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Natural Nose job A new way of beauty

2023-07-24 22:26:38

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries which is done all over the world by many doctors, but what many people want is a natural nose job, although the term natural nose job might a be a bit subjective but what most people mean by it is that a natural nose job is a look for your nose which is perfect and without any problems like you were born that way.
When a natural nose job is done well it can get you a look which is in harmony with your other facial features, it will feel natural and without any unusual things about it or any problems with breathing.

Why people want to undergo a natural nose job?

Why people want to undergo a natural nose job?
While there are many reasons on why people want to go through a rhinoplasty surgery, the main reason is that people are unhappy with the shape, size or appearance of their nose but don’t want to make too big changes and that’s why they want a natural nose job however there are other reasons such as:
•    To treat a nose injury due to an accident
•    To treat nose imperfections which are present since birth
•    To improve breathing or for athletes avoiding nasal congestion

An overview of a Natural Nose Job procedure

A natural nose job will modify your nose by the surgeon working on your nose’s underlying structure, nasal bones and tissues and the cartilages especially the upper and lower lateral cartilages and as most the nose jobs which are focused on the aesthetics are done open types, it results to incisions made to the exterior of the nose so the surgeon could focus on the interior by pulling the skin up.
What are the main strategic aspects a Natural Nose Job
•    Shaping the nose cartilage into a natural position while retaining enough cartilage
•    Minimize the tip grafts that make the nose pointy
•    Minimize the elevation of that makes the nose look turned up too much
•    Assist with healing so problems like pollybeak deformity don’t occur
•    Maintaining enough cartilage so the nostrils don’t retract too much
•    Maintaining a natural curve for the nose

The features of a natural nose job

The features of a natural nose job
In a natural nose the nostrils are not too tiny while the curve of the back of the nose is very small,
The most obvious sign of a natural nose is the distance between it and the upper lip which on the average is between 90 – 95 degrees, however the results depend on how the surgeon operates and their way of thinking as it’s the patient’s and what is a natural nose in their view as it can be a subjective matter.

What’s the difference between a natural and a fantasy nose job style?

What’s the difference between a natural and a fantasy nose job style?

While a natural rhinoplasty surgery as its name implies focuses on the nose being in a very natural state the fantasy nose job is the opposite of that and the goal is for it the be as distinct as possible from a natural nose and the distance of the tip of the nose from the upper lip in this style is around 110-130 degrees.

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Important things to get a good natural nose job result

There are some things which if done right by both surgeon and the patient will get the patients the result which they are aiming for, these things are:

Preserving the natural anatomical position

Surgeons relying on nose tip grafts may result in a sharp nose, also excessive cartilage reduction can also lead to nasal imbalance a crucial thing is to minimize nose tip grafts and keeping enough cartilage to maintain the nose in the natural anatomical position.

Averting excess nostril show

Excess nostril show occurs when the tip of the nose lifts or rotated upwards too much which results in “Miss Piggy” effect so doctors should utilize some maneuvers to avoid this happening.

Prioritizing scar prevention

As most the surgeries that are focused on the aesthetics of the nose are done by an open surgery both doctor and the patient should prioritize this step however if it is a closed rhinoplasty also the surgeon should prioritize the scar prevention because the incisions are made in the interior of the nose and it’s important that scars don’t develop and cause problems so you get the best natural nose job results.

Understand facial aesthetics

It’s of great importance to have a cosmetic goal so your surgeon can use as a reference, having a good understanding of your facial aesthetics can really help you choosing the look which is best for you, you can look at other people’s before and after photo which have similar facial features to you to choose the look which is right for you.

The things you should do before and after a natural nose job to get the best results

The things you should do before and after a natural nose job to get the best results
There are somethings you should do and some to avoid to get prepare for your nose surgery and get the best results possible.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

This is a very important thing which must be done around a month prior to the surgery, alcohol can interfere with your body’s defense system, the anesthetics and can cause bleeding and swelling also smoking reduces the blood flow and affects the healing speed so you should avoid them before going through a nose job.

Avoid too much sun exposure

The suns UV rays can harm skin cells and have an effect on your surgery so be careful about your exposure to the sun both before and after the nose job and as a precaution use a sunscreen with the SPF of minimum 30 before going out every time.

Avoid caffeine

As caffeine can increase blood pressure and cause problems with the surgery it’s best to avoid it for a while to get the best results and avoid complications

Avoid chewy and spicy foods after the nose job

Food that is hard to chew should be avoided for a while after the rhinoplasty as it can cause pain and swelling so it’s best to avoid it to get that natural nose job results you want, also avoid spicy foods as well as they can cause problems too.

Avoid intense physical activities

You should any of your daily intense exercises and physical activities until after the healing process because it will put pressure on your nose and can cause, pain, bleeding and swelling so you should avoid them for a while.

What things make rhinoplasties look operated upon?

What things make rhinoplasties look operated upon?

There are several reasons on why a nose doesn’t look natural after a nose job and looks operated upon the first one is that when the surgeon takes too much out of the bridge of the nose and as a result the nose will look unnatural and over-resected.
The second one is when your surgeon makes to nose too narrow and as a result it’ll look very unnatural and is in imbalance with your whole face.
The third one is that your nose is over-shortened by the surgeon and you can see your nostrils which makes your nose look unnatural.

What are the secrets to natural nose job?

A nose is natural when it’s in balance with your other facial features like your teeth and eyes, so the secret to having a natural nose is not to have the best and perfect nose you saw on a super model in a magazine, but to have a nose which is in balance with your whole face and a expert doctor can help you with that, so if you want to undergo a natural nose job you can use Ermateb to help you get in contact with the expert surgeons and you can also learn more about rhinoplasty as well here.

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