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Nose packing after rhinoplasty

2021-11-06 10:34:36

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah


Nose packing after rhinoplasty

Following your rhinoplasty, your surgeon will put special type of gas in your nasal cavity. These gases are dabed with different necessary medications like tetracycline or even antibiotic ointments. One important side effect after rhinoplasty is bleeding and hematoma , the tampon is used to prevent these types of happenings. After some days depending on your surgeon's idea , tampon will be taken out of your nasal cavity. The time of having tampon depends on your situation and bleeding after surgery it can varies from four hours to one day. It's prevalent that people think removing tampons have a lot of pain but you should know it's just unpleasant feeling for some seconds and very easy to tolerate it.

Tampons are not necessary in all nose surgeries as an example it is suitable for surgeries which had nose deviation or cartilage transplantation. Tampons help to consolidate new septom or cartilage.


What is a nasal tampon?

Tampon is like gases which are used in different bandages. It's better to say tampons are spongy soft gases which is often about fifteen centimetres string. This structure makes tampon positioning very easy in nasal cavity. The surgeon may smear tampons with various medications like antibiotics or even local anaesthetics like lidocaine and then put them in the nose. This helps prevention of bleeding, infections and some of other happenings following the surgery. Tampons are mostly used In types of surgeries which hematoma is very possible like Cystoplasty, Turbinectomy, or polyps surgeries‌.



How many centimeters is the nasal tampon?

Tampons are different and their size varies 15 to 30 centimetres however there is a mini type which is between five to eight centimetres.

The material of tampon is depending on surgeon's idea it can be cotton , sterile gas or foam. The past generation of tampons were big and hard to be taken out of nose and they caused a lot of pain. These days mini tampons are more operational in a shape of small lint.

Novel type of tampons have silicon airway which helps patients to breathe easier but they are not used broad because the performance of them in comparison with other types is less ( it doesn't block completely). These tampons with airways are good for simpler rhinoplasties.


Advantages and Disadvantages of a tampons

It is very perfect that usage of tampons don't have specific disadvantages the only think we can point is making patient's mouth dry. It is used to block the nose airway so you can not breathe with your nose the time that tampon is in your nasal cavity, you are forced to breathe with your mouth and this causes dryness of your mouth. It's not something horrible and this problem will be solved immediately after removing tampons. Your doctor may suggest you to drink warm liquids during the time tampons are inside of the nasal cavity. This helps your oral cavity to be wet. 

The best usage of tampons is monitoring bleeding by making pressure on blood vessels inside of the nasal cavity. As it is smeared with antibiotics, prevents the wounds to be infected. The other useful usage of a tampon is like the interior nasal splint in some surgeries that nasal blade (septum) is changing, so it prevents making hematoma and it helps to keep the position of the new nasal blade in its own position.


What should you have done before removing a tampon?

Based on your doctor's idea you have to visit your doctor at specific time for removing tampons. Don't be afraid because tampons removing doesn't have any pain just you feel unpleasant feeling for some seconds. If you're stressed out consume a pain killer before your appointment. Try to clean your face gently and don't wet your bandages. For some days it's better to wear clothes which have bottoms because after removing tampons you should not take Off your clothes from your head.


Cleaning a nose after removing a tampon

After removing tampons mucous membrane will become dry because of breathing dry air and this increases the risk of bleeding. One prevention method is using salt serum. This is also perfect for infection prevention and keeps the nasal passages open. During first three weeks it's perfect to clean your nose twice a day gently with cotton which is smeared with a salt serum. It's very easy to make the serum at home by mixturing a little salt and warm water in a glass. Four weeks following the surgery start to clean your nose once a day with full syringe of Normal saline. After cleaning your nose scrub Vaseline inside nasal cavity cotton swab. It prevents dryness and bleeding.


What to do after bleeding?

Bleeding is Completely normal and having some bloody discharge for the first 3-5 days following nose surgery. If steady bleeding occurs after surgery, tilt your head back slightly and breathe through your nose gently. You may dab your nose with tissue but avoid any nose blowing.

Do not be afraid and stay calm because extra exciting increases your blood pressure and worsen bleeding 

Keep the tip of your nose for three minutes by your thumb and your finger.

 take two painkillers. ( Do not use aspirin or anti-inflammatory because they increase your bleeding)

 wash your face and neck with cold water or use a cold water compressor.

 Do not lie down or keep your head downward.








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