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What is chinese Herbs for Fertility over 40ً

2023-09-09 18:48:41

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

If you are over 40 and trying to conceive, your chances of getting pregnant may be limited. In infertility and infertility treatment or fertility after the age of 40, Chinese herbs can help you either with or without IVF.

The statistics about pregnancy after the age of 40 are not satisfactory and excellent. According to the United States, about 33% of women over the age of 40 are infertile. Therefore, if you are over 40 years old and trying to get pregnant, you should seek help and seek treatment after 3 months of failed attempts. 

If you are looking for an effective solution, Chinese herbs are a good option for you. When age is the only factor in female infertility, it is an occasion to use Chinese herbs and make optimal use of limited time to help conceive. Chinese herbs can help couples a lot because the optimization of egg and sperm for an elderly couple is worrying.  IVF is usually recommended as the only option for pregnancy to women over 40 years old. IVF can be of great help to many couples, but if a person shows poor responses to fertility drugs, using Chinese herbs is effective and secure to achieve the desired results.

In this article, we discuss this issue in detail.

Possible problems that you face at the age of 40

1.Lower ovarian reserve (AMH): 

Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is produced in the tissue of testicles of men and ovaries of women and its amount varies according to age and gender. The level of this hormone in girls is low until the age of puberty. In the pre-puberty period, its production begins in the ovaries and its level increases. The level of AMH gradually decreases over the years, and during pre-menopause and the onset of menopause, it is almost It will be immeasurable. Women who have a reduced ovarian reserve have low fertility and are at a higher risk of miscarriage. Measuring this hormone can help in estimating the egg reserve and the possibility of getting pregnant.

2.Low or Poor quality eggs:

The quality and number of eggs are two very important factors for IVF pregnancy. The number of eggs is measured by ultrasound and blood tests. But there is no way to check the health and quality of eggs. The only way to check the health and quality of the egg is the age of the mothers, which means that the quality and health of the egg decreases with age. The egg is one of the old cells of the body, which can always be damaged by free radicals, which increases this possibility with increasing age.

3.Weak implantation:

Sometimes, despite the good quality of the embryo, the uterus cannot accept the embryo. For example, due to intrauterine adhesions, fibroids and uterine septum, unfavorable conditions of the uterus or due to infection and other issues . The probability of occurrence of all the mentioned problems increases with age. Accurate and correct implantation of the embryo has a great impact on the success of pregnancy.

4. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) or endometriosis

How do Chinese herbs help fertility?


How do Chinese herbs help fertility?

Chinese herbs for fertility do not increase ovarian reserve, but they can improve egg and sperm quality and uterine lining in many cases. Many endometrial linings do not have adequate blood flow in the endometrial lining, compromising the lining's ability to maintain implantation. The quality of eggs of women over 40 trying to get pregnant can be improved and improved. Sperm count for men in their mid to late 40s is often less than optimal and this problem can be solved with Chinese herbs. 

IVF does not have an effect on improving the chances of fertility and continuous pregnancy through the mechanism of improving the components of the embryo - egg and sperm. Chinese herbs often solve this problem. If the quality of eggs, sperm, and the lining of the uterus can be improved even slightly, the success rate (IVF) may increase significantly. 

Chinese herbs can be used alone or as an adjunct to acupuncture therapy to support hormonal balance, nourish ovarian follicles, clear inflammation, promote pelvic circulation, promote healthy cervical mucus, and resolve complex fertility disorders.

IVF, with all its power and advancements, cannot replace the natural process required for fertilization and fertility in all cases. Chinese herbal medicine is generally used to create a state similar to homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state in which everything in the body and mind works well. Fertility plants do this, and as a result of their action, more physical, mental and emotional health is achieved. For this reason, in many cases, Chinese herbal medicine is used to help get pregnant if IVF fails. The more physical and mental health a person has, the more likely pregnancy and childbirth will be.

