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Dimpleplasty surgery (Dimple Creation surgery )

Dimpleplasty is one of easy beauty surgery that makes face more attractive. To know cost of Dimple Creation and free consultation read this article. 2022

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Duration of Procedure
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Clinic Stay
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Dimpleplasty ) A dimple as we know is a dermal attachment in the chin or cheeks when somebody smiles or they animate, they get all other muscles to move and the dermis attached to the skin pulls down and creates this pucker in the skin so some people love these and some people don't like them.

For understanding Dimpleplasty ( Dimple surgery) or Dimple Creation surgery, First, we need to understand how a natural dimple is formed, it is formed because there is a natural connection between the skin and a muscle inside so whenever the person smiles, The muscle contracts and pulls the skin inside a dimple or depression is formed. On the other hand, dimpleplasty or dimple creation surgery is a procedure that helps to create dimples.

We view dimples as being very attractive and some patients are interested in having dimples surgically created. There is very little recovery and very little pain or discomfort after the procedure.

It creates permanent dimples and the aesthetically pleasing site that we choose in consultation with you and the procedure is permanent and long-lasting.


?How Dimple surgery is Performed

There are many methods described to perform a dimpleplasty both temporary and permanent. What we do, is a permanent method where we take a stitch from the inside of your mouth that connects the muscle to the inside of the skin. It is a dissolvable stitch and you don’t need to come back to get it removed.

For dimple plastic surgery, we make an incision in the skin and we try to pucker the dermis down to the deep tissues in doing so, we create an attachment when the other muscles move together and are still there like a dimple we have on the chin or cheeks.

We look at the deep wrinkles or folds that people have as it's very variable as to how the muscles insert near the skin so we are trying to create a small surgical procedure so that the scar doesn't last forever.

For achieving better results, the patient and the surgeon have to be really on the same page for knowing what can be done and what can't be done.




Is Anaesthesia Used for Dimple Creation?

Dimpleplasty can be done under both local and general anaesthesia but we prefer local anaesthesia as it takes about 20 to 30 minutes per side and the patient is comfortable  throughout the procedure. So dimple creation surgery make takes 40-60 minutes.How is the Recovery of dimple creation ?

You need to take a soft semi-solid diet for seven to ten days and antibiotics for five days.


When do you see the result of dimpleplasty?



A static dimple or depression will be formed instantly after the procedure which fades away with time over two or three months, which means that for the next two to three months will be a depression on the sides of your cheeks even when you are not smiling.

Who is a good candidate for dimple plastic surgery?

Dimples are adorable In many patients, the good news is we can surgically create dimples for you in a procedure is known as dimpleplasty or dimple creation surgery.

This performs in the office by the muscles that are inside the mouth with the skin and connecting the muscle that is inside the mouth with the skin and then having that connection hold that is critically important.

The most important point for the patient is to know that the dimple will be there even when you're not smiling and to different degrees of depth for the t several months. That is very important to understand because we want that connection to be tight.


Is dimpleplasty a safe procedure?

Dimpleplasty is one of the safest and easiest cosmetic procedures ever. This cosmetic surgery is not invasive at all and it can be done even in the doctor's clinic, but like bother surgeries, there are some complications which can occur but there are rare, some of the possible complications are:

  1. Redness and swelling: after 1-2 weeks, it can be eliminated
  2. Infection: It is not common, but surgeons treated it by ordering Antibiotics.
  3. Bleeding on the side of surgery: surgeons use special techniques for controlling and stopping bleeding.
  4. Scarring after surgery: It can be healed by scarring cream after the procedure


 ? What are the types of Dimple surg

Types of dimples


Things you may expect for Dimpleplasty

  1. Operating chair: You’ll be placed on an adjustable operating table or chair, to give the surgeon access to the face and mouth(surgical areas).
  2. Scalpel: Small incisions will need to be made in your mouth and cheek, using specialized, small scalpels.
  3. Surgical scissors: The surgeon may specialized scissors to remove tissue (fat and muscle)to create the dimple.
  4. Other surgical tools: Surgical needles and sutures may also be necessary.


How much does dimpleplasty cost in Iran?


Dimpleplasty in Iran is one of the affordable cosmetic surgery, which cost of this procedure, starts from 900$. This includes all related fees such as hospital payments, anaesthesia, clinic fee and medication.

The Dimple creation price is 4000$ in the United States and 2100$-3600$ in western countries $1,800 in Thailand and $1,700 in Turkey.


Dimple creation cost in the world




Although there are no specific prohibitions for having dimpleplasty, some conditions increase the chance of possible complications such as infection.

These include:

• Smoking

• Prior facial surgery

• Prior dental surgery

• Problems with dental hygiene or health

• A mouth infection, such as herpes3


Recovery timeline


The recovery timeline after having dimpleplasty is very fast and relatively straightforward. You don't have to be hospitalized and you can go home immediately following your surgery. As it's clear you may experience mild swelling after that. For removing the swelling you can utilize cold packs. It will be much better within few days.

You can return to your usual life and do your regular activities one day after your dimpleplasty procedure. Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will likely want to visit you a couple of weeks after the procedure to assess the results.

Your surgeon will suggest any special adjustments, but generally, it's recommended that you don't consume alcohol the night before surgery.


Why do Dimple Creation procedures in Iran?


Dimpleplasty or dimple creation is a common cosmetic surgery in Iran, but it is not common in other countries, so Iranian surgeons’ experience can be an important factor in the result.

In conclusion, there are some important factors for choosing Iran for dimpleplasty, There are:

  1. Affordable price in Iran for dimpleplasty 
  2. Professional and skilful experienced surgeons in Iran
  3. High pre and post-operative care in health care of Iran. 
  4. The high number of dimpleplasty in Iran
  5. A high and large number of applicants for dimple creation in Iran
  6. A high and large number of well-equipped clinics

With Ermateb group, we will help you talk about your expectations and goals about surgery. Visa and accommodation are two other important topics that higher will discuss in the free consultation section.

so if you've always wanted dimples or you're just interested in what dimpleplasty may be or you want to looklike famous people, give our office a call and we can discuss dimple creation surgery with you in more details and determine whether you're appropriate Candidate.




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