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Breast reduction surgery in Iran

Discover expert breast reduction in Iran for a more confident you. Safe, affordable, and skilled surgeons. Embrace a balanced, comfortable life

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
3 to 8
1 Week
Back to Work
Back to Work
1 Week

Many women suffer from overly large breasts, which causes both health and emotional problems. Mainly, it leads to physical discomfort, including back, neck, and shoulder pain or even women report skin irritation beneath the breast crease. All in all, women are deprived of the ability to lead an active life. To tackle all the hassles mentioned above, women bothered with heavy large breasts can undergo "Breast Reduction surgery", also known as reduction mammoplasty, in which breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin are reduced to a smaller size.



Affordable and Quality Breast Reduction in Iran: Achieve Your Desired Breast Size with Confidence

Although breast reduction surgery can address problems with overlarge breasts, it may cost you an arm and a leg and put you in the red. Therefore, instead of going through the high costs of breast reduction in your home country, you can choose Iran, the capital of all kinds of aesthetic surgeries worldwide. Not only that, Iranian plastic surgeons are world-renowned for their skill, expertise, and experience. Anyone having had breast surgeries in Iran claims that Breast Reduction in Iran was the best medical experience in a foreign country regarding price, comfort, medical services, and surgeon. Please read on If you are eager to explore more about Breast Reduction surgery in Iran.

Breast Reduction in Iran

Most women love to have properly sized and healthy ample breasts, which are signs of attractiveness and fitness. However, bulky and heavy breasts are not favorable either.

Not only can overlarge breasts cause loss of confidence among women, but they can also contribute to major problems like difficulty finding clothes that fit them or neck and back pain. Also, women report being fed up with the pain and discomfort of having overly large breasts when they want to exercise. They often find it hard to breathe comfortably when doing normal physical activities during the day.

No matter how beneficial a breath reduction can be, no one can turn a blind eye toward its high surgery cost. So, in this case, people are advised to have such costly surgeries in countries with lower prices, like Iran. Nevertheless, many may take it the wrong way that the low price is equivalent to being provided with poor medical services, inexperienced surgeons, and undesired results. But it is worth mentioning that Breast Reduction surgery in Iran is not only offered at the most reasonable price but also everything is prepared according to the world standards identical to what can be found in developed countries.


Why is Iran the best choice for Breast Reduction surgery?

Why is Iran the best choice for Breast Reduction surgery?

The idea of having breast surgery in a foreign country might sound weird. Still, it is worth doing so if you know how you can take advantage of breast reduction in a country like Iran. Thus, it would help if you considered Iran for your breast reduction surgery due to the reasons described below:

Experienced and skillful surgeons

These days, Iran has gained a reputation for cosmetic surgeries around the world, even being called the capital of aesthetic surgeries. Nonetheless, it is worth noticing that this success could only be achieved with the efforts of Iranian plastic surgeons, who have the most experience and expertise among their colleagues all over the world. This is only easily accomplished if being able to perform many surgeries in a day which is at least 2 times more than other fellow doctors in other countries. So, Iranian plastic surgeons have successfully achieved adequate career experience and skill because of the high demand for cosmetic surgeries required by both Iranian citizens and foreigners.

High rate of success and safety

Thanks to the developments Iran has made in the medical field in the past few years contributed to helping patients with taking advantage of both medical and cosmetic procedures with a high rate of success and safety. This mainly lies behind the fact that Iran is equipped with the most modern hospitals and clinics along with the latest technologies discovered in medicine, enabling doctors to perform procedures as safely as possible.

Reasonable cost

It is an undeniable fact that the reasonable cost of medical and cosmetic procedures has caught the eyes of many people to flock to Iran. Furthermore, accommodation and travel services are cheaper than most people think it is.

Tourism experience

Iran is not solely limited to medical procedures, but what can be more significant about Iran is its profound culture that can tempt any tourist to visit historical sights and monuments lying in major cities worth visiting like Tehran, Shiraz, Kish, Kashan, Yazd, etc. Not only that, but you can also benefit from trying Iranian dishes, where you can explore exceptional flavors and tastes only found in Iran.

Cost of Breast Reduction in Iran

Cost of Breast Reduction in Iran

Mammoplasty reduction surgery is a common procedure for women to take the heaviness of overlarge breasts off their chest. However, they might give up having the surgery mainly to its costly expenses. Even though breast reduction can be costly, there are countries with affordable prices, like Iran, where you can undergo the procedure with the same exact services and even more desired outcomes.

As the dollar has a high exchange rate against the rial, Iran can offer low-price medical/cosmetic services. Foreigners coming to Iran can have breast reduction done for around $2,500 to $4,000. It is worth noting that this cost contains everything you need to have a successful breast reduction surgery in Iran, such as the doctor and surgeon's fee, hospital fee, anesthesia, post-operational follow-ups, and the like.