The best type of treatment for infertility over 40 years old is to use modern medicine along with herbal medicines. When the fertility specialist retrieves the eggs and fertilizes them with sperm, the resulting embryo is as good as the egg and sperm. The reason for the failure of most IVFs is poor egg quality or low sperm quality. Modern medicine cannot improve the quality of eggs or sperm, while this is often possible with the use of Chinese herbs for fertility.

Research conducted in 2011 set up that the operation of womanish gravidity with Chinese herbal drug can ameliorate gestation rates 2-fold within a 4 month period compared with western medical fertility medicine remedy or IVF. They set up that assessment of the quality of the menstrual cycle, integral to traditional Chinese drug opinion, appeared to be abecedarian to successful treatment of female infertility. Another exploration study conducted in 2015 set up that preparing with herbs and acupuncture for 3 months previous to IVF significantly bettered gestation rates.

Other exploration has shown that Chinese herbal formulas similar as Bu Shen Tiao Chong Tang have the same effect on ovarian function as in- vitro fertilization (IVF) medicines and ameliorate success rates. Another Chinese herbal formula Bu Shen Sheng Jiang Pian has been shown to regulate situations of FSH, prolactin, testosterone and corticosterone. Whilst another Chinese herbal formula Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang has been shown in exploration conducted in Japan to reduce sperm motility issues by over 50. Individual herbs have also been tested in exploration studies, for illustration Shan Zhu Yu which was set up to increase sperm motility. PCOS has been set up to ameliorate after taking the Chinese herbal formula Wen Jing Tang.

5 types of Chinese herbs used in the treatment of infertility


5 types of Chinese herbs used in the treatment of infertility

1. Activator:

This type of Chinese herbal medicinal combination contains herbs such as Bai Zhu (Atractylodis) and Bai Shao (Peony Root), which increase metabolism and relieve fatigue, eliminate insulin resistance and protect progesterone production.

2. Circulator:

This type has herbs like He Huan Pi (Silk Tree Bark) and Mu Dan Pi (Tree Peony Root Bark) that balances estrogen and progesterone, compensates for the negative effects of stress on hormonal changes, and relieves inflammation.

3. Invigorator:

This type has compounds such as Chen Pi (Tangerine Rind) and Ze Xie (Asian Water Plantain Rhizome), which, along with energy-generating plants, regulate androgens and eliminate insulin resistance, and play a significant role in digestion and fluid metabolism.

4. Fortify:

This type contains adaptogens such as Ren Shen (Asian Ginseng Root) and Huang Qi (Astragalus Root), which helps the body to be compatible with physical and emotional stress and helps with nutrition and blood circulation.

5. Nutritious:

This composition contains plants including Shu Di Huang (Prepared Rehmannia Root) and Shan Yao (Chinese Yam Rhizome) is nourishing and provides a proper balance of estrogen. It improves fluid metabolism, eliminates heat and reduces inflammation.

The degree of success in treatment with Chinese herbs

The degree of success in treatment with Chinese herbs

Although the result is not the same for all people and it is not possible to predict how much of the result each person will receive, but clinical studies conducted in China show that about 70% of all infertility cases (male and female) treated with Chinese herbs lead to pregnancy or recovery of fertility. Depending on the type of infertility and the type of treatment, the success rate has varied from about 50% to more than 90%. These statistics include cases of infertility that include fallopian tube blockage, amenorrhea, anovulation, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, low sperm count, and other causes.

Some common plants available and effective in increasing fertility

Some common plants available and effective in increasing fertility

1.Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

A popular herb for balancing the menstrual cycle and relieving premenstrual pattern, it presumably acts on the pituitary gland in the brain and increases the power of the luteinizing hormone ( LH) swell, which triggers ovulation. This in turn can promote ovulation and progesterone product in the luteal phase. It has also been shown to reduce abnormally high prolactin, therefore perfecting hormonal balance and ovarian function. This herb helps women with ovulation problems and women with luteal phase defect who have a short luteal phase or low progesterone production.

