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Canthoplasty in Iran

Canthoplasty or cat eye lift surgery is a type of surgery that corrects drooping eyes by tightening the muscles or ligaments that support the outer corners of the eyelid.

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If you are not very satisfied with the appearance of your eyelids and eyes, for example, you have droopy eyes or you want your eyes to look younger and more beautiful, canthoplasty in iran will be a very good choice for you!


Canthoplasty or cat eye surgery is a type of surgery for people with drooping eyelids or eyelids that look uneven. This surgery is performed by an oculoplastic surgeon who is skilled in eye cosmetic procedures to correct the unevenness and drooping of the eyelid.


 Before reading further, keep in mind that the purpose of canthoplasty is to improve the shape of the eyelids and create a younger and better look for the eyes. This should be done to improve our appearance naturally, not to change our appearance.



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how is canthoplasty done?




During canthoplasty or cat eye lift surgery, the surgeon cuts the muscle from inside the eyelid to adjust the lateral canthus((Where the lower and upper eyelids meet is called the lateral canthus). The surgeon raises the intersection of the eyelids to slightly raise the outer corner of the eye compared to the inner corner and give the eyelids a smooth, almond-shaped skin.


For most surgical candidates, this meeting point should be just above the myopic medial canthus. And as a result, this usually results in a "positive" canthal tilt, an upward slant, giving the eye an almond shape.


The type of cat eye surgery used by surgeons varies between patients, but the general goal is to cut and reposition the inferior canthal tendon. To access this tendon, an incision is usually made in the outer corner of the eye. The tendon is stretched to its new position to support the eyelid and then reattached using sutures.





Canthoplasty vs. Canthopexy



If the patient has only mild prolapse, a less invasive canthopexy ( fox eye surgery ) procedure is more suitable for him. Both types of surgery usually last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the method used.


Let's compare these two methods in more detail:


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1- Both can be done together with eyelid cosmetic surgery or as part of reconstructive surgery to strengthen the corner of the eye.


2- Hedu can be used to treat a medical condition known as eyelid deformity, which occurs when the lower eyelid protrudes or retracts, respectively, resulting in a dry eye that is vulnerable to corneal abrasion and infection.









1-Canthoplasty or cat eye surgery focuses on the outer corner of the eye (lateral canthus). For most people, this junction should be slightly above the medial canthus to create a positive canthal slope, almond-shaped eyes, and a firm, flat lower eyelid.


2- Canthoplasty is a more invasive method than canthopexy. In canthoplasty, cutting the eye muscle, separating the lateral canthal tendon from the bone next to the eye socket, and shortening the lateral canthal tendon takes place. Then the internal structure of the lower eyelid is stretched and connected to the lateral orbital rim at the appropriate height.






1-fox eye surgery, which is less invasive, requires precise placement of sutures to tighten and stabilize the lateral canthal tendon and the eye muscle without detaching or reconstructing the tendon. This method supports the outer corners of the eye with minimal risk of eyelid deformity after lower eyelid surgery.


2- Canthopexy is performed with local anesthesia or IV sedation in an outpatient setting and is often performed as an auxiliary technique along with other eyelid procedures.



Lateral canthoplasty



Lateral canthoplasty changes the location of the tendons that form the outer corner of the eye. Candidates perform lateral canthoplasty with the aim of raising the outer corner of the eye and having more beautiful eyes.





Dual canthoplasty ( Dual cat eye surgery)



Dual canthoplasty is a combination of epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Epicanthoplasty is performed on the inner corner of the eye and lateral canthoplasty is performed on the outer corner of the eye. Therefore, double canthoplasty (a combination of both methods) generally resolves eye congestion. To enhance the effect, you can perform epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty at the same time.





Steps of the dual canthoplasty ( cat lift eye surgery )



1-The form is Designed in virtual form


2- The angle and shape of the tail of the eye are corrected by incision


3- The tail of the eye is fixed to the inner part of the periosteum


4- After surgery, the wound is sutured




Canthoplasty scar



One of the main concerns of many candidates for cat eye lift surgery, like many other cosmetic surgeries, is the creation of scars after the surgery.


In canthoplasty, this issue is more important because the surgery is performed on a part of the body that is always seen by other people, and no one wants to have a scar. be that area. For most patients, the scar does not cause any problems and the surgery is performed in such a way that the scar is not visible. But in rare cases, the scar can remain and cause problems.



This incision is usually made at the eyelid junction, where the upper and lower eyelids meet (canthus). Then the surgeon can hide the incision in the natural folds of the eyelids so that it is not seen.



Sometimes it cannot be said that the scar is not visible at all. However, this may happen to a rare number of patients for various reasons. One of these reasons is the presence of excessive scar tissue behind the scar. This scar tissue can make the eyelid junction appear bulging and give an unsightly appearance, and this may be due to genetics or the surgeon may have made a mistake with the scar. Also, if the incision is not made in the correct place, it may leave a scar. Some scars can be removed, but more surgery is needed for correction, but it is not possible to be sure that surgery will help to solve the problem.



The canthoplasty in Iran



Expertise, knowledge, and experience of Iranian cosmetic surgeons and advanced Iranian facilities and clinics create a great opportunity for candidates from all over the world to have a better appearance and make them experience a safe and effective beauty procedure. In addition to these, affordable costs have made Iran an ideal center for all kinds of cosmetic procedures.


Give your beautiful eyes a more beautiful appearance with the help of experienced Iranian specialists in advanced clinics during safe cosmetic surgery!





How much does it cost in Iran?



The cost of canthoplasty or cat eye surgery includes the fees of the board-certified plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and anesthetist, as well as the facility fee. It should be noted that the total price of this method will be based on your beauty needs and goals.


The cost of canthoplasty in Iran







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