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Calf Reduction surgery in Iran

Calf reduction in Iran offers safe and effective cosmetic procedures to sculpt your legs for a more proportionate and confident look

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
90 Minutes
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
1-2 Days
3-4 Weeks
Back to Work
Back to Work
1-2 Weeks

Calf reduction surgery is a process to reduce the size of the cankles it offers a more elegant rather than a more muscular look for those who want it and nowadays it is a really popular surgery which many people go through.

There are many different methods of calf reduction which vary depending on why the calves are bigger than average calves. When the bigger size is due to excessive fat the method is to remove the fat with liposuction.

In other cases which is more common, the reason for the bigger size of the calves is a muscle known as gastrocnemius muscle and it is treated either by removing parts of the muscle or blocking the nerves which are controlling the muscle.

Nowadays doctors have many methods for each of these reasons on why your calves are bigger than average so it can be easily treated.

Also, for those who want their calf to be more developed there is another process which is calf implant and is done for those who want to undergo the procedure.




Who is the Candidate for Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran?

Who is the Candidate for Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran?

Any person who is in a good health and physical condition and is not satisfied with their calves’ sizes can be a good candidate for a calf reduction surgery in Iran, but you should think a lot about it and have realistic goals for the surgery because if it is just for the satisfaction of others you may not be completely happy with the results.

Why Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran is The Best Choice for You?

Why Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran is The Best Choice for You?

There are many reasons on why Iran is the best place for you to undergo your calf reduction surgery, two of the main reasons are doctors with high expertise and the affordable cost of calf reduction in Iran.

Expert Iranian Doctors

The majority of Iranian famous doctors have studied in the well-known western universities and have many years of experience in their line of work and are all working in the best hospitals with the newest technologies available.

Affordable Cost of Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran

Affordable Cost of Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran

Due to Iranian cheaper currency the cost of surgeries such as calf reduction is much lower than other countries with, the cost of calf reduction surgery in Iran compared in United States is about $7500 which is a really expensive cost, while in Brazil it is about $4500 in India and Turkey the cost prices are $4000 and 3500 and by far the most affordable cost is for Iran which is about $2000.

Methods of Calf Reduction surgery in Iran

Methods of Calf Reduction surgery in Iran

As mentioned before there are many methods for calf reduction surgery in Iran and depending on the calves and the patient’s condition the method for this plastic surgery changes, some of them require surgery and some can be done without going through a surgery.

For choosing the best method you should consult with your doctor, many things can affect the choice like, your physical and health condition, your goal and expectation and other things, so consultation with a professional doctor is highly advised to find the best method for you. 

Non-Surgical Methods of Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran

These methods do not require a surgery an going under the incision knives

Calf Liposuction

Removing the fat that is stored in the calves can be a difficult process as it is a body part which exercise hardly have any impacts on it and working out too hard might back fire on you with having muscular calves.

Calf liposuction can bring you immediate results by targeting the area of the fat, this method is ideal for people who are fit except their calves are bigger than the average.

The recovery process of calf liposuction is minimal and the results are immediate and long lasting which makes it a popular method.

After the process you should avoid some intense physical activities and things such as swelling are bruises are inevitable to happen during the recovery period but they will heal fast.

The other advantages to this method are as such:

•You would heal fast from the calf liposuction as the recovery is about 3 days.

•It is a very low risk method as you will be under local anesthesia.

•You will get a desirable result after the procedure.

Lipomatic Calf Reduction

One of the newer methods of calf reduction which is done in Iran is lipomatic, it is done by a device which uses compressed air and dissolves the fats with constant vibration without doing any damage to the skin or the calves; it has other advantages such as:

•The recovery period being about a day.

•Not having any impact on skin color.

•It being painless.

•The safety of it, because if the device touches anything other than fat it will shut down.


Using Botox for Calf Reduction

Another method for reducing the size of the calves is Botox in which the nerves controlling the muscles will be paralyzed and as a result the muscles will shrink down in size and your legs will be slimmer in about 2 months. 

The Botox method does not have any recovery time so you could get back to your regular activities immediately.

But this method has a downside and it is that the results are temporary and you should go through multiple Botox appointments one in a while.

Radiofrequency Ablation Method of Calf Reduction

Radiofrequency Ablation is another method for reducing the size of the calves by targeting both nerves and gastrocnemius muscles, this method is done by using the radiofrequency energy to burn the nerves and muscles which cause the bulky calves.

This procedure may or may not require incisions depending on the device and methods used and the results will start to appear after a series of appointments.

This method offers more long-lasting results than Botox but the downside is that the recovery process is about 2-3 weeks.

 Odd sensations or other things such as muscle weakness might happen during the recovery process which are temporary and you should not worry about them.


Surgical Methods of Calf Reduction in Iran

Some other methods require the patient to undergo a surgery such as:

Calf Muscle Resection

Calf Muscle Resection which is also known as partial muscle removal can offer extreme and permanent results, in this method the surgeon will make small incisions in the in the calves’ area and removes a portion of the gastrocnemius muscle.

The recovery process for this surgery can take about 3 months.

Selective Neurectomy

Selective Neurectomy is a method in which is done by blocking the nerves which affect the size and activity of the muscles, the results will be permanent but it might take a few months to see the final results.

After following your surgeon’s instruction, the recovery process should take about 4 weeks.


Why Should You Choose Ermateb for Your Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran?

Why Should You Choose Ermateb for Your Calf Reduction Surgery in Iran?

Ermateb is a coordinator with two main goals, providing the highest quality of services and having the most affordable cost which makes it the leading medical facilitator in Iran and having the collection of the best doctors and hospitals.

You can receive more consultation regarding the process of traveling to Iran and undergoing the surgery by using the in-built online support or contacting the supports through WhatsApp.

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Yes, calf reduction is a very effective and safe surgery and the risks have gotten very lower these days with the newest methods.
You will experience difficulty with walking in the first two weeks which is a natural thing to happen after the surgery but in time you will get back to your daily routine.
•Experiencing fatigue after walking which resolves after 6 months. •Swelling •Blood clotting •Wounds which heal after around 6 months.
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