2.Maca (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca has been in use for thousands of years as a libido and fertility enhancing medicinal. It's indigenous to the Peruvian Andes and is a tuber (like a turnip). It acts as an adaptogen, helping the body manage during times of increased stress, but it may also affect androgens (testosterone) in both men and women. It's unclear if it affects factual situations of testosterone or just the receptor, but it has been shown in both manly and womanish mice to affect fertility appreciatively. In light of the goods on testosterone exertion, still, this supplement may not be helpful for women with PCOS, which is associated with elevated androgens.

3.Tribulus terrestris

Also used in Chinese drug, the herb Tribulus can be helpful for both manly and womanish fertility. In women with irregular ovulation, especially due to PCOS, Tribulus may help homogenize the cycle and produce predictable ovulation. One study showed it also increased generality rates (when both mates took it) in couples that had high situations of anti-sperm antibodies.


Interestingly, something as simple and common as cinnamon can ameliorate fertility in both men and women. In Chinese drug, we use cinnamon dinghy (the spice) to warm the innards. Science has caught on to the benefits of cinnamon and a recent study showed a positive effect on sperm product and quality in men. Studies have also demonstrated that cinnamon affects blood sugar balance and the insulin response, so it can be helpful for metabolic pattern and women with PCOS too.

We've already talked about a few Chinese herbs, but it's worth noting that the Chinese herbal approach is one of the most complex herbal systems out there. Chinese herbs are rarely taken as single herbs, but more commonly prescribed as balanced and targeted formulas to address whole body health and in turn fertility. A study found that proper use of Chinese herbs doubled fertility over a four-month period.

herbs can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other ways similar as acupuncture and supported reproductive technologies( ART). A study set up that a specific herbal formula given to women with the same Chinese drug opinion significantly bettered their IVF issues, including live birth rates and follicular fluid quality. There's new substantiation that combining Chinese herbs with IVF can affect in advanced gestation and live birth rates, but further studies are demanded to confirm and understand this. For more information, you can get help from Ermateb.

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Colette Maria Lee
2024-01-11 08:45:22
Hi, I would like some urgent advice please. I am having fertility problems - My only issue that I have is my age, I’m in my 40s. I’m still getting periods and ovulating, I have AMH of 1.4 - no blocked tubes or PSCOS - I don’t have any symptoms of menopause no hot flushes or anything yet. We have been trying nearly a year. When we first started to try last year I had acupuncture but EVERYTHING went drastically wrong for me last year, I ended up with a large cyst, unfortunately it was a time when we had booked in for IVF in Athens (I’m from the UK) the IVF didn’t work I had PRP and a Hysteroscopy, spent a fortune but everything was seemingly against me my hormones were out of balance for most of the year after taking the awful ivf stimulations and injections it messed up my body entirely, acupuncture made me worse I had terrible terrible cramping, I was spotting in pain etc for months I really thought I had something seriously wrong with me. . Anyways to cut a long story short - I’m now back to normal , thank god- since stopping the acupuncture, it made me worse !! I'm ovulating on 12 to 14 days and periods fine (short though) between 22 to 25 days and no cramps anymore or spotting - it’s a miracle how much my hormones have balanced out again from what I went through. The power of prayer literally got me through it. My last resort now is to take Chinese herbs - I’ve started taking them by a professional herbal Chinese lady - it’s only been a week - I’ve been given a two week course and to be honest they are so expensive and I won’t be able to continue taking them. I’ve been searching on the internet as to what else I can take which isn’t as expensive and I have come across Dong Quai - I’ve bought some organic powder, would this help me to conceive? And do you know of any other herb that I could take with it if I bought it separately- from a reputable company. I know I need to be careful what herbs I take but your advice would be appreciated. This is my last resort I am so desperate to have a baby, your advice would be appreciated? As I don’t know what to do now. I need help but worried if I take Dong Quai it would mess my hormones up again and it’s the last thing I need. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Colette
Dr. Noori
2024-01-12 10:11:41
Hello Our medical consultant will call you
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