Elbow Replacement

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In an elbow replacement, the ends of the bones that come together in the elbow will be removed and replaced with an artificial joint made of metal and hard plastic.
Your surgeon or physical therapist will tell you when it is OK. You may be able to start using your elbow as soon as 12 weeks after surgery. Full recovery can take up to a year.
The most common complications are: Infection, Injury to nerves and blood vessels, Allergic reaction to the artificial joint, Broken bone, Stiffness or instability of the joint, Loosening or wearing of the artificial parts, Weakness or failure in the tendons of your arm, Pain.
Don't play contact sports such as basketball or football. Don't do activities such as hammering, heavy or repetitive lifting, or activities that put too much strain on your elbow. Don't sweep, mop, or run the vacuum cleaner using your affected arm. Ask your doctor when you may resume these activities.
an artificial joint made of metal and hard plastic


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