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Rhinoplasty an overview

2021-04-12 10:33:40

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Plastic Surgery - A rudimentary technique of altering Appearance, is now broadly experted in Iran. The procedures provided by the various aesthetic surgery centers are not cheap, but they are really effective in changing a person's appearance. The regular customers of such medical centers are mainly women.

Rhinoplasty is different from other plastic surgeries since the nose is the area of the body that takes a prolonged time to grow and retrieve after surgical intercession.


Rhinoplasty Before and after

This is a delicate area and therefore, to recover properly after surgery, care requires more specific care, such as keeping your head high for about seven days, resting and cooling, and pastry consistency in those first days. Choosing foods, the purpose of facilitating chewing.

As far as both external and internal inflammation is concerned, you really need to be patient, as the process of reducing the swelling in the nose is slow. But there are some factors that can help accelerate tissue function and the disappearance of purple spots that are common around the eyes after rhinoplasty, such as applying cold compresses to the area and performing physical therapy. In some cases, plastic surgeons may even recommend some facial lymphatic drainage sessions to speed up the process. Bulge, especially in the inner part of the nose, lessens the capacity of the airways and, as a result, diminishes the air passage.

Conversely, as most people imagine, the discomfort after rhinoplasty is usually less and there is no major difficulty in breathing, as splints are currently used, which are used immediately after surgery. Allow normal breathing through the patient's nose.

In addition, it is common to use anti-inflammatory drugs after the procedure, which helps to alleviate the pain completely. Other general recommendations in the latter period are protected from sunlight, which is necessary during the first months, to prevent both increased swelling and the appearance of spots on the skin. And for about three to four weeks and avoid physical activity that puts you at risk for nasal trauma for at least two months.

 More information before doing Rhinoplasty you should know is in this article What You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty


It is worth noting that the results come out only a month or two after the rhinoplasty, but the final results of the surgery can be analyzed only after one to three years of this procedure, this is the time when this area is completely healed of tissues. And takes for accommodation.

 When does internal swelling go down after rhinoplasty?

Most of the swelling should go away in 3 to 4 weeks. You will have some pain in your nose, and you may also have a headache.  All patients should sleep on their backs with the head elevated for at least a week to minimize swelling. Depending on the complexity of your procedure, inflammation can persist for a year, and sometimes longer. This is especially true of the tip of the nose. Fortunately, most swelling will diminish within two months, and you should be ready to present your new face to the world in about two weeks.  

Rhinoplasty may sound like a strange disease that can affect an animal, but it is a method we call 'getting a job'.


The rhinoplasty is probably just as important as the facelift for some people, especially those whose nose is longer, shorter, or more crooked than the average person. Of course, this doesn't have to be cosmetic, many people have breathing problems and need to adjust their nose to be able to breathe properly. It is understandable that you would want to fix your abnormal nose on another part of the body because our face is the first thing that anyone sees after knowing. If you are hesitant about what your nose looks like, then the peace of mind that gives you a fixed nose will cost you a lot more than the cost and risk of the operation intricated.


The general idea behind the work of the nose is to make a man look completely natural. In practice, it can relieve any nasal congestion that may occur if the nose is in an unusual shape. Rhinoplasty can cost anywhere up to $ 15,000.  This is one of the top surgeries where people come back for surgery, so it increases the cost of surgery. Any surgery that involves a face change is open to criticism, as the results may not be what the patient imagined.


Recovery from Rhinoplasty

After surgery, your doctor may place a plastic or metal splint on your nose. Splitting will help your nose retain its new shape while it heals. They can also place nasal packs or splints inside your nostrils to stabilize your chest, which is part of your nose between your noses.

You will be monitored in the recovery room for at least a few hours after the surgery. If all goes well, you'll be gone after that day. You will need someone to send you home because anesthesia will still affect you.

If it is a complicated procedure, you may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two.


To reduce bleeding and swelling, you want to keep your head above your chest. If your nose is swollen or full of cotton, you may feel congested. People usually have to give up splitting and dressing for a week after surgery. You may need absorbent stitches, meaning they will dissolve and will not need to be removed. If the stitches cannot be absorbed, you will need to see your doctor a week after the surgery to remove the stitches.

Memory impairments, poor judgment and slow reaction time are common side effects of medications used for surgery. If possible, keep a friend or relative with you on the first night.


For a few days after your surgery, you may experience drainage and bleeding. A drip pad, a piece of gauze that is tapped under your nose, can absorb blood and mucus. Your doctor will tell you how often to change your drip pad.

You may have a headache, your face will be bulging and your doctor may prescribe pain medication.

 What not to drink or eat after the surgery?

Hot meals and drinks, as well as spicy foods, should be avoided as they can dilate the blood vessels, thereby increasing swelling and bruising of your nose. For the first week, it is also recommended to avoid solid foods that are difficult to chew and require long chewing, since the nose and upper jaw are connected. In conclusion by the second week after surgery, you can resume your normal diet.

Your doctor may tell you to avoid the following for a few weeks after your surgery:


Be especially careful about sun exposure. Too much can permanently color the skin around your nose.


You should return to work or school in a week.

Rhinoplasty can affect the area around your eyes, and you may have temporary numbness, swelling, or fainting around your eyelids for a few weeks. In rare cases, it can last up to six months, and mild swelling can last longer. You can use cold compresses or ice packs to reduce color and swelling.

Follow-up care after rhinoplasty is essential. Make sure you make your appointments and follow your doctor's instructions.

Many individuals seek rhinoplasty to do so as a means of improving their facial proportions, such as narrowing their noses, or to correct breathing problems resulting from a previous rhinoplasty.


The Goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing nose that compliments your face, without losing your individual identity. This is why Ermateb plastic surgeons take the time to understand your concerns and what you hope to achieve.

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