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Rhinoplasty Swelling Stage And Healing

2023-07-19 22:44:59

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that with modification of the nose, brings more beauty and symmetric to the face. Furthermore, nose surgery has complications and complex procedures but also has satisfying results. Surgeons believe there is the possibility of achieving a satisfying result worth it that patients undergo a nose job. Patients by following dos and don'ts during rhinoplasty recovery  can resume routine life. There fore recovery period will be less annoying and the patients get healing soon. In this article, we decided to discuss one of the important steps after the nose job which is the rhinoplasty swelling stages.

What happens precisely in rhinoplasty?

What happens precisely in rhinoplasty?
In rhinoplasty, the shape of the nose will change. In order to achieve better appearance surgeons alter the shape and structure of bones, cartilage, and the skin. May underlying bones and cartilage be changed or raise the skin of nasal bones and cartilage.

Rhinoplasty is done by two methods open and closed. The main difference between these techniques is the type of incision. The surgeon considering the condition’s patient decides which method is the best choice. Each of the two methods has pros and cons.

You need to know rhinoplasty can improve breathing problems and nasal function. Also, rhinoplasty is the most useful method for those with damaged noses and who are unsatisfied with results from previous nose surgery.

Is nose tip and face swelling normal?

Is nose tip and face swelling normal?

In spite of surgeons talking about this to the patients and informing them that they have expected the complication the patients still are concerned about this problem. They ask unimportant questions, compare the amount of swelling in different places and on different days and etc. advised instead of these things focus on healing and the desired result.

As mentioned above swelling on your face, around the eyes, and cheeks due to injure vessels during the nose job. In many cases swelling fade away seven days after, and a small percentage of patients experiences swelling and bruising for a longer time. Recommended keep avoid go out when you have swelling and bruising but if you have to, to cover them use makeup and concealer.

The amount of swelling and bruising depends on the difficult

procedure, the patient's condition, and the skill of the surgeon. Keep in mind that swelling and bruising are parts of the healing period that in a short time are resolved.

About the swelling in the nose tip, it should be considered the skin and tissue of the nose is different from the other area nose. The skin and tissues are tickers, coherent underlying cartilages. Therefore this part gets healed later in other words improvement nose tip takes more time.

The patients experience well the nose tip is the last part that swelling is resolved in it. Do not expect subtle changes in the nose tip to show themselves suddenly. Removing swelling in this part and achieving to desire shape takes a few months or even one year. So, spend the rhinoplasty swelling stages patiently.

Rhinoplasty swelling stages

Rhinoplasty swelling stages

Rhinoplasty is associated with several complications such as nose blocking,  breathing problems, Low bleeding, pain, feeling pressure in the head and inside of the nose, losing the feeling of smell, and swelling.

after rhinoplasty The patient is facing swelling for about a few days to a few months. despite, the surgeon telling the patients it’s normal, they are annoyed with the swelling and want to see what they expected.

The amount of swelling depends on your problem and changes have been done to your nose in order to have better shape and size.

when you have swelling in your nose, you can’t see the desired change has been made because the swelling misleads you. For example, your nose looks fat even more than before or the tip of the nose seems high. Don’t worry as said before all of these are normal and parts of the healing process.

It merits mentioning, the swelling reaches the maximum of its, need to time. A few days after rhinoplasty, swelling may increases instead reduce. However, if you are concerned about problems and aftercare call the surgeon and ask consult.

To understand nose job swelling stages should refer to the timetable which describes these stages in detail.

Week 1

The first week after rhinoplasty is one of the important rhinoplasty swelling stages. During this week keep avoiding bending your head. As much as you can rest in a lying position and elevate your head. Use a cold compress on the eyes to decrease swelling and bruising.

Splints and bandages are put on the nose to protect it. Seven to ten days after the rhinoplasty will be removed and you feel better. Keep in mind, resting is an important stage in the healing process. It’s clear,  resting and avoiding stress causes heal happens sooner.

Week 2

In this week splint and bandages are removed. You expect to see in the mirror your improvement but it does not come true. It seems swelling is worse and your nose has extreme swelling. if you don’t know about the timeline and  nose surgery swelling stages may get worried and despairing. More swelling is normal you should not worry about it.

