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Rhinoplasty Monthe vs Year, Month vs Week, Year vs Month

2023-08-15 23:46:34

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Since the nose structure is fragile and has a relatively weak nature, rhinoplasty requires a careful operation, and consequently, its recovery process may need considerable time. Typically, the average healing process takes a year, however, you don’t need to wait a year to showcase your new nose. You’ll start seeing refined results as early as the first-month post-operation.
Due to the importance of having a clear understanding of the healing process of rhinoplasty, we try to provide you in this guide with a comparison between the result of rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year post-operation. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your rhinoplasty journey.

Rhinoplasty 1 Month Vs 1 Year

Rhinoplasty 1 Month Vs 1 Year
We'll show you the difference between the results of swelling rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year post-operation and provide insight into how your nose changes during the healing process. By reading this guide, you’ll gain a clear understating of what to expect during the first year after the procedure.

Rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year: rhinoplasty 1 week vs 1 month

Swelling is a normal part of the healing process, especially during the first few weeks after the procedure. You can expect it to last at least for months. However, the healing process and swelling highly depend on how an individual’s body heals itself, as well as depending on other factors, such as the type of rhinoplasty performed.
Keep in mind that swelling in the upper middle of the nose typically disappears after a few months, while swelling in the tip of the nose may take up to a year or a year and a half to subside.
A few months after the procedure, the new nose will typically start to look more refined and closer to the desired surgical outcome, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in public as swelling begins to subside. While it is still recommended to refrain from contact sports, moderate physical activity can be resumed. You may also start wearing glasses.

Rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year: One year the post-operation

As you may already know, there is a significant difference between the result of rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year post-operation. The final result will be fully visible as the whole swelling approximately subsides, leaving your nose looking polished, natural, and beautiful, with no obvious evidence of the procedure.

Timeline of Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Timeline of Recovery from Rhinoplasty
In the following, we will illustrate the journey of recovery from rhinoplasty one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month, three months, six months, and one year after the procedure.


Rhinoplasty 1 week vs 1 month

Immediately after rhinoplasty, an outer plastic shield will be in place for four to six days. Once it’s removed, the person may notice immediate changes, including a significant transformation in their profile. And if there was a bump, it’s likely been removed.
Due to our precise guidance, you’ll be able to predict the outcome with a high degree of accuracy. As the swelling subsides over time, the bruising turns to lighten and you can observe the transformation from purple to green to yellow each day.
Every day, the swelling and bruising subside, and you move closer to the final result.

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The process of rhinoplasty 1 month vs 1 year post-operation: two weeks after rhinoplasty

During the second week after the procedure, you’ll observe the rapid progression in the subsidence of the swelling. By the end of the second week, most of the swelling will have gone and you’ll have a better understanding of your final profile.
At this time, you’ll probably not require much office-based care. Typically, you won’t need to visit your surgeon for regular examination for a few more weeks, unless you have undergone major reconstruction surgery following an accident, prior surgery, or breathing procedures.
You can now easily resume your normal activities, as your nose will have significantly improved by this time.

Three weeks after rhinoplasty

Three weeks after rhinoplasty, you will notice a significant improvement in your nose, with reduced swelling, particularly at the bridge of the nose. However, some swelling may persist on each cheek and the sides of the nose.
Some advice and consults during the first few weeks after the procedure
During the initial weeks after rhinoplasty, swelling, bruising, and slight blood loss are totally normal. Patients are advised to sleep in an elevated position with their head higher than their heart since it can significantly reduce swelling.
Remember that the degree of bruising an individual experiences depends on the surgical technique and how the body heals itself. Surgeons in Iran usually use the method where the incision is made under the nose, as this technique brings more satisfactory results and considerably reduces the amount of swelling in patients.
If the nasal bone needs to be broken, patients should expect more bruising and black eyes. Generally speaking, factors such as skin thickness, age, blood disorders, general health, and medication that thins the blood can all affect how much swelling and bruising an individual may experience.
Pain-killer medications can help patients sleep and eat normally after the first few days of the procedure. Additionally, applying an ice pack on the cheeks in the first 48 hours of nose surgery can reduce swelling.
It’s also common for patients to experience stiffness in their upper lips after surgery, which can make it difficult to smile during the first few weeks.

Rhinoplasty 2 months vs 1 year

Two months after the procedure, people will look quite attractive, and it will be difficult to tell if they have undergone surgery. But keep in mind that the refinement process is still progressing swiftly.


Rhinoplasty 3 months vs 1 year

In three months, 85% to 90% of the refining process will have been completed. Always remember that rhinoplasty involves the modification of the nose’s bony and cartilaginous structure to alter its profile and appearance.
Therefore, it takes time for raised skin to shrink itself to fit the new dimensions. While the result will continue to improve at six months and a year, the nose's appearance will be much closer to the ultimate result by this time.


6 months vs 1 year rhinoplasty

Comparing rhinoplasty before and after images of patients showcases the remarkable transformation that occurs during these times. People become highly intrigued, often forgetting what their noses looked like before.
However, even after a year, the improvements continue to occur, as the nose’s tips get more refined and the width gets smaller, with the last signs of swelling almost gone. As time passes, the nose shape gets better, much like a fine wine!
After a year, people typically no longer need to visit their surgeon on an as-needed basis. They often forget about the procedure they’ve performed and fully appreciate the ultimate effects. When they look at their face in a mirror, their nose seems to have always been a feature of their face. People hardly recognize that they have undergone a nose job before.

Managing Your Expectations: 1 Month Vs 1 Year Post Rhinoplasty

Managing Your Expectations: 1 Month Vs 1 Year Post Rhinoplasty
Always keep this point in mind that the process of healing in different bodies is not the same and don’t underestimate the role of genetics in your healing.
If you have thick skin, you should expect more than a year to fully recover to see the final result.
Your surgeon is the only one who can help you set realistic expectations for your recovery process and prescribe medication that can accelerate the healing process.

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Believe it or not, Iran is home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world. They’ve graduated from the most world-wide reputable universities, and more importantly, perform hundreds of cosmetic surgeries each year, particularly rhinoplasties. This level of experience has given them the ability to understand the different nose structures, even the most problematic ones.
Iranian surgeons are high-skilled and, in terms of both experience and knowledge, are comparable to their competitors in the US, UK, Canada, and other top countries in the field. This makes Iran a prime destination for those seeking high-quality rhinoplasty at a more reasonable price.
Please note that Iranian hospitals and clinics are all equipped with the latest top-notch, modern technology, and their staff are fully skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in medicine, including rhinoplasty.
Given all these advantages, it’s no wonder that Iran has become a top destination for cosmetic surgery worldwide. Patients who have visited Iran for cosmetic surgery, particularly rhinoplasty, have been impressed with the quality of care and results they’ve received.

So, if you are considering rhinoplasty in Iran, Ermateb is here to help you. We are a medical tourism agency that helps all patients around the globe in finding the best surgeon and medical service, while also providing comfortable accommodation during their stay in Iran.
We guarantee that undergoing rhinoplasty in Iran is a win-win situation due to the highly qualified surgeons and a more affordable price. So why not consider Iran as your destination for high-quality rhinoplasty?
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