some seasons.
If you are suffering from seasonal allergies or a deviated septum, trimming the septum can considerably ease your allergy discomfort. During these seasons, individuals with a deviated septum experience a hard time when breathing. Performing a rhinoplasty can help decrease the hitches related to allergy-induced nasal swelling and open up nasal passages.
Medical nose surgery can help reduce the size of extra-large nasal conchae that block airflow. Decreasing the size of nasal conchae will play an important role in helping individuals with breathing. Of course, as we said before, a nose job will not treat nasal allergies.
Seasonal allergies cause nasal polyps which are small spherical growths and appear along the nasal passages. Large nasal polyps can exacerbate allergy symptoms. It is possible to change the structure of the nose by surgery. Therefore, the plastic surgeon can access the nasal passages and remove the blockage around the passages. Through this operation, you can have unproblematic and healthier breaths.
During nose surgery, Polyps can be fixed to reduce density and make better breathing –both will relieve you from your seasonal allergies.
A nose job may also have some advantages for individuals who suffer from chronic sinusitis. By improving the drainage and airflow of the nasal passages, a nose job may decrease the frequency and severity of sinus infections.


An operation may not remove your allergies, but it can fix other issues with your nose and nasal passages to provide relief. You should see a doctor (an otorhinolaryngologist, also known as an ENT (ear, nose, and throat)), to determine the best option for you.
Rhinoplasty usually doesn’t consider a feasible option for allergy relief since these issues are related to the immune system even though some of them occur around your nose. But if you’re having problems because of the shape of your nose, a nose operation may be helpful by improving airflow and doing required adjustments to open nasal channels. Remember that getting a nose job just for allergy issues won’t be effective by itself.


Nasal allergy is a grievance that occurs with a non-microbial infection. The allergen in the air sticks to the inner surface of the nose. Some symptoms develop in individuals who are sensitive to this allergen. These symptoms are 1. Continuous attacks 2. Sneezing & cough 3. Postnasal drip 4. Tiredness 5. Itchy and watery eyes 6. Skin itching 7. Inflammation of the respiratory tract.
Generally, nasal allergy, or ‘’allergic rhinitis’’, is not a life-threatening and deadly condition, but it can make people feel uncomfortable. Today, the number of people suffering from ‘’allergic rhinitis’’ is high. Unfortunately, allergens cannot be removed, so various treatments are available for people who are allergic to different things.
These kinds of allergies are not related to any problems with the nose. They are caused by immune responses to allergens like pollen, animal dander, plant proteins, fungus, dust, and smoke. So, there is not any vivid problem that surgery can solve.


You may have nasal allergies and wonder if the allergies may affect the result of the surgery. You should know that it is safe for you to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty while having nasal allergies. Therefore, you should not be worried about your allergies, but consider some things:
The recovery period after the operation may be uncomfortable for you. After the operation, doctors usually recommend not to blow your nose for a while. This may be so uncomfortable for individuals who have allergic rhinitis. Nasal allergies can decrease the speed of your process of healing. In addition, it is going to be hard for you to sneeze or cough after nose surgery for at least one week.
That is why it is recommended if you are the one who suffers from allergic rhinitis, make plans to perform the surgery at a time of the year when you have the least symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The most appropriate time to have a nose job will depend on your type of allergy.
Before having nose surgery, 1. Make sure to have a conversation about your allergy history with your plastic surgeon 2. Solve all doubts and then perform a physical evaluation for determining the asymmetries or the characteristics of your nose. After you have done all of these and passed the levels, the plastic surgeon will choose the most appropriate nose surgery technique that is best for you.


There may be some risks and considerations if you have allergies. knowing about these risks before your surgery would be helpful.
The first risk is bleeding. As you may know, bleeding possibly occurs during the surgery and the process of healing. So, you should talk to your surgeons if you have some diseases which are related to the blood or using some special medications.
Swelling, pain, or bruises are normal side effects that happen. They will possibly heal after one month. Your doctor also may recommend you use certain medications.
If you want to perform nose surgery just because of your allergies, you may not give the results you wanted. In this case, additional treatment may be needed which would be costly.
Desired results will show themselves after 6 months up to 1 year. Therefore, you should be patient, either before or after the cosmetic surgery.


In this article, we started with ‘’Can rhinoplasty help with nasal allergies’’? Well, the answer is medical nose surgery cannot help with nasal allergies. However, it can treat conditions that may worsen allergies, like nasal polyps, deviated septum, or turbinate hypertrophy. After that, we explained what nasal allergies are and the types of them. We said they can occur by tree pollen, dust, animal hair, etc.
These allergies have some symptoms like coughing and sneezing Inflammation of the respiratory tract and a stuffy or runny nose. In other parts, we talked about the relationship between having allergies and nose jobs. We explained that Allergies do not have any effect on the outcomes of cosmetic nose surgery. You should consider the difference between a nose job and septoplasty. As we mentioned, a nose operation is not just one operation, and septoplasty is done the same as rhinoplasty. But this is not required all the time.
In the next parts and paragraphs, we discussed the risks and considerations this surgery may have for you. Risks include bleeding, which can occur during and after the surgery. Side effects like Swelling, pain, or bruises can happen but after one or two months they will go. In this period, you can use certain medications, pills, or creams to reduce your pain and bruises. You should know that your desired goals will show themselves after six months to 1 year or even more. So, in this long process, you should be patient and don’t expect to get healed very soon. In the end, we provided you with some questions to get more detailed information about your problems and the surgeries.
The last word is that getting rhinoplasty just because of your nasal allergy problems won’t give you your desired results and goals. But if you’re having problems because of the shape of your nose, a nose operation may be helpful by improving airflow and doing required adjustments to open nasal channels. There are some other treatments and surgeries that will help you to cure your allergic rhinitis. Of course, they may be costly. The allergen cannot be removed from the air or in the environment we live in. but many various treatments like certain medicines are available for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis and have to deal with them every day of the year.

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