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Lips are one of the most important facial features which can make your appearance very attractive. Due to this reason utilizing nonsurgical treatments for having beautiful lips have increased during the last years. The most common treatment is injectable fillers which have been used for several decades and are becoming more popular every year. There is one fear that can discourage volunteers from getting lip fillers and that's the unnatural appearance (over-filled lips).

Anatomy of the lips

The anatomy of lips is complex because it includes skin, different types of the mucosa, muscles, and fat tissue. Meandering through the lip muscles, there are the labial arteries with variations in their course.
Aging is the most important reason which can make changes in lip structure. Aging causes muscle and fat tissue to diminish in volume and the skin loses elasticity. All these happenings can make visible changes in lip appearance.



Lip filler techniques


 Linear injection techniques

The linear injection can be done either with a cannula or a needle. This method includes injections parallel to the vermilion border. This is a popular method for lip augmentation.
Some plastic surgeons don't suggest this linear method because of two main reasons. These reasons are:

    first of all, a longitudinally shaped filler bolus will be prone to gel displacement within its borders, especially in a very mobile area such as the lips.
•    Secondly, filling the vermillion border can give an unnatural, ‘duck’ shape lip, diminishing the sharp edge of the aimed youthful appearance of the canine arcs.


 Lip tenting technique

In 2005 this method for lip augmentation was developed to achieve various aesthetic goals in lip enhancement. This method is suggested for patients who prefer to have the red mucosal part of the lip become more unrolled and exposed, with the white roll elevated and sharply defined. As it's very possible to have dislocation of gel and palpable deposits, the plastic surgeons suggest having series of injections, every time dividing injections into small portions of lips. For having effective enhancement of the strength of the white roll, all of the injection entry points are on the collagen-rich line. The beginning of each injection ‘stroke’ should be deep to minimize the chances of the hyaluronic acid boluses ending up too superficial and visible.


For the upper lip, the injections will start at the oral commissure point and peak and end at the philtrum point. Most lower lips, naturally, show projection starting a few millimeters away from the oral commissure, all the way to the middle. In order to create a natural look, these differences in the lip shape of the upper and lower lip need to be respected but may be enhanced. This can tell you to be careful about choosing your doctor because injections need experience and special knowledge.


 Bolus technique

The full name is "bolus, linear retrograde administration". This technique is a combination of two different methods of lip augmentation because the needle is immersed in the tissue to the maximum depth. Nowadays these methods are rarely separated. The bolus immersion of the needle allows the doctor to have access to the depth and allows injection of the drug into a large volume deep into the lip tissue. These techniques are very painful and it is better to be prepared with anesthetic methods.


 Hollywood volume technique

The Hollywood method is a combination of two methods including bolus and linear injection, the border of the lips (Cupid's arch) stands out. This method helps individuals to achieve the kissed lips shape.


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 French sponges technique

Sometimes it is called bow sponges or Parisian technique and it describes the obtained result of injections.
The injection is carried out in a direction perpendicular to the contour, the filler is distributed linearly or crosswise, while it is injected only into the center of the lip, without touching the corners of the mouth.


Mona Lisa technique

Nowadays cosmetologists try to repeat the effect of the mysterious smile of Gioconda by injecting the fillers linearly retrograde, treating the lateral part of the contour, and capturing the joint of the lips at the corners of the mouth opening. This method can be used to raise the lowered corners of the lip, so it is mostly chosen by individuals of more mature ages.


 Russian Lip Technique

Russian people are known to have very beautiful lips between different nations. The Russian lip technique produces extra volume in the body of the lip with zero chance of migration (product sitting above the lip). It can be used to create intentional plumpness or to give a supermodel natural fullness.



The injection process includes placing tiny droplets of filler, injected vertically into the lip, compared to lines of filler underneath the border. This technique widens, lifts, and opens the lip body without any compromise of projection.


Most common Risks of lip fillers

    a lumpy appearance under the skin, which might need to be treated with surgery following the injection.
    the filler moving away from the intended treatment area, which may need to be removed using surgery.
    blocked blood vessels in the face, which can cause tissue death and permanent blindness.


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