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6 Points About Teeth Reshaping

2021-09-04 10:05:13

Dr. Fariba Azadikhah
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Dr. Fariba Azadikhah

You can find the answers of your questions about dental cosmetic surgery here:

  1. What is tooth reshaping?
  2. Who is good a candidate for teeth reshaping?
  3. How does reshaping work?
  4. What should I do after tooth reshaping?
  5. How much is the price of tooth reshaping?
  6. What are the disadvantages of tooth reshaping?
  7. What are the advantages of teeth reshaping?


What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping, also known as odontoplasty is a decent, low-cost Cosmetic Dentistry Surgery that includes the process of changing your tooth's size, shape, or length. This quick and painless procedure involves removing some of the tooth enamel further shaping a crooked tooth. 

Even a few millimeters of reduction in the right places can improve the appearance of your teeth which contributes to a higher level of confidence and will boost your self-esteem making you feel better about your teeth. Some people use braces to improve their smile, yet tooth reshaping is a low-cost alternative. Depending on your teeth and enamel condition, your dentist may recommend another procedure to improve your teeth, like braces or veneers, since tooth reshaping can only fix mild issues about your teeth. If you are looking for the best teeth reshaping dentist get in contact with us through Ermateb

Dental work can take care of many issues, yet these techniques can be expensive. This system isn’t ideal for everybody, though. Ensure you understand the pros and cons before making any decisions. Fortunately, tooth reshaping gives a minimal effort option.

If you want to know about Dental Implants you can read this article.

Who’s a good candidate for tooth reshaping?

This cosmetic procedure isn’t right for everyone. Your teeth must be healthy overall if you’re considering an odontoplasty, only in this case you’re a candidate for tooth reshaping. It’s important to note, tooth reshaping is designed to correct minor or subtle imperfections on your teeth. It’s not an option for major dental problems. If you’re looking for a bigger change, your dentist might suggest dental braces or another procedure instead of tooth reshaping.

This procedure involves removing some of your tooth enamel. Your dentist will not perform this procedure if you have decayed teeth, unhealthy gums, or infected pulp.

How does tooth reshaping work?

Generally, tooth reshaping is a basic, quick procedure. The primary step is to have a dental assessment and X-rays, so your dentist can check your teeth and gums strength.

Your dentist will check your enamel. If you have a weak or flimsy finish, your dentist will probably suggest you another solution. For instance, getting veneers can likewise improve the presence of a chipped, broke, or misaligned tooth. 

Your dentist starts the cycle by eliminating a portion of your Tooth Enamel by utilizing a sanding plate or fine diamond bur. This part of the process limits imperfections in a tooth.

Then, your dentist will trim or shorten the length of longer teeth, along with shaping and smoothing uneven teeth. It can improve the arrangement of your teeth. If you have a gap between your teeth, your dentist can fill the emptiness by bonding the teeth together. 

Holding utilizes a tooth-shaded resin that can shape a tooth. When applied to teeth, the holding material matches the appearance of your regular teeth. Your dentist applies the bond, shapes it, and afterward leaves it to solidify. The procedure can take an extra 30 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Tooth reshaping aftercare tips:

Reshaped and bonded teeth require aftercare to maintain good results. Patients should avoid chewing their fingernails, biting on pens, eating hard foods, and opening things with their teeth to decrease the risks of chipping. Although there are no severe symptoms after tooth reshaping, you may have some minor sensitivity for a day after the procedure.

Make sure to brush with a toothpaste twice a day to help keep your teeth white after the treatment. Smoke, espresso coffee, tea, and red wine are some substances that can stain the resin, so they should be off-limits. Your dentist will give aftercare guidelines.

Teeth reshaping can provide a major confidence boost by correcting uneven teeth. Compared to braces and other orthodontic work, tooth contouring and bonding are among the least time-consuming and most affordable cosmetic dentistry options. 

How much does it cost to get your teeth shaped?

According to American Cosmetic Dentistry, the cost of teeth reshaping (also called contouring) treatment typically is somewhere around $100 to $300 per tooth regardless of insurance helps. At Ermateb you’ll find the best dentists near you who will perform tooth reshaping at the best price. 

There are some complications to this cosmetic procedure. 

Some disadvantages of tooth reshaping and dental contouring are:

      • Subtle change. Unlike some cosmetic dentistry treatments, tooth reshaping and dental contouring will not dramatically change the way you smile or make your teeth look whiter. For a more noticeable change, you may want to go with another procedure such as veneers. Tooth reshaping and dental contouring can only eliminate small imperfections. On the contrary, veneers can cover the entire front surface of the teeth, giving them a completely new look.
      • Risk of tooth damage. Depending on how much enamel is removed during tooth reshaping and dental contouring, teeth can become sensitive afterward. And if too much enamel is removed, you can be at risk for tooth breakage.

Some pros to tooth reshaping are mentioned below:

      • Cheap. This is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your teeth. The procedure generally costs $100 to $300 per tooth, depending on how much work is needed. Your insurance hopefully might pick up some of the cost.
      • Painless. Because only surface enamel is removed in tooth reshaping and dental contouring, there’s may be mild discomfort during the procedure and no anesthesia is required.
      • Improves the health of your teeth. Removing minor overlaps and other imperfections where tartar and plaque can build up lowers your risk of gum disease.
      • Possible replacement for braces. Tooth reshaping or odontoplasty is another alternate for crooked and misaligned teeth and can replace braces since they make teeth look a little straighter and eliminate minor overlapping.


If you’re looking to reshape your tooth contact with Ermateb to get a consultation and also find the best dentist who will perform tooth reshaping for you with no discomfort. 

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