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Breast Implant Revision in Iran

Breast implant revision,also called breast augmentation revision, will be done to correct complications that have occurred after an initial breast augmentation procedure.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
30_150 Minutes
Local or General
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
1_5 Days
3_4 Weeks
Back to Work
Back to Work
1_2 Weeks

Breast implant revision procedure is mainly performed to replace old breast implants with new implants. Breast implant revision, also called breast augmentation revision, will be done to correct complications that have occurred after an initial breast augmentation procedure. Plus, breast implant revision can be performed to correct an unsatisfactory outcome from an initial breast augmentation procedure. The changes may be the size or the type of the implants. The main goal of people who undergo breast implant revision is to restore the appearance of the breasts while updating the implant material.



How breast implant revision is performed?

How breast implant revision is performed?

You better consider the breast Implant revision if you have the following features:

1.You want to change your implant or breast size.

2.Your breast tissue has changed as an outcome of skin stretching or weight loss or gain.

3.If your breast implants have shifted in position. 

Depending on the reasons for your revision, the surgeon will perform one of the following procedures:

1.Change in breast size:

If one decides to change the implant size, the surgeon will frequently use the original incision for implant removal and replacement. If someone wants a larger implant, the doctor will surgically enlarge the space in the patient’s breast, surrounding the implant to accommodate a larger implant. If someone wants smaller implants, the doctor may surgically decrease the size of the pocket by sutures to properly fit smaller-sized implants. A breast lift also may be performed at the same time.

2.Implant rippling:

When the edges of saline implants are palpable (can be felt) and visible, the surgeon will use the same incision to reposition or remove the implants as was used to insert them. There are also other options that the surgeon may prefer. These options involve using other types of implants placing the new implant into a different breast pocket or using other tissues to cover the implant edge.

3.Capsular contracture:

The doctor will use the same incision to eliminate the hardened capsule and implant. After that, the doctor will insert a new implant.

4.Implant malposition:

In some cases, implant pockets are created too far apart or too close together, which causes poorly positioned breasts. To correct it, the surgeon will use the prior incision to manipulate the scar tissue from the capsule surrounding the implant and then reconstruct the pocket in the proper position by the use of suturing techniques. 


5.Implant removal:

If the patient’s implants are large and the skin has stretched, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift plus implant removal, however, implant removal alone may be enough. In many cases, the original incision created to insert the implant will always be the same one used to eliminate it. The lining around the implant is usually surgically eliminated at the same time to facilitate the healing process.

6.Elevation of nipple and areola position:

For the elevating of nipple and areola position, additional incisions will be needed. When not much elevation is needed, incisions around the upper portion of the areola will be enough. When more tightening and lifting is necessary, an incision all around the areola, a vertical scar extending down from the areola to the crease under the patient’s breast, may be necessary. For some cases where significant extra skin needs to be eliminated, like in women who have had massive weight loss, a third incision may be needed that will extend horizontally beneath their breast, following the curve of the breast crease. If the patient’s nipples need lifting, the areolas and nipples remain attached to underlying mounds of tissue and this usually allows for the ability to breastfeed and the preservation of sensation.

The goal of the cosmetic plastic surgeon and the entire staff is to help the patient achieve the most beautiful and natural-looking outcomes, as well as make their surgical procedure as easy as possible.

The cost of breast implant revision in Iran

The cost of breast implant revision in Iran

The cost of the surgery is one of the most important factors for patients who want to undergo breast implant revision in Iran. It will be determined by many factors. For instance, if someone wants to get her treatment in her own country, she should pay only for the expenses related to their surgery, but if she wants to get their procedure overseas, it would be different. Usually, the surgeon’s fee, the type of surgery, the hospital where you get your treatment, and more will determine the cost of your treatment. 

The cost of breast implant revision is $8,000 on average, but it can also range from $2,600 to $13,500. In Iran, you can experience the same procedure that costs around between $2,000 and $3,000. For instance, the cost of this surgery in the United States is $6,500, in Canada, it is $8,000, in Turkey, it is $3,000 to 5,000, in Thailand it is $4,500, and in Mexico, it is $3,500. These prices will increase if we include other fees like anesthesia, medications, facility, or post-operative care. 

As you can see, by getting your treatment in Iran you can have high-quality medical services while paying low and saving an amount of money. Treatments in Iran are so affordable because of the low currency against other countries. In addition, the high number of volunteers for this surgery and the existence of many hospitals and clinics that offer this procedure are other reasons for the low cost of this treatment. 

