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Carboxy therapy

2021-12-14 17:52:30

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah





Carboxytherapy is a type of aesthetic process which is done by injecting medical gaseous carbon dioxide into the subcutaneous layer through a needle. It works by eliminating fat cells, increasing blood flow, improving skin elasticity, and significantly reduction of cellulite. There are no known and common risks associated with the carboxytherapy process. Carbon dioxide has been safely utilized for many years to facilitate endoscopic surgeries of the abdomen. Carbon dioxide is also being injected directly into the bloodstream by invasive cardiologists for certain diagnostic and therapeutic processes. There are various types of treatments depending on the severity of the problem being treated. Mostly, six to twelve treatments spaced once a week or two treatments during a week yield a perfect result. The average carboxytherapy treatment takes approximately fifteen to thirty minutes to be completed. Bruising, swelling, and redness are very common and completely normal and they will disappear in a few days following your treatment. Carboxytherapy safely can be used for treating all skin types without significant pain or downtime. It can erase years off a patient's face and is one of the most effective facial treatments for achieving a significant aesthetic improvement within 2 to 6 months the time that the effects of collagen stimulation and remodeling become evident. For new stretch marks that are not very severe, a single session of treatment can be enough. However, may need treatment once a week for 2 to 4 weeks. Older stretch marks may need 3 or 4 treatment sessions during 3 or 4 weeks. For cellulite, you should see a smoother appearance in your skin quickly. You can discuss your requirements with your skincare provider. The number of sessions and their intervals depend on your skin condition.

General indications for carboxytherapy:

_Localized fat


_Acne scars

_Surgical scars

_Stretch marks

_Eye wrinkles

_Rejuvenation of hands, décolletage, neck


_Nasolabial folds and peri-oral wrinkles

_Skin rejuvenation

_Skin whitening

_Raynaud’ phenomenon

_Lower limbs arterial disease and ischemia

_Erectile dysfunction with micro _vascularization disorders

_Hair loss

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In the following conditions you are not a suitable candidate for carboxytherapy:

_Needle phobia

_Stress, with history of vagal _unconsciousness event

_Severe heart failure, congestive heart disease

_Recent heart attacks and unstable angina pectoris

_Restrictive pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive lung disease

_Sleep apnea

_Renal failure, dialysis

_Recent cerebrovascular accident

_Uncontrolled blood pressure

_Immunosuppression or deficiency

_Patients with impaired healing

_Connective tissue disorders or diseases

_Bleeding disease: Willebrand’s disorder, hemophilia

_Bacterial infection: dermatitis, cellulitis

_Foreign body in the area to be treated (jewelry or implants)

_Herpes simplex in the acute phase and other acute skin viral infections

_Skin disease with abnormally increases local circulation

_Facial rosacea

_Poikiloderma of cavit



_Anticoagulation, recent aspirin, or anti-inflammatory drug intake

_Other aesthetic procedure or skin traumatism less than 15 days before treatment

Mechanism action of CO2 :

In the injected tissue, carbon dioxide reacts with water molecules, and then molecular carbonic acid is formed. This acid reduces the ph of the targeted tissue. There, the Bohr Effect comes into play – the lower the pH, the weaker the bond between hemoglobin and oxygen. While carboxytherapy is being applied, the release of oxygen from hemoglobin is increased in the site. Furthermore, at the level of pH of 6.8 and less the permeability of capillary walls is highly increased. At the pH of 6, 5, and less the flexibility of collagen fibers is increased, while their firmness is decreased [2-4,8-10,13]. Other chemical reactions include the reduction of divalent calcium ions and the split of carbonic acid to H+ and HCO3- resulting in the formation of the calcium hydrogen carbonate– Ca (HCO3)2, sodium hydrogen carbonate, and potassium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3 and KHCO3). As a routine reaction, pH becomes alkaline, which finally leads to an analgesic and spasmolytic effect. The tonus of arteries and capillaries is decreased because of these reactions and the skin temperature is increased by about 1°C. This effect combined with the changed activity of nerve endings improves the trophic of the treated localities. At the same time, oxidation of fats from the fat cells is activated more than usual, whereby some authors state that there is a direct lipolytic effect on adipocytes [6,8,9,12,20]. The residual CO2 is exhaled by the lungs. This treatment has other effects, the overall effects are also described, which lead to dilatation of coronary arteries, bradycardia, and decreased blood pressure. So it's better to have it under the protection of a specialist.

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