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Facts About Enamel Shaping And Contouring

2021-09-12 14:02:06

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
Reviewed by:
Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

You can find your answer to these questions in this article:

  1. What is enamel shaping?
  2. Aside from aesthetics, why is it important to repair structural defects in enamel?
  3. In general, in what situations is enamel shaping needed?
  4. What are the differences between bonding and contouring?
  5. What are the steps of enamel contouring?
  6. Is enamel shaping a better method in contrast to other dental cosmetic methods?
  7. Does Enamel shaping have limitations? Is this method safe?
  8. Who is the best candidate for enamel shaping?


Are you looking for an operation to increase the beauty of your teeth and smile? How much do you know about cosmetic dental operations?

   There are many different types of cosmetic teeth and smile procedures, but enamel shaping, also called dental contouring, is known as the simplest and the fastest type of these cosmetic methods. Here we answer some of the most important questions related to this simple and practical dental operation.

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What is enamel shaping?

Enamel shaping, primarily as a cosmetic dental procedure, involves restructuring or removing small amounts of enamel (the outer coating of teeth. It is a solid shell for protecting the internal soft part.) to correct the surface and size of the teeth to improve the shape and sometimes the function of the tooth, and is a fast and inexpensive dental procedure

What makes this method so simple is that it is fast and easy, and the result can be seen almost immediately. And usually, this procedure is done with tooth bonding, a dental procedure that uses composite materials that match the natural color of your teeth to sculpt and shape your teeth.

Typically, it is used to correct misaligned incisor edges. Straighten teeth by making small incisions or rounding the sharp points of your teeth to match your smile. In some cases, the form of enamel is used to correct a person's bite. 

 For example, if a tooth has small cracks or a rough spot that irritates the tongue, the shape of the enamel can be an excellent option for treatment. 

 This method is known as a part of cosmetic dentistry but it is This method is known as a lesser-known in contrast to cosmetic systems such as veneers, braces, caps, and teeth whitening.

enamel shaping

Aside from aesthetics, why is it important to repair structural defects in enamel?

Enamel protects the fragile inner parts of your teeth, known as dentin and pulp. This is the first and most important line of defense against tooth decay. If your enamel is damaged, you may develop cavities, temperature sensitivity, and even tooth infection

In general, in what situations is enamel shaping needed?

In general, if you're not happy with the looks of your smile and need to eliminate these minor flaws, you'll think about the form of the enamel. whereas cosmetic procedures like these don't seem to be immediate, they're personal selections that may be created if you are disgruntled with the condition of your teeth. Enamel shaping not solely helps to boost your overall smile, however, additionally helps improve people's oral health. This technique helps stop microorganisms and food rubbish from obtaining stuck in your teeth by eliminating overlap and gaps between your teeth. The most structural problems that require this operation:

There are several conditions that make enamel shape a great option, such as:

      • If you have uneven front teeth and you want to smooth it
      • If you have a small chip or some kind of surface defect
      • If the corners of your teeth are very sharp and you want to straighten them
      • If you have stains on your teeth and you want to hide them
      • If you have excessive crowding of teeth
      • If you need to remove overlapping areas
      • If there is a need to correct minor differences in size       

tooth contouring     

What are the differences between bonding and contouring?

Basically, unlike tooth bonding, tooth contouring can enhance your smile or you can have a Hollywood smile by removing rough or uneven edges that make your smile look crooked or unbalanced. Despite these differences, The doctor often does contouring and bonding in one visit, as both can be done in one session.

To better understand the difference between the two methods, we examine the general features of these two methods.

Tooth contouring

Contouring helps to correct surface problems. The doctor removes small parts of the surface. By doing this, you can eliminate holes or grooves in the tooth surface and also dull very sharp teeth. 

