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Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran

In recent years, there has been an uprising trend toward plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty, all over the world (particularly nose job and revision rhinoplasty in Iran).

For this reason, numerous nose job surgeries have been done every day, and many may not be content with the result of their rhinoplasty.

This might happen due to a lack of surgeons' experience and knowledge, resulting in failure to meet the patient's expectations.

Therefore, people opt to fix the harmful consequences of previous nose job surgery or surgeries by undergoing another called “Revision Rhinoplasty” or "Revision Nose Job."

So, if you are not satisfied with your primary rhinoplasty, you can have your secondary nose job in Iran at the hands of the most skillful Iranian doctors who are the best at their profession not only in Iran (known as the nose job capital of the world) but all around the globe.

Is Iran a good destination for a Revision nose job?

iran for rhinoplastry

In the past few years, Iran has been the most popular destination for many medical tourists, specifically those willing to have their rhinoplasty done in Iran.

This is hugely due to some key reasons, such as the most professional surgeons and doctors performing an average of 50-100 operations per month at a reasonable price compared to the other countries.

As statistics show, nose job has been the center of attention and is recognized as the most popular plastic surgery in the world. Unluckily numerous rhinoplasty surgeries do not comply with the patient’s needs and they are forced to undergo a revision nose job.

We recommend our dear patients have their rhinoplasty done in Iran if it is going to be their first time which will truly become their most memorable medical experience that won’t be regretted.

But if you have had unsuccessful surgery or surgeries, Iran is certainly the best option to have the faults of your preceding operation wiped and repaired by the hands of the most proficient surgeons in Iran.

As mentioned, Iran is "the capital of rhinoplasty in the world," and for your information, based on surveys, 200,000 people go under nose job surgery in Iran each year.

Although nose job revision generally is more costly than a primary rhinoplasty, the price of revision rhinoplasty in Iran is way less expensive when compared to renowned countries doing the same surgery.

How much does a Revision Rhinoplasty cost in Iran?

As you may know, the revision nose job is surely more expensive than the primary rhinoplasty because it requires a high degree of delicacy and effort during the operation. Also, the doctor must administer more complex medical techniques to fix the errors of the previous surgery.

A primary rhinoplasty usually costs around $7,500, and a second nose job would be between $10,000 and $15,000.

These prices sound incredibly high, but the good news is that the cost of revision rhinoplasty in Iran is about $1,750. It can rise at most to $2,5000 depending on the patient's nose condition and relevant medical circumstances.

Why should you choose Ermateb?

Ermateb complex is a facilitator in the medical tourism industry. One of the primary goals of this cooperation is to provide the best medical services with the highest quality.

In this Group, we consider the commitment and responsibility for the welfare and comfort of patients as a turning point to provide the best services in the field of medical tourism.

Ermateb has arranged and gathered the most professional and top hospitals, clinics, and doctors who are the best in their field of work.

Everything is ready to help our customers choose the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Iran.

Plus, obtaining a visa, booking flight and accommodations, in addition transfer services, including picking you up at the airport, transferring to your hotel and hospital, and assigning a personal interpreter and guide in order to help you during your stay and medical procedure, and providing post-operative care, following up the patient and related consultations.

How to Arrange your Revision Rhinoplasty with Ermbateb

Arrange your Revision Rhinoplasty

Ermateb, as one of the major pillars of medical tourism in Iran, offers various cosmetic and medical services to patients from all over the world who wish to have their revision nose job in Iran.

To reach the Ermateb complex, you can follow the steps described below:

First and foremost, you can easily contact us via one of our communication channels (WhatsApp or online form).

Then a personal coordinator will be arranged to guide you through the following process of your medical procedure.

After that, our consultant may ask for your medical records, documents and photos of your nose so as to determine what type of surgery and other medical information will be required based on your personal qualities with the contribution of a surgeon.

And lastly, after briefing the patients with all the required information, you can plan your trip to Iran if you intend to leave your revision rhinoplasty to Ermateb.

What is a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty or revision nose job is considered a kind of surgical procedure applied to any patient who has previously undergone a nose job surgery once or more and wished to have some improvement either in the appearance or often the function of the nose.

Why do some patients demand Revision Rhinoplasty?

patients demand Revision Rhinoplasty

Generally, patients consider a secondary nose job surgery due to reasons like:

  • Enhancing and correcting nose shape after a failed rhinoplasty
  • Fixing health and breathing problems caused or not fixed by the primary rhinoplasty (E.g., over-rotated tip, nasal valve collapse, asymmetric nostrils, wide nose, crooked nose, long nose, congenital disabilities, Polly beak, deviated septum, nose bumps, collapsed bridge, sinus problems, nasal collapse or deformity, sleep apnea and/or snoring)

What involves in the Revision nose job?

