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Button Nose Rhinoplasty

2023-07-25 18:17:47

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

A button nose, also called an upturned or celestial nose in medical terms, is characterized by its small size, rounded tip, and upward projection from the bridge. It is often associated with a rounded nasal tip and can be connected to a dorsal hump. This type of nose is common among Asian people and can give the face a shorter and rounder appearance.
Some people choose to undergo a button nose rhinoplasty to achieve a straighter, flatter, and more refined nose shape. While the button nose may not be everyone's preferred look due to its short bridge, advancements in rhinoplasty surgeries have made it possible to refine the nose and achieve a better look.

How to treat a Button Nose?

How to treat a Button Nose?

You can use make up for a day-to-day temporary fix but rhinoplasty is the best solution to treat a button nose to make it look better and it’s a permanent solution.

Button nose rhinoplasty

During this procedure, small incisions will be made to the base of your nose so the surgeon will have access the bones and cartilage of your nose, then your nose will be reshaped by making precise changes to your bones, cartilage and the tip of your nose and as it is an open rhinoplasty, there will be scars, but they will be small and will heal fast.
After the procedure you should follow some post operation cares to speed up the healing process, bleeding, swelling and bruises are an inevitable part of any nose job surgery and a button nose rhinoplasty is of no exception but it can heal faster if you follow your surgeon’s instructions and be careful

What causes a button nose?

What causes a button nose?

There are no concerns for a button nose in medical fields unless it interferes with health like problems regarding breathing, but if only the shape bothers you, it can be fixed by a button nose rhinoplasty
Here are some of the common things that causes a button nose:


Genetics play an important part on how we look and determines our looks and facial features; it goes back to our ancestors and also the place we grow up has an important role and that’s why Asians mostly have button noses.


Those who experience traumas to their nose can lead to their nose altering in shape, mostly severe injuries would be a reason for a nose to be upturned.
Some common nose injuries happen by:
•    Physical assault like being punched in the nose
•    A rhinoplasty going wrong
•    Motorcycle accidents
•    Falling down
•    Sports injuries

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Birth Defects and Gene Mutations

Sometimes gene mutations can cause some medical conditions which as a result affect the physical development of the infant in mother’s womb and one thing which is affected is the nose
Other times some birth defects can make changes to the baby’s head of face and make some disabilities that will lead to a button or upturned nose which can be treated by a button nose rhinoplasty
Some other disabilities that can happen are:

Toriello-Carey syndrome

This is a brain irregularity which is related to the distinctive craniofacial features and usually makes the infant have breathing problems or even problems with the heart

Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

This is another disorder which affects the development of the body parts, especially regarding the facial features and behavioral problems.

Cornelia de Lange syndrome

This is also another disorder that can happen from birth and affects the facial features and babies born with this syndrome are usually smaller in size and affects facial features such as the nose to be upturned and leading to button nose.

Kaufman oculocerebrofacial syndrome

Another reason on why children might be born by an upturned nose is this syndrome and has effects on facial features such as noses and eyes.

Do you need a button nose rhinoplasty?

If you’re not satisfied with how your nose looks are it has been damaged by an injury you can treat it by going through a button rhinoplasty as hiding it is not really easy or effective but remember that a rhinoplasty requires you to be prepared both physically and mentally, if you are ready you can get in contact with Ermateb for more information regarding rhinoplasty and choosing the undergo this surgery with expert doctors.

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