Ermateb, a medical tourism company, located at the Iran University of Medical Science, is at the patient’s service. Our goal is to provide international patients with high-quality medical/aesthetic treatments. With the help of Ermateb, you can choose the best plastic surgeons and modern hospitals and clinics to get your treatment in the best way in this country.

Who can be a candidate for breast implant revision in Iran

Who can be a good candidate for breast implant revision? The first thing everyone should know is that you should have realistic expectations. Even if your breast implant revision surgery was perfectly and beautifully done, changes can always occur over time.

If you have the following features, you can consider breast implant revision:

1.You are not a smoker.

2.You wish to decrease or increase the size of your breasts.

3.You are in good health.

4.Wish to correct breast asymmetry.

5.Wish to eliminate your breast implants permanently.

6.You are unhappy with the outcomes of the previous procedure due to poor implant placement or other aesthetic issues.

7.Weight gain or weight loss has negatively affected the appearance of the breasts.

8.Breastfeeding or pregnancy has changed the appearance of your implants. 

some factors that may make an individual not a good candidate for breast implant revision are:

1.Being pregnant or breastfeeding

2.Being ill 

3.Battling an infection

4.Having breast cancer or an abnormal mammogram

5.Smoking, as it may cause surgical complications

The candidates better know everything related to the operation before and after the surgery to get the most desired goals. 


Before the breast implant revision surgery

Before the breast implant revision surgery

For most of the surgical procedures, there are some tips patients should know and do before their surgery. These steps are to prepare you for your procedure. Before surgery, it is important to discuss with the doctor about the surgery process and your concerns and expectations. Some of the things before undergoing breast implant revision are:

1.Refrain from taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory medications, and some herbal medications that may cause increased bleeding.

2.Avoid smoking at least 6 weeks before undergoing the procedure to support the process of healing.

3.Hydration is very necessary before and following the surgery for safe recovery.

4.Avoid alcohol before the surgery

5.If you have children less than 5 years of age, it is better for someone to take care of them for a week. You must not drive, lift heavy things, or do laundry and cleaning for the first 2 weeks.

6.Store all the supplies you will need during the recovery period where they are easily accessible since in the recovery period, your arms will have a limited range of motion.

7. Before surgery, stock your refrigerator with high-protein, low-sodium foods, including fresh fruits, premade meals, and vegetables, and lots of caffeine-free beverages and water. Refrain from food and drink containing salt during your healing process.

8. If the procedure is to be performed on an outpatient basis, make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after the operation and stay with you for the first day or more. 

During the breast implant revision

During the breast implant revision

On the day of the surgery, you may be asked to wash your body using antibacterial soap before the surgery. Do not wear makeup, nail polish, perfumes, lotions, or any other substances. wear clothes that open in front and wear slip-on shoes for the first few days. During the surgical procedure, medications are administered for your comfort. In most cases, general anesthesia is used during the revision procedure, although local anesthesia may be used in some instances. The duration of breast implant revision operation may range from 1 to 3 hours. It mostly depends on the complexity of the surgery.

For the patient’s safety during the operation, various monitors will be used to check the patient’s blood pressure, heart, pulse, and the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood. The plastic surgeon will follow the surgical plan discussed with the patient before the operation. When the surgery has begun, the surgeon may decide to change a technique or combine various techniques to ensure the best outcome. It is necessary for the patient to feel comfortable and trust the doctor to make these decisions. After the procedure, a bandage will be wrapped around the patient’s breasts and chest, or she might wear a surgical bra. After the procedure is completed, the patient will be taken into a recovery room, where she will continue to be closely monitored. When she is fully alert, she will be able to go home with the help of a family member or a friend. Before leaving for home, someone looking after the patient, or the patient herself, should be able to empty and reset the drains.

The advantages and disadvantages of breast implant revision in Iran

Every surgery has its pros and cons. To undergo any surgery, the advantages should be more than the disadvantages. In other words, undergoing the surgery should be worth it since it may have some risks and complications. In the following, we provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of breast implant revision in Iran. 

The pros of breast implant revision are:

1.You will improve breast symmetry.

2.You may increase or reduce your breast size. Some patients may want to change their implant type or size to match their body changes or aesthetic goals.

3.You will achieve a youthful breast shape.

4.Breast implant reduction can correct painful complications, such as capsular contracture, which causes distortion, pain, and displacement.

5.It can fix implant rupture or leakage. It is a rare but important complication that can cause infection, inflammation, or changes in breast shape.

6.It can improve implant wrinkling or rippling. This is an aesthetic problem where the implant folds or edges are visible through the skin, which creates an uneven or unnatural appearance.