As you may know, revision rhinoplasty is way more complicated than primary rhinoplasty since the surgeon must repair the damage caused by previous surgery/surgeries leading to the operation being pretty challenging.

Also, the surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia; nevertheless, in a minority of cases, the operation would be performed under sedation and local anesthesia.

Additionally, an open or closed approach will be decided by the doctor based on the patient's nose, but in most cases, the surgery will be done as an open procedure involving making a tiny incision between the nostrils; therefore, the skin can be lifted in order to evaluate the delicate tissues, cartilage, and the bones contributing the surgeon to make alterations for the required sections along the nasal bridge, tip, and nostrils.

Does Revision Rhinoplasty involve any risk or danger?

risk or danger of Revision Rhinoplasty

Every surgery has its own possible dangers and risks, which the patients should be aware of, and in the case of nose job revision, there might be some complications and problems during the procedure.

One of the most probable risks of revision rhinoplasty or, in general, rhinoplasty would be bleeding because blood vessels might be damaged during each surgery. But there is no need to worry because if you face such a situation, you will be well-taken care of, and the required post-surgery steps will be done by skilled hospital staff.

Anyway, you should not get nervous about bleeding, anesthesia, nasal blockage or infection if you are undergoing such a surgical procedure since a detailed physical examination with the utmost care would be taken by doctors and nurses to minimize the risks of the revision nose job.

Recovery time needed after a Revision Rhinoplasty

Recovery time for Revision Rhinoplasty

There is a timeline needed for the recovery process after the revision nose job, as the patient would be required to lessen their physical activities, particularly the heavy ones, for 6 weeks after the operation.

Remember, swelling and bruising are common after revision rhinoplasty, and most of the swelling will be resolved in approximately two weeks or so. And the rest would last about a couple of months.

In addition, you should consider that it takes an entire year for the healing process to complete and for the final shape of the nose to show up.

It can be about 1 or 2 hours.
For the first 48 hours after operation, use ice bags to reduce bruising and relieve pain. you can walk with assistance the day after the operation.after 2 weeks your face bruising will resolve, but be patient about nasal swelling. dressings should be kept for 10 days, once the plaster is removed you can back to normal activities such as cooking, walking and so on.
Any surgical procedure can carry some complications such as bleeding, infections and allergic reactions. notably, in secondary rhinoplasty there are increased risks compared to primary rhinoplasty provided that the structures are damaged once. we can point out to reducing blood flow , increasing scars and change in skin elasticity.
In the first 2 days remember just to drink cold liquids and avoid any chewy foods for 10 days. you can't use glasses for two months. make sure not to take a bath in the first 5days and after that you can only wash your body to keep the plaster dry and in place. after surgery your nose should be kept safe from any damage until 3months. Seriously avoid any excitements, excessive tilting of your head and exercising in the first month in order to lower the risk of bleeding.
if you have your first nose job by another surgeon, you should book your revision with him/her. there's a high risk for you if your nasal septum had a mucusal resection process. also, in patients with saddle nose, this surgical procedure is contraindicated.
A revision rhinoplasty carries an increased risk in comparison to primary surgery, as your surgeon must work within the confines of what has already been done during your first surgery. However, there is no difference between primary and revision rhinoplasty to adept doctors. Revising rhinoplasty requires a greater degree of expertise and demands a higher level of meticulousness.
If you are unsatisfied with your previous surgery or surgeries, revision rhinoplasty can be a good option. By undergoing a secondary nose job, your nose will be enhanced and corrected after a failed rhinoplasty. In some cases, the primary nose job could not fix the patient's breathing problem; hence a revision rhinoplasty is undoubtedly needed.
It may differ from person to person due to different levels of healing after a primary nose job. However, it is recommended to postpone your secondary rhinoplasty for at least 10 months, and 1 year after the latest surgery you had gone under.
Typically, a revision rhinoplasty can last 1-3 hours, although highly complex surgery may take longer. And most revision rhinoplasty surgeries are conducted as an outpatient procedures.
The surgical procedure takes roughly 2-4 hours. Yet, it is advised by doctors to stay for an entire day in the hospital after the surgery, and you are required to stay in Iran for at least a week because thorough examinations and check-ups would be taken by your doctor after the operation. Then you can hopefully come back to your country.
It is usual to experience bruising, swelling, and maybe minor bleeding from the nose after the surgery. Anyway, any surgery naturally involves some minor pains afterward during the recovery period, but especially in the case of a revision nose job, the recovery process would last very easily.
Rhinoplasty typically takes about one year to heal properly after the surgery. But revision rhinoplasty may require more than one year for side effects like inflammation to dissipate and for final results to show. However, each surgery is different; some patients heal faster than others.


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