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Why Rhinoplasty in Iran?

2021-04-11 13:03:17

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah


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What is rhinoplasty?

Types of rhinoplasty?

Why Rhinoplasty in Iran?

How to prepare before rhinoplasty?

The best age for Rhinoplasty?


What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or nose job, unlike other surgeries, is a popular procedure for many people, especially the younger ones. Humans are beautiful and love beauty. Hence, they tend to be more beautiful.

The nose is one of the main organs of the face that is very effective in beauty and attractiveness. This is because the nose is in the center of the face and the center of attention. This beauty can look different for each person. Deviated, fleshy, and large noses are one of the most common problems today.

Rhinoplasty can treat deviation, polyps, fractures, crookedness, and nasal septum. The number of people who need nose surgery daily is increasing. The reason is not because of diseases related to the nose, but more because of the increasing influence of cosmetic procedures among people. It is important to understand the differences between reconstructive rhinoplasty and beautiful nose surgeries before one chooses the type of procedure they will undergo. Reconstructive rhinoplasty is commonly performed to correct damage to the internal structures of the nasal cavity and adjacent tissues to improve airflow to the lungs.


What is a deviated septum?

One problem that can cause a person to need corrective surgery is the deviation of the septum. The nasal septum is the part of the nose that separates the two inner parts of the nose. And usually, the cartilaginous part of it is deviated. Nasal septal deviation can occur for a variety of reasons. Accident, trauma, and congenital causes can cause nasal deviation. The surgery that fixes the problem of deviation is called septoplasty.

 deviated septum                              deviated septum

What is a nasal polyp?

Nasal polyps are soft masses that are present in the nasal sinus pathways. And if they become too large and inflamed, they can cause infection and impair the person's sense of smell or breathing. Nasal polyps rarely cause problems. Rather, their enlargement causes disturbances in a person's sense of smell and causes infection. Sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose are other symptoms of nasal polyps.


Types of Rhinoplasty:

Nose job in Iran do in two different types. Open and closed rhinoplasty. Now we want to survey the procedure, advantages and disadvantages of these types.

Closed Rhinoplasty procedure:

One of the cosmetic surgery methods that were used more in the past and are less used today is closed surgery. In this method, they perform all surgical procedures from the internal parts and incisions that are made inside the nose and through the nasal cavities. In this method, the nasal hump will remove. The nasal bone will repair, the cartilage returns to normal, but there is some limitation to the tip of the nose. 

Although the duration of surgery is shorter, access to the tip of the nose and the changes that the surgeon is considering may not be good. Another advantage of this method is that they do not make the skin incision on the nose.

Advantages of closed rhinoplasty

The closed rhinoplasty because of less incision and less invasive than open type, has many benefits like:

1.    Less bleeding

2.    No scarring

3.    Shorter time for healing

4.    Little bruising and swelling

Disadvantages of closed rhinoplasty

In this type of surgery, the surgeon can not do major changes on the nose, so the  surgeon is only able to make changes in nostrils and the appearance of the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty procedure:

This method, which today over 90% of rhinoplasty is performed in this way, is open rhinoplasty. In this method, the skin of the nose will cut from the middle septum of the nose and the skin will remove from the under, which is cartilage. From that skin returns to its previous place.

In this method, a skin incision is made, but the surgeon has much more access and vision to all the different parts in which he intends to change the shape.

Advantages of an open rhinoplasty:

Opening up the nose in an open rhinoplasty, allows the surgeon to actually see the anatomy underneath. This type of surgery is better choice because of following reasons:

1.    It allows surgeon to determine and analyze the nose’s anatomy. Also this type of surgery will give surgeons the ability of visiting any asymmetry or irregularity that can not see from an external checkup.

2.    The open rhinoplasty gives a better vision of the nose because the nose is a prominent feature in the face. Therefore, the surgeon can repair the nose with a more open vision.

Disadvantages of an open rhinoplasty

In this type of nose job, you may have visible scarring and more time to heal. There is a kind of trade-off between advantages and their scars.

Rhinoplasty in Iran has the best facilities and equipment and is performed by skilled and capable doctors in the best conditions.

If you are going to change the appearance of your nose or you want to see a nasal surgeon due to breathing problems or deviations in the nasal septum, you must do some research before the operation and of course, the surgeon will give you the best advice.

Why Rhinoplasty in Iran?

For three reasons, Iran is the best place to choose a rhinoplasty. Because of the high statistics of rhinoplasty in Iran, it has made this country one of the first countries in the world in rhinoplasty and has the first rank of rhinoplasty to the population.



The low cost of surgery compared to outside Iran has also led to an increase in the number of people who go abroad for cosmetic surgery. Because of the presence of expert specialists in cosmetic surgery in Iran. These are the most important reasons why Iran can be chosen for rhinoplasty.

How to prepare before rhinoplasty?

Tips before Rhinoplasty:

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for two weeks before and after rhinoplasty.

Avoid medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen for two weeks before rhinoplasty because they thin the blood.

Avoid eating and drinking for about six to eight hours before going to the hospital because the patient's stomach should be empty during rhinoplasty.

Taking a proper multivitamin three weeks before rhinoplasty can help men and women heal their wounds faster. You need to adjust your vitamin levels optimally before surgery, and you should not take too much of a particular vitamin. The only exception to this is vitamin C. Large amounts of vitamin C can help wounds heal faster. You also need to be careful about taking vitamin E. High levels of vitamin E (over 400 mg per day) can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.


The best age for rhinoplasty

There is no specific age for rhinoplasty, but the nose must be completely grown. Therefore, it is usually not recommended for boys under the age of seventeen and girls under the age of sixteen. On the other hand, in older people, because of sagging skin and loss of elasticity of the skin over the age of sixty, rhinoplasty is not recommended in old age.

Therefore, it is better to be seventeen years old, and between the ages of twenty and thirty are the best years to get rhinoplasty.


If you need to get rhinoplasty, should survey its advantages and disadvantages and not go for this cosmetic surgery without thinking and researching. For your comfort, you should have enough information before the surgery. At Ermateb we consult you to have more information about your surgery and suggest to you the best hospitals and doctors.  Also, Rhinoplasty in Iran because of having hospitals with sufficient equipment and experienced doctors can be a safe surgery for us, and then we can see the beauties of Iran. And enjoy the weather and have a wonderful memory for ourselves.

If you are planning to have a rhinoplasty and have read this article, you can send us your questions and comments to our email address Info@ermateb.com and receive your answer from our team at the earliest moment.


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