Breast reduction surgery cost in Iran seems more noticeable when compared with that of other countries. For example, the average cost of breast reduction surgery in the U.S. is $10,000 to $15,000, or in another country like the UK.; it would be about $8,000-$10,000, and $5,000-$7,000 in Turkey.

The best candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

The best candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Plump breasts can seriously cause health-related and emotional problems for women. In addition to self-image, some women suffer from physical pain and discomfort. This is hugely due to the weight of excess breast tissue, making one unable to lead a normal lift. Therefore, both emotional discomfort and self-consciousness associated with overly large breasts can be considered as high of vitality as issues like aches and physical discomfort.

Given the issues mentioned above linked to overlarge breasts, the ideal candidates for breast reduction surgery are:

·       Suffering from physical discomfort like shoulder indentations caused by bra straps and/or having irritation beneath the breast crease

·       Struggling with back, neck, and shoulder pain affected by the weight of their breasts

·       Deprived of doing their daily physical activities due to the overly large size of their breasts

Process of Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

Process of Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

Preparation before the surgery

First of all, you should visit your plastic surgeon in order to make the necessary arrangements prior to the surgery.

When visiting your doctor, they will likely look at your medical history and overall health. Then, they will examine and measure your breasts. In addition to this, your surgeon will take photographs of your breasts for your medical record. Lastly, you will be informed of the surgery process and its risks and benefits, which include likely scarring and possible loss of feeling - lasting for a temporary period.

Moreover, you should discuss what size you want your breasts to be and how you want them to look after the surgery.

During the procedure

Anesthesia: To have comfort during the surgical procedure, your surgeon will administer anesthetic medications. There are certain choices, including intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. However, your doctor had previously discussed with you and recommended which one suits you best.

Incision: Your plastic surgery will make an incision around the nipple, areola, and down each breast. Next, excess breast tissue, fat, and skin will be removed to reduce the size of each breast. After that, your doctor will reshape the breast and resets the nipple and the area around it.

In cases associated with extremely large breasts, the nipple and areola might need to be removed completely and then repositioned to a higher position on the breast, called a free nipple graft. Following that, the nipple and areola will not have a sensation after the surgery. They will take a longer period to heal properly.

Incision closure: In the last step of the operation, your surgeon will bring the incisions together to shape the now smaller breast. Doctors usually utilize sutures layered deep within the breast tissue to create and support newly shaped breasts. Remember that incision lines are permanent, but in most cases, it has been observed that they will soon fade over time.

After the procedure

Following the surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery room in order to be closely monitored by the hospital/clinic staff for any rising complications.

Immediately after the surgery, your breasts will be covered with bandages and a surgical bra to hold them in place. Additionally, a tube may be placed under each arm to drain any extra blood or fluid. And to decrease pain and the risk of infection, you receive some certain medicine.

For the first few days or weeks following the surgery, your breasts will probably feel tender and might be swollen and bruised. Also, you will have to limit your physical activity for about one week until the breasts heal. Note that you will need a follow-up visit with your surgeon to check and monitor your recovery.

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

It is worth mentioning that breast reduction surgery itself is not the only cure-all to get relief from overly large and heavy breasts. In fact, you need to follow the post-operative recovery tips as meticulously as possible in order to achieve the best results out of the procedure.

Here are aftercare tips for breast reduction recovery:

·       Sleep in an elevated position

Women who have undergone breast reduction surgery must avoid sleeping on their chest for the first few weeks after the operation since they should not put any pressure on their chest. So, they should try to sleep in an elevated position instead of lying flat on their back by putting some pillows under their torso to elevate their chest slightly.

As it is common to experience swelling following the operation, the way the patients sit and sleep play a major role in the recovery process. However, many think that it does not matter how they should sit and what they only take care of is the way they sleep. As a matter of fact, it is also crucial to know what is the proper position to sit. Therefore, patients should put some pillows under their chest as elevated as possible in the first couple of weeks.

·       Take pain medicines as instructed by your doctor

If you undergo breast reduction surgery, you will likely experience discomfort afterward. Thus, your doctor will prescribe you pain relief medication and give you instructions on how to manage pain. Remember, it is very crucial to follow exactly what your surgeon advises you to do in order to ease any discomfort and promote the recovery process.

Furthermore, should you have any questions about pain management, you can speak with your doctor before taking any medication. It is a good idea to double-check so that any medication you take does not interfere with your healing.

·       Avoid lifting, bending, or raising your arms above your head

It is imperative to your healing to steer clear of lifting objects, including children if you are a mother, after your surgery during the healing period. Another thing to take care of is to try not to put your arms above your head and avoid bending over. Instead, you had better squat down in case you need to pick up something. So, it is often recommended to place the things you need for recovery in a reachable position before the surgery to avoid bending over.