Tooth bonding

This method involves the use of composite resin. The same material is used for filling without real metal. The doctor cleans the tooth and it may adhere to the surface gently, which makes the material stick better to the tooth. This material is used in various layers that are sculpted under the light when treating teeth. Finally, the tooth is completely polished. This method can close the gap between the teeth, repair the chips and even change the color of the mask.

What are the steps of enamel contouring?

For recontouring your teeth, your dental specialist could initially use X-rays to examine the scale and placement of the tooth pulp (the center of the tooth that's Fulani of nerves and blood vessels). It isn't attainable to alter it once more If the enamel layer is just too skinny or if the pulp is too on the point of the tooth surface. At the appointment, your dentist can use a fine sanding disc or a fine diamond to get rid of a tiny low quantity of enamel. to realize defects between the teeth, your dentist may use sandpaper to form and sleek the sides. 

Dental polishing is done after the tooth contour to smooth the tooth surface to restore its natural appearance. Because reshaping does not affect the dental pulp, you usually do not need anesthesia during the operation.

What are the benefits of enamel contouring?

Reasonably priced: most dental procedures are very expensive, but when you consider enamel shaping for correcting the deformation of the tooth, it will not cost you much. The procedure generally costs $50 to $300 per tooth, depending on how much work is needed, so it is cheap compared to the cost of dental implants. 

Painless: As mentioned before, This type of procedure is very simple. If you are a person who is afraid of pain, you shouldn’t worry about it because most dentists do not use anesthesia even when your teeth are restored.

 Improve oral health: It is very important that your teeth are aligned and correct them as soon as possible if your teeth are not aligned. When your teeth are not aligned, there is a chance that some food particles will remain and these particles cause bacteria and plaque. 

Is it a better method in contrast to other dental cosmetic methods?

Cosmetic methods such as veneers, tooth whitening, and crown lengthening may be executed months or maybe years after enamel deformation and contouring. But in case you need to keep away from the time and fee of predominant beauty dentistry, Reshaping your tooth and contouring your tooth may be the simplest manner to get a better smile.

Does Enamel shaping have limitations? Is this method safe?

Risk of tooth damage: There is a possibility of tooth damage. It depends on the amount of enamel extracted. So, make sure you get treatment from your beach dentist.

Subtle changes: The deformation of the teeth does not make much difference. This can give you subtle changes that improve the shape of your teeth. This is not a good idea if you are looking for bigger changes.

Is Dental Contouring appropriate for You?

Tooth deformation and contouring are appropriate for individuals who just need minor changes or rebuilding efforts to work on the appearance and feel of their teeth. "have slightly crooked, pointed teeth or one side of which protrudes more than the other," says Harms. 

However, whether the necessary changes are minor or major, we recommend that you consult with your dentist when deciding whether the appearance provided by cosmetic contouring is right for you. They can provide a clear picture of what this method can offer for your history and health needs.

Since "beauty" indicates that this method is not medically necessary, most of the decision to get this type of contour is up to you. Your focus on appearance and budget are the two main factors when choosing this option.

According to American Aesthetic Dentistry, the cost of a contouring tooth is between $ 50 and $ 300. This figure will vary depending on your location, dental coverage, and insurance. It is good to consider that insurance policies often do not help to cover cosmetic procedures.

Another thing you need to know about making this decision is that In any case, tooth deformity and molding are not reasonable for individuals with decayed teeth, root canals, or unhealthy gums. And also it is Not recommended at all if your teeth have major defects such as large chips or deep fractures.

 If you want to know about Gum Lift read this article.

Enamel contouring is an effective and simple cosmetic operation for correcting the shape of teeth and mouth that will give you more beautiful smile.

This article answers some of your most commonly asked questions about enamel shaping, and we hope to help you make the right decision about this cosmetic procedure. 

At Ermateb, we help you get to know the best cosmetic doctors, meet them and perform your beauty operation with the best facilities and equipment in the best healing centers. If you have any questions about cosmetic and aesthetic breast surgeries, our experts at Ermateb will answer you.

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