In addition, you may see swelling and bruising around the eyes and cheeks. The reason for them is injury and inflammation of vessel blood during rhinoplasty.in the recovery period, all of the swellings and bruising get removed step by step. Until then you can cover the bruising with makeup.

After spending 15 days rest you get ready to come back to your work. However, if you have a physically demanding career it is better to stay home and do a longer recovery period or for a few months do light activities.

Week 3,4

In Week 3,4 you will have more feeling satisfied. A significant amount of swelling disappears. The new shape of the nose is observable, unlike before swelling that did not let anything is seen. Skin thickness is one of the factors which determine how long needs swelling to go down. Patients with thicker skin need more time to reduce swelling.

Patients who undergo revision rhinoplasty, due to procedures pass more difficult recovery time. lasts more time until swellings are removed totally.

Months 2-6 after rhinoplasty

In many cases after 1 month, swelling, other complications, and signs will have resolved. but has reported in some cases swelling keeps main in the later months. You should know during these months although a new shape has been created may the result will be different than what you expect.

Months 6-12 after rhinoplasty

The final change appears after 12 months. You don’t understand all of the processes and improvements. Every single day tiny changes are being done to achieve satisfying results.

It’s important to consider functioning breathing in terms of breathing problems. Healing time is affected by many factors and varies in different people.  Understanding and Following points rhinoplasty swelling stages make a more comfortable recovery period.

Will it may I need a revision rhinoplasty when I still have rhinoplasty swelling?

Will it may I need a revision rhinoplasty when I still have rhinoplasty swelling?
Created recovery timeline is based on the experience of patients and clinical studies. Most of the time condition patients has been harmony with it, and the patients experience a healing process more or less like this.

In some cases may need rhinoplasty revision. when the result of the previous rhinoplasty does not provide satisfying changes patient makes a personal decision. Because it’s entirely related to expectation.

Usually recommended who undergo rhinoplasty be patient and let the rhinoplasty swelling stages be spent. Because when you have any swelling final shape does not show itself. The best thing you can do to prevent rhinoplasty revision is to have much precision in choosing the surgeon. It’s too clear if the surgeon is skilled need to revision rhinoplasty will be less.

what can I do to reduce swelling ?

what can I do to reduce swelling ?

There is much advice that accomplishes would be helpful in decreasing the swelling below we mention them.

  • Keep elevating your head even when you sleep
  • Use a cold compress to reduce swelling around the eyes but remember it should not take more than 10-15 minutes also to prevent burning with ice, cover the ice with a clean towel.
  • Drink plenty of water and liquid. One of the reasons for swelling is the retention of water due to water shortage. When cells have no enough water always save water inside themselves and it causes swelling. Also, eat less salty foods.
  • Eat foods in rich vitamins and enzymes, and use A, K.C vitamins. However, do not forget fresh fruits like pineapple and papaya that can reduce swelling and bruising
  • Be patient to resume professional sports. Keep avoiding any strenuous sports. During the recovery period, spend your time with rest and do light activities
  • Be careful splints are not removed unintentionally.
  • Don’t smoke and drink during the healing process.
  • Don’t use hot water to bath
  • Considering the surgeon's diagnosis you can use antibiotic and vitamin ointments, steroid injection, or spray.
  • You should know what is expected in each rhinoplasty swelling stages so read and ask about this period.
  • Stop blood-thinning medications, that cause increasing bleeding.
  • Do not  blow your nose

    Sum up

    If you really want to have a new and attractive face rhinoplasty is the best choice. Unbelievable changes are created, making your face more beautiful. So surgeons despite complications and difficult procedures advise it, they believe it is worth doing. Two factors affected the result of rhinoplasty are respectively 1-the skill and experience of the surgeon and 2- follow the points

    Among problems after post-operation, swelling has huge importance because the result of a nose job depends on it. Until the swelling is not removed, the patient can’t see the changes. So knowing about rhinoplasty swelling stages is necessary. Some of the problems that have been made later are due to the high sensitivity of the patient or negligence in aftercare. Also to get more information read rhinoplasty recovery Ermateb.
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