7.It can adjust implant asymmetry or malposition. This is an issue where the implants are not symmetrical or are not in the right place, which causes an unbalanced or distorted look.

8.It can eliminate implants. Some women may want to remove their implants for many reasons that could be personal or medical, such as lifestyle change, dissatisfaction, health concerns, or breast cancer diagnosis.

The cons of breast implant revision are:

1.Aging and gravity will eventually change the size and shape of your breasts.

2.The weight of the implants will also affect the patient’s breast appearance with time.

3.The surgeon will need to have the surgical details of the patient’s first breast surgery.

4.This surgery can have higher prices than the first breast augmentation. 

5.This surgery can have higher risks and complications than the first breast augmentation. Revision procedure is more challenging and unpredictable because of the presence of tissue changes, scar tissue, and previous implants. Some of the potential side effects may be bleeding, infection, loss of sensation, scarring, implant failure, and the need for further revision.

6.It can have a longer recovery process than the first breast surgery. Revision operation may need more tissue manipulation, extensive incisions, and implant replacement. This may result in more bruising, swelling, pain, and downtime. Most people can resume daily activities within a few days, but they should refrain from strenuous exercise for several weeks.

7.It can have less satisfactory outcomes than the first breast augmentation. The revision procedure may not be able to achieve the desired result for every patient because of the tissue quality, limitations of anatomy, and implant options. Some patients may still need further revision after undergoing a revision procedure.

What are the risks and complications of breast implant revision?

It is almost not possible for any surgery that has no risks or complications. Even the simplest surgeries have their risks and side effects. Therefore, one should be aware of them and try to minimize them by the doctor’s instructions. This procedure is often performed without any major issues. However, some of the potential complications are:

1.Infection and bleeding


3.Allergic reactions

4.Damage to underlying structures

5.Reactions to anesthesia: vomiting, nausea, low blood pressure, and difficulty breathing.

6.Hematoma or seroma

7.Asymmetry: It means that the breasts are uneven in shape, size, or position after the procedure. It can be caused by factors like implant size, type, placement, or capsular contracture.

8.Unsatisfactory outcomes that may necessitate additional surgeries

9.BIA-ALCL: It stands for breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This is a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or cancer of the immune system. It can develop in the scar tissue around the implant. The signs may include pain, swelling, lumps, or fluid accumulation in the breast. The treatment may include implant removal and chemotherapy.

10. BIA-SCC: It stands for breast implant-associated squamous cell carcinoma. This is another rare type of cancer that can develop in the scar tissue around the implant. The signs may be bleeding, skin changes, ulceration, or pain in the breast. The treatment includes implant removal and surgery.

The recovery period for breast implant revision in Iran

The recovery process is the period when you need to rest and support the process of healing. Post-operative instructions for breast implant revision are:

The post-operative discomfort and recovery process will be similar to that of the patient’s first breast augmentation. The patient should be up and walking on the day of operation. It may take some days to return to normal activities after breast implant revision, but it is important that the patient gets up and moves around in the recovery time. The duration and extent of discomfort depend mostly on the size and placement of the implants and may include swelling, pain, stiffness, bruising, or itching.

When the anesthesia wears off, the patient may have some pain. If the pain is extreme or long-lasting, she should contact her physician. The patient will also have some swelling and redness after the procedure. Contact the surgeon to find out if the redness, pain, and swelling are normal or are symptoms of a problem.

It is so important that the patient follows all care instructions provided by the surgeon. These instructions will include information about wearing compression garments, care of the drains, taking antibiotics, and the level and type of activity that is safe the first days after the operation. the surgeon will also inform the patient about the normal symptoms she will experience and any potential signs of side effects. 

Refrain from hot showers, hot tubs, and also saunas for 2 to 3 weeks, and try to sleep and rest on your back continuously in an inclined position (25- to 45-degree angle) for the first few days after the surgery. You can also achieve elevation by sleeping in a recliner chair.

If you undergo a breast lift in conjunction with breast implant removal, the recovery process will get longer. If your breast implants are deleted entirely, your recovery will be brief and with minimal discomfort. Be gentle with your breasts for at least the first month after the surgery.

In the end, it may take some weeks or months for new implants to settle into their final position. Altered sensations, like tingling or numbness, may be present around the incision site, but this should be reduced over the following weeks.

What are the results of breast implant revision?

Some of the outcomes of breast implant revision are:

1.Improving satisfaction and confidence with breast augmentation result

2.Updated implant material or style, like switching from saline to silicone, or from anatomical to round implants

3.Enhancing the appearance and feel of the breasts, such as shape, size, symmetry, and position.

