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Eyebrow Transplantation in Iran

Eyebrow transplants can be done naturally or artificially.In natural eyebrow implants,natural hair is used.This procedure is more costly than artificial the previous one.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
2_3 Hours
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
Day Case (None)
1_2 Weeks
Back to Work
Back to Work
5_14 Days

Having Beautiful eyebrows play an important role in our face and performing Eyebrow transplants in Iran will you give us this chance. An eyebrow implant can highlight our eyes and make them look so prettier. But how it changes our face and make us more attractive? Because of the importance of eyebrows, today, people all around the world want to do an eyebrow implant to create a fit between the eyebrows and the eyes. By having an eyebrow transplant in Iran (where the best surgeons are settled in Tehran, Iran) you can make a profit from the best eyebrow transplant and low cost. Ermateb is an Iranian-based medical tourism complex that offers medical and beauty procedures to patients. Iran has the best surgeons and the most reasonable price compared to countries including Germany or Turkey. Therefore, Iran has become the place where most eyebrow implants get done in its capital, Tehran! An interesting fact is that eyebrow transplant is not just for women. Many men all around the world are willing to have good eyebrows which fit with their eyes. This would increase the attractiveness of your face. Who does not want that?





An eyebrow transplant can form your eyebrows the way you want, or, take your thick eyebrows back again. As hair transplants, eyebrow implants are done by implanting hair grafts reaped from another part of your body. The implantation is performed with local anesthesia.

Eyebrows transplant can be done naturally or artificially:

In natural eyebrow implants, natural hair is used. Usually, this procedure is more costly than an artificial eyebrow transplant.

In artificial eyebrow implants, despite the natural ones, transplanted eyebrows cannot grow. This procedure will be done at a lower cost.



Generally, there are 2 methods for performing eyebrow transplants: FUT and FUE.

FUT, or Follicular Unit Transplantation: is harvesting hair from a hair bank and performing the surgery (implantation) in a certain area. This harvesting hair is a narrow strip with a width of 1 or 2 cm and a maximum length of 25 cm. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the patient’s preferences and expectations. Your doctor will choose the best method for you.

Advantages of FUT 

1.Natural eyebrow hair

2.Permanent eyebrow results

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction: it has a manual punch, robotic punch, or powered punch technique. With this method, many sessions are not required. Also, there is no need for terrible cutting. This should be mentioned that the FUE treatment method can make your wishes and goals come true in terms of your eyebrow shape and design.

Advantages of FUE

1.Short recovery period is the most important advantage of Follicular Unit Extraction

2.There would not be any swelling in your face or the eye area.


The recovery duration is less than 24 hours. The doctor will prescribe some medicine including a painkiller or an antibiotic. You do not have to rest after the surgery and will be able to return to work or your daily activities.

Although, doctors recommended not to do strenuous activities for some time to prevent accidental injury to your eyebrows and reduce the risk of bleeding for week one. 


The side effects like bruises, which are normal side effects, will fade after one week. Tiny crusts also will fall off after almost a week. These complications are unavoidable and occur after any cosmetic surgery.

Keep in mind that if this implant is performed by a skillful specialist, there would be no serious complications. These complications depend on the tools the specialists use.

You might need to trim the eyebrow hairs every 4 or 5 days after they grow. We can mention infection and scarring as a few rare complications.

Except for bruises, there are other side effects which are: 

Mild bleeding at the implant site. Usually resolved within three to four days.

Mild to moderate pain.

The texture, color, direction, and growth speed of the transplanted hairs will be different from your original eyebrow hairs.


In this section, we tried to give you important pieces of information about having an eyebrow implant in Iran.

1.General information about eyebrow transplants in Iran

About 850$ The Average Cost
3_2 Hours Operation
2_1 Month Healing
Local Anesthesia Anesthesia
Same Day Clinic stay
Between 7_9 Days Total stay
Permanent Results


2.How much does it Cost to get Eyebrow Transplant done in Iran?

How much does it Cost to get Eyebrow Transplant done in Iran?Considering the benefits and facilities you will get, the average cost of an eyebrow transplant in Iran is around $850. This number in the United States, for instance, can increase up to $3,000 - $6,000. In Turkey, the cost is around 3500$, and in Brazil and Thailand, it is between $4505 - $4533.