The tips, as mentioned earlier, must be done for the first two weeks. So, whether picking up heavy shopping bags or your children, you can ask for help and avoid anything that can make you pull your stitches.

·       Maintain a healthy protein-rich diet

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet with plenty of protein after breast reduction surgery is a key factor in your healing process. Protein is crucial for healing and will form the building blocks necessary for recovery. Moreover, a healthy diet can aid you in maintaining a stable weight which will be incredibly important after your operation to retain the results for longer.

·       Stay hydrated

Throughout the recovery period, make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water in order to stay hydrated, which is of high vitality for your health. Drinking plenty of water will deliver the needed nutrients to your cells and keep your organs functioning properly. It is worth noticing that an adequate water supply can help your body to remove the anesthetic from the body and reduce fluid retention and swelling after the surgery.

·       Minimize stress and relax

Surely, getting enough rest and staying from anxiety and tension can contribute most to a successful breast reduction. So, if you can take time off work for a few days after the surgery, surely do it, which can help you get better soon and return to work as energetically as possible in no time.


What to Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran?

What to Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran?

The first two weeks

·        Women who undergo breast reduction surgery in Iran should expect to take a full week off work afterward.

·        A majority of patients can be recovered enough to return to their normal routines after 2 weeks.

·        Strenuous activity and heavy lifting must be avoided for at least 2 weeks.

·        The doctor removes stitches after 1-2 weeks after the surgery.

·        Patients are advised to continue wearing a surgical bra.

·        Pain, swelling, and bruising may persist for a couple of weeks after the surgery; however, these side effects should subside as the body heals.

The next few weeks to several months

·         Side effects such as pain, bruising, and swelling start to go away as the healing progresses.

·         Patients should wait about 6 months to 1 year in order to see the final results of breast reduction surgery as swelling gets fully resolved.

·         Patients are advised to be gentle with their breasts for the next 4 to 6 weeks to reduce the risk of complications and allow the breasts sufficient time to heal.

·         In some rare cases, patients may experience numbness or altered nipple and breast tissue sensation after the surgery, which will temporarily resolve as the tissue heal.

Risks and side effects of Breast Reduction in Iran

Risks and side effects of Breast Reduction in Iran

Any surgery carries some degree of risk, and you should be aware of this. Some of the possible complications of breast reduction surgery include:

·       Bleeding and infection (surgical risks)

·       Allergic reaction to suture materials, tape adhesive, or other medical materials and lotions

·       Changes in breast and nipple sensation (However, it temporary and will heal within a few weeks)

·       Temporary areas of numbness

·       Breastfeeding difficulties, which in rare cases follow a reduced milk supply

·       Skin discoloration, swelling, and bruising

Note that any of these risks, as mentioned above, and complications can happen to every patient, many of which are considered minor. However, your surgeon and the hospital/clinic staff try their best to minimize and avoid the possible risks before and after the surgery. And in case of observing any complication or change in your body, you just need to call your doctor’s office emergently. Then, they will immediately take the necessary steps in order to manage the current complication and address it as soon as possible.


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You are surely a candidate for breast reduction surgery if you suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain as a result of your heavy breasts. In addition, a breast reduction is an appropriate option if you have a chronic rash and skin irritation under your breasts that are hurting you. Further to these problems, you should consider having breast reduction if your physical activities are disrupted, and you have difficulty fitting into bras and clothes mainly due to your overlarge breasts. You surely need to consult with your surgeon before having breast reduction if you are a smoker or you have certain conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or you are overweight and have obesity.
The surgery is obviously pain-free as the patient will be put to sleep during the operation. But the patient will likely start to feel pain and discomfort after the surgery as the numbing effects of anesthesia medications go away when they gain consciousness. Generally, the pain lasts for a few days, and the doctor will prescribe pain-killer medicine to reduce the aching.
Generally speaking, breast reduction surgery has nothing to do with breastfeeding, and new mothers who have had surgery on their breasts can easily breastfeed their newborn babies. However, it is worth mentioning that each woman is different. For example, some women have no problem with their milk supply. In contrast, other women may produce less breast milk after the surgery. According to studies, women whose breast surgery occurred four or more years before pregnancy seem to have a better milk supply in comparison to that other women who had the surgery very close to the time they became pregnant.
Reduction mammoplasty, like other cosmetic surgeries, can create scars. Nonetheless, the scars typically start to fade over time. In addition, you can use moisturizers and silicon gel to help the scars go away sooner. As the scars are located in the lower parts of the breasts, they are not visible even if you are naked, so no one will notice you had a breast reduction unless you mention it.
Due to the fact that pregnancy can have a huge impact on the body, it is advised by the doctors to wait at least 3 months after your breast reduction to get pregnant. By postponing your pregnancy, you can make sure that the internal and external incisions have sufficiently healed, plus the risk of any complication reduces during the recovery period.
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