4.Decreasing discomfort or pain from capsular contracture. It is when scar tissue forms around the implant and squeezes it.

5.Resolving problems with implant rupture or migration, which may cause deflation, leakage, or distortion of the implant.

Unless the patient loses or gains significant weight or becomes pregnant, her new breast shape should remain fairly stable. However, the effects of aging and gravity eventually change breast size. Another thing that affects the appearance of the patient’s breasts over time is the weight of the implant used. Breast implant revision outcomes are long-lasting, but you may want to periodically visit the doctor to help prevent any further side effects.

Why should we choose to get our breast implant revision in Iran?

Why should we choose to get our breast implant revision in Iran?


If you are not satisfied with your previous breast implant surgery, or you are suffering from implant displacement, you can get your breast implant revision in Iran at the hands of the best Iranian surgeons.

Iran has been one of the leading destinations in terms of breast implant revision. Many people from all around the world come to this country to get breast implant revision in Iran.  There are many reasons why patients, especially those from the Middle East, choose here to get their treatment, but we can mention the affordable cost of these medical treatments as the most important reason why this country has turned into a hub for medical/aesthetic surgeries in recent years.

You can easily get your treatment overseas since there are many medical tourism companies in Iran, aiming to help you to have high-quality surgery. Here, you have the opportunity to get your cosmetic surgery at a lower price compared to other countries since aesthetic surgeries cost a fortune in many countries because the insurance will not cover the expenses of these surgeries.

One of the important reasons why people come to Iran to get their aesthetic treatment is the top-rated Iranian plastic surgeons. Iranian plastic surgeons are well-experienced, have completed their education at the top universities in the world, and perform many breast implant revision surgeries each year. This country is also famous for all kinds of plastic surgeries due to the high quality of cosmetic treatments, and the use of up-to-date techniques. 

If you want to have your treatment overseas and are considering getting your breast implant revision in Iran, you can find many reliable plastic surgeons in this country. you can contact some medical tourism companies to help you in this regard. In addition, Hospitals and clinics in Iran are other reasons for the popularity of this country. Many modern hospitals offer various aesthetic services and specialties. 

Ermateb is a medical tourism company in Iran, located at the Iran University of Medical Science. Thanks to medical facilitators, foreign patients don’t have to worry about their treatment or any other thing. 

To get your treatment here, Ermateb, the most successful medical facilitator in this country, tries to make the best experience of having cosmetic and medical surgeries for you in a foreign country. patients can reach Ermateb via an online form on the website, or they can contact via WhatsApp. A personal coordinator will be arranged to guide the patient through the next process of her procedure. You may be asked for your information, and documents. In addition to the surgery, one can enjoy visiting the attractions of this country. 

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Breast implants do not last a lifetime. The doctors recommend that individuals with breast implants have them replaced or removed every 10 to 15 years. However, your plastic surgeon may not recommend that you have them eliminated if you haven't had complications.
Revision operation risks, like anesthetic reactions, infection, bleeding, and blood clots are often higher than they were with the original procedure. These risks increase if the patient has extensive scarring from the original surgery.
In rare cases, silicone breast implants can last about 30 years. However, most people will decide to undergo removal or replacement procedures before this time.
Any problem with the joint replacement that is going to get worse and that may cause damage to the surrounding bone and continue to loosen can't be corrected and they will need to be revised. An x-ray can usually give enough information to determine if a revision procedure is needed.
In the case of breast implant revision without capsular contracture, you should wait at least 6 to 12 months after your first surgery to get breast implant revision. This is because it allows the body to heal and also allows your surgeon to see the outcomes of the previous procedure before proceeding with any further operation.
The cost of this surgery depends on some factors such as the choice of new implants, or if an implant replacement is needed. The cost of breast revision plastic surgery in Iran is between $2,000 and $3,000.
The results of breast implant revision last at least 10 years after the procedure. For many patients with breast implants, they also last far longer than that duration and might go up to 15-20 years.
Some patients report a variety of symptoms after breast prosthesis procedure, it is called breast implant illness (BII). Currently, this is not a known disease in terms of medical diagnosis.
Breast implant revision can be performed for many reasons, both medical and aesthetic. It can address breast changes that may occur over time due to pregnancy, age, and weight-related body changes.
Darkening of your skin and jaundice of your eyes are two common signs of wrong breast implantation, and many patients say that after eliminating the breast prosthesis, the problem of their skin is resolved.
Fat grafting, or fat transfer to the breasts, can replace some of the breast volume lost during implant removal.
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