You can benefit from getting your eyebrow implants done in Iran at a very reasonable cost despite other countries. But the price of this surgery depends on some factors like:

1.Clinic facilities

2.The difference between the price of artificial and natural eyebrow transplant

3.Preoperative care and postoperative care

4.Popularity, expertise, and skillfulness of the specialist.

3.The best surgeons

The best and most experienced eyebrow surgeons are gathered in this country. Many of them graduated from the top universities in the world like Oxford, Harvard, and Tehran, and performed many successful eyebrows implant surgeries.

4.Advantages of Eyebrow Transplant in Iran

As now you can imagine, performing eyebrow implants in Iran is ahead of other countries. Iranian girls are interested in cosmetic services and surgery. Thus, cosmetic surgery is very popular in this country. With highly-trained and professional surgeons and reasonable costs, despite other countries, Iran is the first destination for people who want to have cosmetic surgeries all around the world.

5.Why should we choose Ermateb for traveling to Iran?

Why should we choose Ermateb for traveling to Iran?As we said in the introduction, the Ermateb complex is a facilitator in the medical tourism industry. One of its main goals is to provide the best medical services with the highest quality. 

Ermateb has gathered and arranged the best and top surgeons, doctors, and clinics. 

In addition, obtaining a visa, booking a flight, and accommodations, with transfer services to help you during your days of stay and medical procedures. Also, providing postoperative care, following up with the patients, and related consultation.

6.How to contact Ermateb

To reach the Ermateb complex, you can easily contact us via one of our communication channels including WhatsApp or online form.

In the next level, a personal coordinator guides you through the following process of your medical procedure. Then our consultant may ask for your medical records. 

In the end, after briefing the patients with all the required information, you can plan your trip to Iran if you intend to leave your eyebrow implant to Ermateb.



WHO NEEDS THE EYEBROW TRANSPLANT PROCEDURE?The fact you should consider is that this surgery is not appropriate for everyone. Individuals who want to do an eyebrow transplant should have some properties the following:

1.The patient must have enough donor hair for harvesting and transplanting. 

2.If you do not have a proper eyebrow shape and design.

3.If you have lost your eyebrow for any reason

4.If you had tattooed eyebrows before and now you want to change the form of them because you got tired.

5.If you have lost some parts of your eyebrows. 

Individuals who are with:

1.Blood and coagulation illnesses

2.Alopecia areata


should not do the eyebrow transplant. To make sure, you can talk to a doctor for more information.

Preoperative Care

Before having the surgery, you should some factors into consideration:

1.Inform your specialist about allergies, supplements and medications, and your medical history.

2.Stop using Minoxidil one week before the operation.

3.Stop alcohol and smoking for at least two weeks before doing eyebrow transplantation.

4.24 hours before your surgery, drink enough water, eat healthy food, and get enough sleep.

5.Make sure your specialist knows your expectations.


After the surgery, the eyebrows will not be covered. Therefore, you must spray the solution on your eyebrows every 2-3 hours. The swelling will last for one week. Your doctor will prescribe medicines including analgesics, antibiotics, and corticosteroids. You should take these medicines according to the instructions. 

You can wear makeup after 2 or 3 days. You can also wash your hair after 4 days, but you must remove the dressing from the donor site. The doctor will prescribe a gel that makes the transplanted hairs grow in the correct direction. After 3 weeks, you must apply the gel to your eyebrows.


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Yes. Many people do eyebrow implants to change their former eyebrow tattoo form into natural eyebrows. It is okay and safe.
People under the age of 18 are not recommended to undergo eyebrow transplantation.
No, this operation is performed under local anesthesia and therefore you do not need general anesthesia.
Remember to be patient! The recovery period may take several months for transplanted hair to start growing. If you noticed something unnatural or you got worried, all you should do is call your doctor.
No, the eyebrow implant’s area is anesthetized locally. Therefore, you do not feel the pain.
It Depends on the person and the number of hair follicles transplanted. But usually, this operation takes between 2 to 3 hours.
If you do natural eyebrow implants, the results would be permanent. This method usually performs for thickening eyebrows.
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